“Tu pourras te promener où bon te semble sur mon domaine. Mais quand la nuit sera tombée, je t'interdis de sortir du château.” ■ “You can go for a walk anywhere on the estate. But when night falls, I forbid you to go out of the castle.”

La Belle et La Bête ■ Beauty and the Beast (2014)

Crossfit thinks it understands diabetes and people are PISSED.

So, in case you haven’t already seen, Crossfit made some seriously ignorant comments about both type 1 and type 2 diabetes today. 

And the diabetes community was like, HELL NO. 

Especially Nick Jonas.

So then Crossfit was all like:

And man, did that just piss people off more. 

As of yet, Crossfit hasn’t issued an apology and instead has gone on the offensive by quoting studies out of context and continuing to spew misinformation

Step down, Crossfit. You’re not gunna win this one.