betch style

Finally! Some digital YoI art!
Sorry about being “absent” for weeks or so. My inspiration and motivation drain too easily. ;-;

But nevertheless, I can’t wait for Thursday!
Happy Birthday, Yuuri! :D

Hi I’m auditioning for the part of myself and I’m going to be singing “Thirsty” by Mariah Carey


Snob will always be one of my favs. (Left) It’s a great pink color with blue undertones. Not for pastey white betches. You need a bit of darker tone of skin for this to look it’s best. I’m not a fan of it’s matte texture, but that’s why I apply a bit of clear balm before applying the lipstick. Mixing other lipstick colors with it that aren’t matte will also do the job.

Lovelorn is my ultimate fav (Right) and is great to mix with. It’s such a pretty neutral pink color. It’s glossy and cute. It’s in my purse at all times and almosttt equally as important as my IPhone.

If you betches haven’t already bought or at least tested them, please do!