• me: tf is kevin mccall tho
  • Aidaa: and how many times is trice gonna ask this
  • Aidaa: lol
  • Jazzimae: right
  • Aidaa: you been askin that for years
  • me: bitch that the first time i seen that name
  • Aidaa: girl naw
  • Aidaa: hes a producer he was on deuces with cb and tyga
  • Jazzimae: k lets pull up that cb video where trice used to always :| him
  • Aidaa: right
  • me: wtf now yall just saying shit
  • Aidaa: wtf
  • Jazzimae: wtf
  • Aidaa: bitch
  • me: i dont even watch cb vids
  • Jazzimae: you a lie
  • Aidaa: im confused
  • Aidaa: trice bye
  • Aidaa: that old ass vid
  • Jazzimae: i wish i could check tape from a year or 2 ago
  • me: yes bitch
  • me: check tape

betaswarrior replied to your post “betaswarrior replied to your post: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMAYA DARLING!!!!…”

Glad you’re good! :) same haha, it all started late last year and became even deeper this year lol. I love them especially Harry sigh. How did I get here?? WHY

LOL!! Awwwww :3 

I started out as a Zayn girl cause omg his face is carved by angels and he’s so sweeet and just ugh a babe but I only recently catching feels for the rest. 

I’m now going through my Harry phase which is often punctuated by bouts of horrible shame cause every time I think about dirty things to do to him I remember he’s like only 19. 

And only just turned 19 this year too. 

Not even 19 soon to be 20