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I sort of liked the preview, it sounded like something I'd enjoy, but it was a bit different. Do you feel like you're not gonna like because it's not what you like or because its not what they usually do? :))

Both. In my opinion, it sounds too poppy for ATL. And I’m usually not a big fan of poppy songs. So it’s both of those things.

I don’t mind them trying a different sound. I mean, Dirty Work was different and that’s a great album! But at soon as it’s going more to the pop side: it’s usually a “no” for me.

But we’ll see. Maybe it’s only a short part that sounds like the preview (:

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About your insecurities, I used to have them too. And being talked out of them doesn't really help cause you go out and see your reflection somewhere and it's back. Since I'm so tall, I am going to be bigger than everyone else, but I kinda refused to except that. But you come to a point in your life when you just don't have the energy for it anymore, at least I did. And it's great. They're still in the back of my mind, but there really is no more relieving feeling than thinking "who gives a ***"

exactly. but im so deep bounden in my insecurities, idk how to let go of them..

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you're way to hard on yourself. Nobody deserves to feel like that about themself "love yourself so no one has to" you should just don't don't give a damn about what anyone else thinks, be a thick-skinned bitch with self confidense higher than Burj Khalifa and let them watch your fabulous ass

I’ve got big issues, I know that, people say that all the time. My mom has even bought a book with the title “help your teenage daughter to accept herself and her body”. I’m a weird ass motherfucker who runs around the place, is loud and does weird things,- that I don’t care about. But I am just very insecure of the way I look. 

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maan giiiiirl, ain't that a bitch. Why do you hate yourself tho? I think youre awesome

i have the lowest self-esteem. i pick on myself, for example i never buy sth (like clothes) that stands out cause i dont want people to think like “hey look the fat girl is trying to be cool” or sth like that. 
i hate the way i look. i hate my body. i hate my face. i hate my hair. i hate my legs. i hate my stomach. i hate my arms. i hate my so called ‘curves’. i hate my personality. i just hate myself.