Yes, yes, yes. A thousand times yes.
The job of a filter is not so much to “clean” the water but to remove harmful chemicals such as ammonia and nirate. These chemicals are clear so crystal looking water is no indication of “clean” water. To test for your water levels, get a water testing kit such as the one offered by API.
The filter acts as a home base for what I call probacteria or good bacteria. These good bacteria consume ammonia and nitrate and convert them into the less harmful nirite. The lack of these probacteria are what make your betta stress and lay on the bottom when you introduce them to a freshly set up tank. So to answer the statement I get: NO, it is not the large space that is freaking your betta out, it’s they lack of probacteria in the water because you didn’t cycle your tank that’s freaking him out.
Cycling is when you set up your new tank and let it run until your ammonia and nitrate levels are nearly zero and your nitrite levels are a tad higher but also low. This process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on your water.
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Fin Rot

One of the most common infections a betta gets is fin rot. Fin rot is a bacterial infection that attacks a betta’s fins (sometimes if it gets bad enough, the body) and starts to “eat away” at it. Your betta’s fins might appear to be decaying or falling off. The key to treating fin rot is spotting it early and starting treatment. 

Signs and Symptoms 

  • Black, Grey, or Red outline on fins
  • shortening of fins
  • fins appear to be decaying/falling off
  • frayed fins 
  • red dots of blood (usually when it’s closer to the body)
  • Lethargy*


  • Poor water quality
  • tail biting (leaves open wound to bacteria)
  • high ammonia levels (sometimes if they’re high enough it burns your betta leaving open wound to bacteria)
  • previous illness (leaves them vulnerable to other illnesses)


Whenever treating a betta it’s best to have a hospital tank (I recommend a gallon sized hospital tank) so that you don’t ruin your cycle and you don’t treat tank mates that don’t need to be treated. Plus it makes water changes easier if their tanks are smaller. If the betta lives alone in a small enough tank (I would say 3 gallons or less but that’s up to you) then go ahead and treat in their home but you might want to remove decorations so you can keep a better eye on Mr. Betta. (or Mrs.)

  • Mild case: You see abnormal black edges on their fins and small deterioration of fins. When you spot it early enough usually all you have to do is:
  1. Raise temperature to boost immune system (about 80F, 26C)
  2. Daily water changes to keep water clean (for bigger tanks every other day should be fine)
  • Medium case:pieces of fin have started to decay. Frayed fins. Chunks missing.
  1. Raise temperature to boost immune system (about 80F, 26C)
  2. Add 1tsp per gallon of Aquarium Salt for no more than 10 days
  3. Daily water changes to keep water clean (for bigger tanks every other day should be fine)
  • Severe case: Fin rot is progressing quickly. It’s getting past half way of beginning fin length. Aquarium Salt is not helping slow it down. It’s close to the body. 
  1. Raise temperature to boost immune system (about 80F, 26C)
  2. Use Medications such as: Maracyn, Maracyn II, Tetracycline
  3. Follow package advice on water changes. If there is no water change advice, change at least 50% of water before adding next dose. 
  4. When you’re done medicating do a 100% water change

Note: It is very important that you follow the medications instructions and use it for the full term even if your betta looks better. 

In any case, feed your betta high protein foods to help them regrow their fins. Especially after their fin rot is cured. Always clean uneaten food extra good during treatment. 


  • Keep water clean
  • Keep water warm (keeps their immune system strong)
  • Keep them stress free (stress lowers immune system)
  • Clean uneaten food

*Some bettas become lethargic while others don’t. 


As many of you may know males cannot be housed together but! females can. Female sororities are fun to have but can be a little difficult when starting out. So buckle your seat belts everyone and lets get started.

Preparing for your girls

What you need:

  • Tank
  • Lots of plants (live, silk, fabric, plastic plants that pass the panty hose test)
  • Hiding places
  • Basic tank necessities (heater, filter, gravel)

When preparing your tank you want to have a lot of hiding places spread out. This doesn’t always mean caves galore but some caves and A LOT of plants. Make sure your hiding spots have an opening and exit because females chase each other and they need an exit so they don’t get trapped. When placing your plants you want them set up so that when you’re on one side of the tank there isn’t a straight line of sight to the other side. This can be accomplished by floating plants or really tall plants. 

Baffle your filter ahead of time and run the heater to warm up the water before introducing them.

Purchase your girls

It’s best to purchase your girls all at once or if you’ve had them all previously it’s best to introduce them all together. Or you can start out with at least five and add more over a course of time if you have tank space. You want them all to be similar in size so that smaller ones don’t get picked on. 


Float all your girls in their cups together and slowly condition them to the new tank water by slowly adding it to their cup over a period of time. While they float observe their behavior for aggression. After they have all been conditioned to the water you can begin to release them into the tank. You want to start releasing the girls that you have observed to be less aggressive first and the most aggressive last.

What to expect

When all the girls are released into the tank they may start exploring and picking territories. You will see nipping and chasing which is completely normal. This is them establishing a pecking order. Only remove fighting girls if it’s excessive and looking dangerous otherwise you gotta let them do their thing. Pecking order takes about a week to establish and you can usually tell which one the alpha female will be. If a girl is overly aggressive all the time and it’s harming your other girls, she might not be fit for a sorority and you might have to remove her completely. 

Introducing new girls

If you ever feel like you want to add more girls it is possible. I suggest adding new girls in two’s or three’s. 

First you need to cup all of your girls. Do a water change while you’re at it ;) Rearrange decorations and hiding spots in the tank. This will trick the girls into thinking they are in a newer territory and a new pecking order might be established. Usually the alpha stays the same unless one of your newer girls is brave and wants the title. When releasing them into the tank, release the new girls first and the previous alpha last. 


Feeding can be hard. Personally I just drop in pellets and they all get fed. The Alpha will always try and get more than the others but that’s just how their system works. If it gets to the point where she steals food you might have to cup her during feedings and feed her separately. If a girl isn’t eating or is too afraid to eat with everyone you might want to cup her too and feed her until she’s comfortable.

Really sororities are a giant experiment and you might have to alter some things to work with your girls. They all have their own personalities and their enjoyable to have. 

If you’d like me to add anything or have any questions send me an ask!

See this picture? Know what it is? This is what a rice paddy in Thailand looks like. This is a betta’s natural habitat. Does it look like some crappy .5 gallon plastic container?
The biggest betta myth that pisses me off the most every time I hear it is the “bettas like small spaces” myth. That’s like saying since you came out of a small womb where you could barely move, we put you in a closet to live your entire life because we thought the big wide world would freak you out.
Yeah. It doesn’t make sense. That rice paddy is enormous. Literally hundreds of gallons and you think a betta is happy in some crappy bowl. Ridiculous. #bowlsareforfruitnotfish #vasesareforflowersnotfish #animalcruelty #abuse #animalabuse #betta #bettasplendens #bettafish #betafish #bettalove #beta #bettasofinstagram #siamesefightingfish #japanesefightingfish #chinesefightingfish #fightingfish #fishofinstagram #fishlove #fishcare #fishfight #fishabuse #stopbettaabuse #stopbettafishabuse #stopfishabuse


The attack of the fish still haunts me. I can’t seem to get the body right in the ¾ turn without it looking phallic. ( I know it’s in a completely different style. Trying to fix that maybe?) In the original watercolor piece two out of the four bubbles turned into a disaster and made it un acceptable . Now do I take out the two good bubbles and make it into something different or do I use the fishy that looks like a penis. Decisions decisions..

In other words my boyfriend let me steal his tablet and draw a fishy. I guess I am learning something?


Sorry the pictures aren’t the best! Took them with my old Iphone and he WOULDN"T hold still long enough to get him at full-spread. He’s a very active fish.

SO! Picked this guy up from a pet-store about a month ago and he was labeled as a veil tail, which he OBVIOUSLY is not.  I’m thinking of trying to breed him this summer as a little summer project, but I want to be a responsible breeder.

I did some research to find out what TYPE of betta he is and found that certain types shouldn’t be bred with other types because of the potential for malformation and issues with the fry.

From what I’ve seen, he appears to be a HalfMoon, but his tail is very full and the edges of the fins are ‘crinkled’ - he looks like a blue and black Carnation flower to me. I am not familiar enough with the fancier types to know if this is a Half Moon, a Double-tail Half Moon, or a Rose Tail (he looks a lot like the Rose Tails to me).

So here’s a shout out to the Betta people. I need help Identifying his type so I can make a responsible decision about breeding!

Thanks in advance!

Betta of the Month July

Here we go again, Betta of the Month July!

Here’s how it works:

  • I will be taking submissions until July 7, 2013 11:59pm Mountain TIme
  • July 8th I will post all of the submissions I have gotten in one massive post
  • You can vote for up to three bettas for betta of the month on a poll located here
  • Voting will end July 9th 11:00 am Mountain Time
  • Top 3 or 5 will be sent to our judges which I introduced last month in this post  (If we have ≤ 15 entries we will take the top 3. If we have > 15 we will take the top 5
  • Results will be posted the evening of July 9th or the morning of July 10th
  • Winner will be featured on our website’s home page as well as in the Betta Gallery. 


  • You can enter one picture per betta you own 
  • If you have already won Betta of the Month, we ask that you please not post the same betta again but you may enter your other bettas
  • Even if you have entered before, you may enter again as long as it follows the above rule
  • Must be your betta and your original work (no taking the pictures from aquabid or someone else’s profile and claim it as your own)
  • Take nice, non blurry photos. You want your best quality photos to show off your lovely betta
  • Be creative, show off your betta’s pose, flare, personality in the photos you take.



Your name:

Betta’s name:

Link to your blog(if you want it to be linked if you win): 

July betta of the month deadline: July 7, 2013 11:59 pm Mountain Time

Voting will start July 8th and close on June 9th at 11:00 am mountain time. 

Good Luck Everyone!

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