Psychadelic faux-grunge revivalists ‘Peace’ have so far taken 2013 by storm. Betacross' Rowan Crerar   checks out 'Follow Baby’, the second single from Debut Album 'In Love’

Single Review: Peace - Follow Baby

Follow baby is the 2nd official single from psychedelic hype band Peace, previously released in April of 2012 the limited edition vinyl completely sold out – you can’t even get your hands on one from eBay for under £30. Listening to the song you can understand why. Harrison Koisser’s unique vocals compliment the moody bass line and empowering guitars, not to mention the drums – a solid bongo beat adds an effortless bop to the song, making it impossible not to tap your feet along to it, and even harder to not stand up and full on dance like there is no tomorrow.

Listening to the song first time, you can immediately tell why the single sold out first time round. The intro sounds fairly Nirvana-esque and sets the tone for a gloomy yet vivacious stormer of a song. Koisser’s voice loudly and clearly mumbles the lyrics, yet you can tell by his tone that these words are from his heart, and even though it is extremely difficult to make out every single word, Koisser’s voice still seems clear and hypnotising. The song also compliments the original b-side “Li’l Echo” perfectly, they both have a moody air of twisted teenage love song, and Koisser’s voice tells the story perfectly, working as a heavenly combination with his brother Sam Koisser’s complex and catchy baselines. The bass in Follow Baby helps with the moody theme, adding a mysterious air, hidden beneath the guitar and drums you can hear the roots of the song, the essential rhythm.    

Comparing Follow Baby to Wraith, it is clear to see this young band from Birmingham have a lot of potential. Wraith has certain “bop” to it, and regardless to the dark lyrics one can’t help but want to sing along and dance wildly to it. Peace manage to create this effect with almost every single one of their songs, and although Wraith has a more happy groove on it, Follow Baby matches it with it’s moody stomp essence. Follow Baby is quite different from the songs on Peace’s EP, Delicious, with Bloodshake hailing the band with a fruity psychedelic image, Follow Baby promises that Peace are so much more than that, and that they can create so many more sounds than simply psychedelic guitar riffs and a strong drum beat.

Words: Rowan Crerar

Buy the single here, or the album here. Watch the video for Follow Baby here.

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NME love forcing hype bands down your throat. Every now and then, one of them pops up and surprises you and allows the NME to ever so slightly clamber back into the public consciousness. Betacross' Rowan Crerar     examines NME’s current poster boys ‘Palma Violets’ as they release their debut album.

Album Review: Palma Violets - 180

Palma Violets, the NME’s favourite break through band of 2012, subject to the most amount of hype ever known to the Earth live up to the standards set with their debut album “180”. Opening the whole album is the effortlessly fantastic chords of the band’s first single “Best of Friends”. The song is instantly recognisable, and the moment the bass kicks in you can’t help but want to stand up, dance, and scream the lyrics so that the whole world can hear you.  “Best of Friends” is undoubtedly the strongest track on the whole album (however it is not my favourite), as expected. Most people who know Palma Violets will have heard Best of Friends, and will be able to recognise it merely by hearing the opening chords.

The next track on the album “Step Up for The Cool Cats” was the band’s second single, and has a strutting rhythm to it, with a synth intro complimenting shake your stuff drum beat created.  The song has a slightly “fuck you” feel to it, with the line “All the cool cats said you must lie on” and the band revealing that the song was written about A&R scouts who used to poke their noses about in all the bands business, and annoy the heck out of them, so of course, if the cool cats say you must lie on you obviously must.

Track 3, “All the Garden Birds” is a light, heavenly track, with a major synth part. This is an uplifting change from the fantastically crazy guitar parts in the rest of their songs. “All the Garden Birds” has a strong beat to it, and although it is one of the slower songs on the album it is still one that creates the desire to dance.

Throughout the album you can easily hear who the band are influenced by, and through all of them the influence you hear the most of the clearly The Clash. Chilli Jesson (bassist) has admitted many times in interviews to being a huge Clash fan, and when asked who inspirations are Jesson answered with “Joe Strummer”, and the 3rd line in the fourth track “Rattlesnake Highway” is “Strummer on my shoulder, oh he knows, knows how it feels to be alone”, Palma Violets are quite clearly big fans. Tracks 5,6,7,8 and 9 are not the bands strongest tracks, but each one has an individual feel, and in each song you can tell that Sam Fryer and Chilli Jesson sing/shout their lyrics with pure, raw emotion. Especially in track 8 “Johnny Bagga’ Donuts” where Jesson hurls his lyrics at you, with raw feeling. Recently, I went to a Palma Violets gig and when Johnny Bagga’ Donuts was played I am pretty sure that Jesson was so immersed in the feeling that he spat on half the audience. The final song on 180 is called “14” and although the lyrics are quite basic, the song is clearly an anthem. “14” is an anthem, it’s easy to pick up, it’s easy to sing when you’re drunk, and it’s perfect.

Palma Violets have lived up to their hype, and 180 is by far one of the best albums (so far) of 2013.

Words: Rowan Crerar

Check out Curt McArdle’s  review of Leeds Festival, where Palma Violets played, but we didn’t review them because we’re not very good at judging how big bands are going to become


The death of HMV, though sad, came as little surprise to any high street-frequenter, but is this REALLY the end? or will the repercussions be much wider reaching? Betacross’ Ciara Doyle investigates, via tear-stained rose goggles.

            It would be impossible to count the amount of texts I’ve sent to friends saying, “I’m in HMV” when arranging to meet up for a fortnightly *cough* weekly *cough* shopping trip or frequently getting off at James Street to ‘conveniently’ walk past the nearest HMV. It’s a common known fact, with my friends, that when we go to the nearest shopping centre, at least one stop at HMV is a given. Who could turn down the opportunity to browse through just about every genre known to man? Right? Then why is it that on the 13th January 2013 that HMV announced their administration. I’ve been in a sorry state of mourning ever since.

                After hearing the news numerous questions crossed my mind. What will happen to the points on my loyalty card? Why is this happening? Is it because of illegal download sites? Or is it because more people are turning to the likes of iTunes to buy music? And finally, is this all one horrendous nightmare?

                NME’s twitter updates confirmed it. It’s was not all one nightmare. It was really happening *sobs*. Never again would I be able to spend hours, searching through the endless supply of music, browsing the latest releases, walking past the chart section, having a little celebratiory dance when one of my favourite track is played or when I see that the section for one of my favourite bands is empty because it means that people do listen to good music after all or, better still, seeing someone pick up one of my favourite CDs and giving them the nod of approval (We’ve all done it.)

                One big issue preying on my mind though, what will HMV’s closure mean for the rest of the music industry? Will HMV’s sad/depressing/unbearable/mournful/etc. departure from the high street mean that more people will turn to illegal download sites? This is another topic I am highly opinionated on, but let’s not get into that. What about the people who, like myself, like to have the physical CD without having to wait those dreaded three working days and pay the extortionate postage and packaging fee just to be able to hold the CD booklet crediting the many other people, not just the band, involved in the production of each song, what do we do?

                As the final days of HMV are finite and the closure date looming, I will prepare myself (and my family) for the mourning period that must surely follow. We shall remember the good times that we’ve shared together; every rejected part time job application there has been in any HMV within a 15 mile radius over the past two years, the countless times I’ve nearly burst into song when I’ve recognised the track playing through their speakers, the numerous CDs and DVDs (that coincidentally I’d just so happened to like) given as gifts to various family members, passing time scanning through  the various album artworks and finding a favourite (Alt-J’s ’An Awesome Wave‘ being my current choice), opening birthday cards to see those three little letters on a gift card and most memorably putting an iPod into one of the docking stations and performing the apache in the middle of the Liverpool One shop.  

All that remains to say is RIP HMV – Where’s your master now? 

Words: Ciara Doyle

Cartoon: Royston Robertson


Feb//March Playlist

Alright so 2 months ago I made a sorta playlist mixtape thing called Jan 13 and I said I’ll make one every month and then a month later I didnt make one, but the way I see it, February isn't even a month. Months are 30+ days. Thats an analytic truth. February is just a post-January interlude, where everyone calms down from the excitement of my birthday. That’s why I didn’t make one in February. This is the March playlist with a February garnish.

Passion Pit - Carried Away: Ultra-Cheese, even by Passion Pit standards. This is, of course, a really really beautiful thing. For fans of:   Owl City,   Sound of Arrows

San Cisco - Wild Things: Ticks all twee boxes. Easy acoustic guitars, but not TOO easy. Distorted vox, both male and female, but not TOO distorted. A dash of Glockenspiel and Synth and a splash of almost-heavy drums in the chorus. Whats not to like? I find the girl really hot in this video. Am I a bad person? For fans of:  Vampire Weekend,   Foster the People

Grandaddy - AM 180: Slowdive playing Tetris with Slagsmalklubben. Also used to be the theme to Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe. Need I say any more? For fans of:  Slowdive,   Slagsmalsklubben

Daughter - Youth: Imagine a parallel universe where Ellery Robers never came into existence, and instead Wu Lyf were fronted by Suzanne Vega. Add some Ninetails guitars. Boom, Daughter. Set to play the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral soon. Incredible. Do not miss that. Please. For fans of:  Wu Lyf,   Suzanne Vega

Pheonix - If I Ever Feel Better: Headlining the Reading & Leeds NME Tent, so you can stop moaning about Eminem playing, you ungrateful bastards. The greatest band to ever step out of France. Full stop. That funk. For fans of:  Jamiroquai,   Pony Pony Run Run

Purity Ring ft. RickFlyer - Ungirthed (Remix): Two things we love at Betacross. Rap remix’s & Purity Ring. We were always going to like this, weren't we? For fans of:  Hoodie Allen,   Childish Gambino

Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica: You know them songs that don’t tell you how to feel, they let you make your own mind up, even though they know your mind is a pretty warped place and that's why you’re listening to that song in the first place? No? Ok, just think of that noise from Nine Inch Nails ‘Hurt’ and stretch it for 4:30 then. One of many incredible acts playing this years Liverpool Sound City. For fans of:  Sparklehorse,   Trentemoller.

Alt J - Matilda (Johnson Somerset Remix): Make Alt J cool again by adding a dash of downtempo trip hop and telling everyone you knew them before the Mercury Prize. For fans of:  Lemon Jelly,   Boards of Canada

Loved Ones - Are You Hiding Out In Hell?: This month saw the shortlist for The GIT Awards 2013 announced. Last time around, these sugary drum destroyers won it. Get lost in a trance whist you wonder if Liverpool music can really get any better than it is now. For fans of:  Tame Impala,    By The Sea (Our tip for GIT 2013)

Wonderlust - Love At First Sight: Folky Barn-Dance Irish-Scouse Electronic-Indie. Clap if you want, I wont mind. If you didn’t catch these guys with Ed Black at Elevator Bar last week then you’re about as relevant as Johnny Burell. I don’t even like you. GET OFF MY PHONE  For fans of:  Walk The Moon,   DD/MM/YYYY

Marina & The Diamonds - Radioactive (How To Dress Well Remix): Marinas new stuff too mainstream geared for you? Too sweet and overproduced? Add a hefty slice of death-driven Ethereal wave to the mix. Delicious. For fans of:  Salem,   Glass Teeth

Lone - New Colour: No one in the world does glitchy electronic music like the brits. This is something to be proud of. If you’re into all that, get down to Brooklyn Mixers 'Hideout’ to catch Riddance, a night fronted by our good friend Samuel of Everisland. Meanwhile, here’s something to keep you going. Steel-Drum Samba straight from the streets of Nottingham. Enjoy. For fans of:  Gold Panda,   Mono/Poly

Goldfish - Take Back Tomorrow: House music will never die. It will never be irrelevant. If you don’t like it yet, learn to. This is a good place to start, you square. For fans of:  Nicky Romero,   Sebastian Ingrosso

Guest Pick: The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows (Kev McCready, Ace Magazine): Basically LSD in the shape of a vinyl. Rumor has it, if you lick the right place on any Beatles record before you drop acid, you WILL have a good trip. Not really. I just don’t really like The Beatles and i’m trying to find things to say that won't upset people. I have some Beatles vinyls that i’m trying to sell as it goes. Someone buy them off me. I promise I haven’t licked them. Cheers Kev. For fans of: LSD

Words & Photography: Curt McArdle

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Curt & Matty’s Wrestlemania 29 Predictions

Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett © vs The Miz

MM: Although Barrett is a good wrestler, the WWE still haven’t got him a story line since becoming Intercontinental Champion, mainly because they haven't put him in any pay per views. On the other hand The Miz is liked for being both a face and a heel and has his own Miz TV. Miz will beat Barrett and then Barrett will get his storyline he wanted. CM: Barretts IC run has offered nothing. He’s been pretty wasted, which is a shame, as technically he is one of the best wrestlers in the WWE at the moment. Having him lose, possibly unfairly, will open up more stories for him and will leave the Miz stuck with the ever-decreasing value of the Intercontinental Championship. The Miz can handle this because he’s a crowd pleaser, so its a win-win situation. The Miz Win

Eight Person Tag Team Match: Tons of Funk w/ The Funkadactyls vs Team Rhodes Scholars w/ The Bella Twins

CM: Tensai was by far the biggest flop of 2012. Everything that could possibly go wrong with a storyline went wrong. We could talk for days about why and how it didn’t work, but its irrelevant now. The Tons of Funk storyline has saved Matt Blooms ass, and to have them lose now would be crazy, as they’re starting to pick up momentum. Rhodes-Scholars are brilliant at losing. No matter how many times you see them lose, it never gets boring. I'm calling for a Bella Twins walk over of the Funkadactyls but Tons of Funk winning it overall. MM: No matterhow much I love the tons of funk storyline, The Bella Twins can’t come back to lose. Brodus Clay can afford to lose, and the storyline with Cody Rhodes is no one likes him, so Cody and Damien Sandow will cheat. EG: Tagging in the Bellas before Brodus hits him leaving Brodus to attack one of the Bellas. Tie

Singles Match: Chris Jericho vs Fandango

MM: Say his name, say his name, farn darn go, when he say’s it, weirdly it sounds cool, but if you say it suddenly it sounds lame. Unless your a jobber or Heath Slater, you don’t lose the first time you go to a pay per view. Waiting for him to have his match then losing would be a stupid mistake to make. Sadly, Jericho lost last year and he is going to lose again this year, next year put him against Heath Slater, then he will have a chance. CM: Jericho never sticks to contacts long, probably because he needs to focus on his ’music’. Fahrn-Darhn-Go has been mega hyped recently. A good clean win will push him up the card and allow Jericho to slip away quietly before his next return. Can I see Bo Dallas having something to do with Fandango in the near future? Maybe Fandango Win

No Holds Barred Match: Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

CM: A power strugle is always a brilliant story line. It’s no secret that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the most likely to take over the reigns at WWE once Vince calls it a day. Having Triple H lose, and thus retire, opens up the gates for this. Hunter has been made to look like a real powerhouse of late, so this suggest a loss for me. If this hadn't occurred  then this match would be too easy to call. Everyone would KNOW Brock would destroy him. He needed some wins under his belt to make it interesting. I wont be surprised to see HBK play some roll in the match. Maybe a disqualification after HBK breaks a Kimura Lock? This is a tough one to call. MM: As already said, McMahon is getting on a bit and Triple H and Stephanie are next in line. But Triple H cant lose again or wwe are out of there mind. Cena lost at wrestlemania and everyone got shirts saying CENA SUCKS! so wont it just be HUNTER SUCKS? CM: But  Triple H is a different breed of superstar to Cena, right? MM: Don’t make this into a cheesy online interview. Anyway Triple H will beat Brock Lesner and I’m pretty sure Shawn Micheals might turn out to be a special ref but once he wins he will say he’s leaving and is becoming an owner in McMahons place CM: Que afformentioned power strugle Tie

Tag Team Championship: Team Hell No © vs Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston

CM: There's only so many times you can repeat the Friends-Not Friends storyline without your fans losing all respect. The time has come to say goodbye to Team Hell No in my eyes. Both have a lot more to offer to WWE, and disbanding the stable will allow them to do that, at the same time giving Dolph and Big E the push they deserve, as right now, Big E’s only real skill seems to be standing still and looking scary, when infact he’s capable of much more. How will it happen? You’ll see later on.. MM: Yes Yes team hell are not as good as we wanted them to be, but I think Ziggler and Big E wont even start. As Team Hell No enter,  Big E Langston will run on, only to get a chokeslam from Kane. As this happens, Dolph will run on and Daniel Bryan does the kick thing were every one shouts YES YES YES! zZggler will run off as his night is not over just yet. Tie

Singles Match: Ryback vs Mark Henry

MM: Ah the monster Ryback vs The worlds fattest man Mark Henry. CM: Say that to his face. MM: Yeah, anyway Ryback and Mark Henry will try and get eachother down by holding each overs arms but as this goes on for about five minuets, Ryback will start to demolish Henry. When Ryback goes to shellshock him, One of Mark Henry’s old attitude era friends will come out and distract Ryback giving Mark Henry time to get a move on Ryback. Ryback will reverse it, shellshock Henry, pin him and win. FEED ME MORE! CM: I’m going with a Ryback win based only on the fact that I don’t think WWE can afford to have him lose on the big stage any more. Ryback Win

Three Man Tag Team: Sheamus, Big Show & Randy Orton vs The Shield

CM: I doubt i’m the only person who was disappointed when I found out Big Show had replaced Ryback in the team. I was CONVINCED a legend would return to help destroy the new kids on the block. That said, I still think this match has more to offer than it seems. I expect something to happen and someone to return. I’m just not sure who that someone will be yet. On paper, The Shield will win, because they always do, but keep your eyes on this one MM: I love The Sheild but I was honestly very upset when they beat the all star team. Seriously, if you put Seth Rollins (<3) in a match against sheamus, who would win? Sheamus. But combined, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are amazing. I think Big Show and Sheamus will fall out making them lose then orton will RKO big show and do his rope thing to sheamus. Orton heel turn, finally CM: Orton certainly needs something to avoid becoming a super-high profile jobber. Is the heel turn going to be enough? The Shield Win

Streak Match: The Undertaker vs CM Punk

CM: Punks recent ’Paul Bearer Disrespect’ angle has made it 100% impossible for him to win, elevating him to a whole new level of hate. Breaking Taker’s the streak after this would upset alot of people, and not in the good way. I’m calling for a Kane interference, eventually leading to him receiving a GTS. A distracted Punk is then destroyed by taker in the meanest way possible, restoring Bearers legacy and leaving Punk humiliated. If Kane WERE to be involved, i’d say he leaves Bryan at the altar during the Tag Team match. Bryan then gets destroyed by Big E and Ziggler and humiliated infront of AJ, left stinging like X-Pacs rectum MM: Well I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t just be me who would stay in there room for a week and cry if Punk won. Yes, I like Punk but if he beat the undertaker things would never be the same, and not in a michael cole WILL THINGS BE THE SAME way, in the ‘lose most of their fans’ things be the same way. Undertaker will demolish CM Punk, but the urn is going to come into this and kane is going to come into this. Once the undertaker wins it will play undertakers song have paul bearer remember video and fireworks for his rememberence the send off they wanted and the brothers of destruction will be back. Taker Win

World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio © vs Jack Swagger

CM: I love the Swagger angle, a gritty controversial twist on the 'Good American guy vs the big nasty foreigner who hates the US’, so with Del Rio’s face turn coinciding with this match perfectly, i’m really looking forward to this one. Whether Swagger is really the right guy to carry this is questionable, but being one of McMahons homegrown talents, it doesn't surprise me. A Swagger win open’s up so many avenues for the WWE. Having him win dirty cements him firmly as a mega heel. I wouldn't be surprised to see Coulter throw a cheap dig at Rodriguez, then a loyal Del Rio rushing to help, only to be ambushed whilst distracted by a ravenous Swagger. I also wouldn't be surprised to see a legend or two pop up to carry the momentum further. Maybe P Diddy might even get involved? Just kidding. MM: Alberto Del Rio, bless him. I like his heel and face at the same time and i love it when he pretends to nearly break someone’s arm in the ring when he’s really cleaning out the dirt from his hands with his Cross arm breaker. When Swagger’s return hit the WWE, his haircut, song and muscle's beat everyone in his path. I think Zeb Coulter will attack Ricardo’s leg, then Del Rio will probably pull Zebs mustache, getting a WOOO from the fans and, of course,  swagger will do one of his bombs to Del Rio onto Ricardo. Zeb Coulter and Swagger will stand in the ring, then Ziggler will pounce and cash in his money in the bank briefcase. As he distracts the ref with it, Big E will attack Zeb Coulter outside of the ring. Swagger will run out and fight Big E while Ziggler stay’s in the ring. Swagger will be counted out and Ziggler will have a nice tounge snog with AJ Lee. CM: Can anyone else see Swagger with Ricardo in a Patriot Lock, with Coulter telling him to stop in scenes reminiscent of ’Of Mice & Men’ at all? No, just me? ok. Jack Swagger Win

WWE Championship: The Rock © vs John Cena

CM: The big one. The match we have all not been waiting to see. The disappointing climax to an otherwise thrilling night. Ok, Dwane had a movie to promote, so I understand why he came back, but by the time wrestlemania is aired, the movie will already be beginning to die out, so he will no longer need to be a living advert. Cena had a well documented 'terrible year’ due to his ’collapse after wrestlemania’ at the hands of nasty advert Dwayne. Despite this, the WWE Fangirls still voted him ’Superstar of the year’ at The Slammy’s. It’s obvious that he’s a mega crowd pleaser and the perfect babyface. The Rock is past it, as was carried throughout his title winning match at the rumble by Punk. There’s not a chance he will be given a full time contract. All signs point Cena. MM: I can’t see Rene Young and Matt Striker talking about how 'The Rock beat Cena’ on WWE Experience, but I can see them talking about how cena beat the rock. The Rock will come out and everything, but based on his other entrances, like smashing some glass with a car never used again or when he made some cena clones, Cena will outshine him. Cena and The Rock will battle and battle. A few stf’s, a few of the rocks shitty signatures and a rock bottom will follow The Rock will then pin cena, but at two Cena will stick his lousy arm up like every single other match. Cena will eventually do a attitude adjustment to The Rock and pin him. In the middle of this match, I think were going to see an angry Punk run out maybe after The Rock does a Rock Bottom or maybe after Cena does a Five Knuckle Shuffle but I think The Rock and Cena will team up on Punk, then fight again. Cena will win and no longer suck, even if he still does. John Cena Win

But, of course, this is Wrestlemania. We can pretend all we like that we know what is going to happen, but we don’t. We don’t have a clue, so don’t take our word for it. Watch it yourself, suckaaaaaa

Words: Curt McArdle & Matty McArdle


How many times have you been stood there making scrambled eggs when it dawn’s on you that they’re just not pimpy enough? Well, those days are gone, pilgrim. Betacross' Kev McCready is here to show you the light:

Pimpy Scrambled Eggs (serves two):


Four medium eggs.

A dash of milk.

A knob of butter.

125g chestnut mushrooms/or any mushrooms other than tinned, really.

A bunch of spring onions, or one red onion.

1 teaspoon of cumin seeds, or 1 teaspoon of ground cumin and 1 teaspoon of mixed herbs.

Potato cakes or muffins/crumpets.

Cooking oil.


1:  Clean the mushrooms using kitchen towel, then quarter them.

2: Pour the oil into a pan, and get it nice and hot.  Add the cumin seeds – after a few moments these will turn black and begin to pop.

3:  Add the mushrooms.  Using a wooden spoon, stir occasionally.

4: Prepare the onions.  For spring onions, top and tail, put the blade of the knife into the top and cut down slightly.  The skin should peel away with your fingers - the more you take off,  the stronger the onion will be.  If you’re using a red onion, cut it in half and remove the hard outer skin with the blade of a knife, and peel away using your fingers.  Once this is done cut the onions in half and then half again.  Wash the vegetables in a colander and dry off. 

5:  By this point, the mushrooms should be done.  The test is, they should be dark brown and firm to the taste. Transfer to a bowl layered with kitchen towel to drain the oil off.  Clean the pan off with a cloth, or use another one and create more dishes. 

6: Now, make the scrambled eggs.  Crack the eggs on the side of a large bowl and add the milk.  Whisk the mixture up, breaking the yolks.  If you are using ground cumin and spices add them at this point.  It won’t be as nice though.  Add the mushrooms, and whichever onion you chose.  I won’t get offended.

7:  Put the knob of butter in a hot pan, and let the butter liquefy.  This process can be sped up by tilting and turning the pan.  Once the butter begins to bubble, add the egg/veg mixture.  Turn the heat down, and keep stirring with a wooden spoon.  The best way is to stir anti-clockwise from the edge of the pan.

8:  Make the potato cakes/muffins/toast whatever.

9: The scrambled eggs will be done when it turns light and fluffy.  If your toast/whatever is done before, don’t worry,  turn the heat off – scrambled eggs continue to cook for a while anyway.  They’re good like that.      

10:  Spoon the mixture onto the toast.  Fill the pan with cold water, and soak.  It makes the cleaning easier.  Season to taste and serve with a large mug of tea.

Words: Kev McCready

Photograph: Curt McArdle


10 Hottest Ladies In Music Right Now (Maybe)

Ok basically the whole purpose of this post is to objectify women and congratulate them on being born exactly the way they were. This is not a post that rewards people for their exceptional talents, it’s simply a list of XX Chromosome possessing individuals I would like to procreate with.

I would write a mini review on each of them, but they would all just consist of ‘she is so hot’ so its not really worth wasting my time. Also, this list is likely to change every few seconds because I LOVE SO MANY GIRLS IN THE MUSIC SCENE :( (I don't even agree with the list in its current form but i cba changing it)

10) Sarah McIntosh (The Good Natured)

9) Gabrielle Cilmi

8) Scarlett Stevens (San Cisco)

7) Carly Rae Jepsen

6) Grimes

5) Kim Campesinos (Los Campesinos, Synth/Cleaning)

4) Danielle Haim (Haim, Lead)

3) Tiffany Lamson (Givers)

2) Marina Diamandis (Marina & The Diamonds)

1) Gabrielle Aplin


WordsCurt McArdle

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Essential Downloads: Jan ‘13

January is over. Done. It snowed. I turned 18. John Cena won the Royal Rumble. Blogs read other blogs and formulated ’original’ lists. Everyone quit smoking because of that advert, for abit. Not much changed really.

Y’know, apart from the fact i’ve DECIDED TO MAKE A 20 SONG PLAYLIST OF ‘ESSENTIAL DOWNLOADS (or buy them physically for the sake of HMV)’ at the end of each month. This is it. I could act pretentious and describe it as an ‘Eclectic mix of genre spanning tracks, new and old’ but making a joke out of it works just as well, and makes me sound less of a dick. You’ll also probably notice each track has other bands names in parenthesis. Obviously these are bands that are similar. Do what you like with them. Ignore them for all I care.

Enjoy. Or Don’t. Shut up. Who even are you:

Yelle - Ce Jeu (Tepr Remix) (Unicorn Kid, Delorean)

STRFKR - Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second
(Born Ruffians, Vampire Weekend)

Seasfire - We Will Wake (James Blake, Alex Clare)

Allah-Las - Catamaran (Ariel Pink, Graffiti 6)

Ghostchant - Laid to Rest (Black Dice, Burial)

XITSJ - Sad Girl (Xiu Xiu, DD/MM/YYYY)

Afternaut - Starfire (Sun Drums, The Knife)

Bullet For My Valentine - Shadow Moses (While She Sleeps, Trash Talk)

Doldrums - She Is The Wave (Beni, Echo Lake)

Haim - Don’t Save Me (Alpine, Daughter)

Peace - Follow Baby (Swim Deep, Nirvana)

Bastille - Pompeii (Wolf Gang, British Sea Power)

Tom Odell - Another Love (Lou Reed, Benjamin Francis Leftwich)

Foxygen - Make It Known (The National, Kopecky Family Band)

Bahamas - I Got You Babe (Zeus, Life In Film)

Wild Belle - It’s Too Late (Feist, Marina & The Diamonds)

The Good Natured - 5-HT (Niki & The Dove, Sunday Girl)

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Old Panda Days (Ki Theory, Deerhoof)

Heartsrevolution - The Rose & Her Prince (Love Inks, Chew Lips)

Iceage - You’re Blessed (Metz, Eagulls)

Words: Curt McArdle

(February 2013)