Summary: As a teenager you’d been best friends with Sam Winchester, particularly since your mother and his father hunted together whenever they felt they needed backup. But then you’d moved country, and all interactions with the Winchesters were of the non-physical kind. So when they call on you for backup, you jump at the chance to see your best friend again, not to mention see his big brother, on who you’d had a mild crush on.
The hunt goes well, the rest of the evening, however, doesn’t exactly go your way.  
: Alpha!DeanxOmega!Reader
: 3963
: A/B/O Dynamics. Smut.
AN: This was an Anon Request! I’m quite pleased with this one, and kinda tempted to write a sequel… let me know what you think of that idea!!!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


Your phone started ringing for the third time in a row, and you couldn’t suppress your exasperated groan as you tugged a sweatshirt over your wet hair and damp skin. Snatching it up off the scuff-marked plastic table you chanced a quick glance at the caller ID before answering.

Sam Winchester.

Of course.

“You better have a damn good reason for disturbing my day off, Winchester,” you teased, tucking the mobile between your shoulder and ear so you could return to the damp towel you’d tossed onto the bed and set about drying your hair more thoroughly. The bastard knew you were taking a day to pamper yourself, yet still decided to drive you mad with your own ringtone. How very rude of him.

On the end of the line, Sam just chuckled, and you could just picture him shaking his head slightly in amusement.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” he laughed, but you could detect genuine regret in his voice. “It’s just that I know you’re nearby, and me and Dean could use an extra pair of hands on this one. Dean will hate me when he finds out I rang… he doesn’t like thinking there are more Vamps than we can handle,” he said. A faint scraping sound in the background suggested that he’d just taken a seat, too.

As you once again dropped the towel onto your bed in favour of your hairbrush, you let out an amused titter. “Certainly sounds like Dean,” you mused, “sounds like he’s well on his way to becoming one of those stereotypical stubborn Alphas you get on TV.”

Once again, you heard the distinctive rumble of Sam laughing. That was when a thought hit you, and your face lit up in a smile so broad that your cheeks actually hurt.

“Hold up… does-does that mean I actually get to see you guys? And I mean see you, not just skype or a screen-shared movie?”

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tbh “the barn of new crystal gems” isn’t actually an awful concept if done right… like just. imagine peridot, bismuth, the rubies and jasper all living under one roof with lapis bunking there occasionally on her trips around the world. the barn just gets more and more added onto it until it is an absolute chaotic mess and everyone loves it.

  • peridot sticks the water silo into the wall and declares it to be her room. she even puts a keep out sign on it with a drawing of her gem on the door like the temple door. inside is ten screens all showing camp pining hearts, the alien doll, and a bunch of other bits of junk peridot has acquired. it looks like a mess but there’s a system to it. only peridot and amethyst understand The System.
  • eyeball suggests they build a training area to keep their skills sharp. her true motivation is to be buff and attract girls. jasper thinks it’s a fantastic idea and praises eyeball for her pragmatism. eyeball didn’t expect her plan to work so quickly but she’s sure as hell not complaining.
  • lapis’s room is the truck. it’s sticking out of the roof and has a tarp over it. there’s loads of meep morps in there. no one is allowed in. especially jasper and peridot.
  • navy has a greenhouse. except it’s a redhouse because she doesn’t get why it’s called a greenhouse if it’s not green and since she’s red she’s going to call it a redhouse. steven gave her cuttings from rose’s gardens to help her get started. one day she will probably go all little shop of horrors on the others.
  • the ruby ship got cannibalised for parts, but it’s still bigger on the inside and is now doc’s room. very serious things happen in this room. mostly viewings of baseball games so that doc and army can figure out how that game actually works.
  • leggy starts trying to figure out how the universe works and ends up making a library for them all to use. peridot, leggy, bismuth and navy start a romance book club. it meets in bismuth’s room because the silo is a disaster, the library isn’t private enough, and the greenhouse is full of weird plants. they draw fusions of their preferred couples. it’s all over the library. jasper’s eye twitches every time she sees it.
  • bismuth was put in charge of the warp pad because she needs to get to her forge. she upgraded everyone’s weapons. every week or so she’ll go to the others with “so i had this idea for improving our gear…” and if the person she talks to is peridot then the results are spectacular. once they tried to make limb enhancers for all of the rubies. including garnet-ruby because they didn’t want her to feel left out. garnet kinda BSOD’d when she saw them because on the one hand EMBARASSING, on the other ADORABLE, on the other OH NO SAPPHY THINKS IT’S CUTE…
  • jasper’s room is completely metal. she made it out of bits of the beta kindergarten. there’s metal bars and random things with spikes on everywhere. and a bunch of mirrors which she can flex at and practise looking awesome. eyeball joins her sometimes.
  • (i have accidentally made the ship of eyeball/jasper. idk it’d be cute???)
  • army insisted on having an actual baseball field set up. she still doesn’t understand the rules but she HAS branched out into other sports. sometimes when the others are being loud a football or hockey stick or something will come flying out of army’s room and hit someone on the head. her aim is impressive. bismuth is very proud.
  • camp pining hearts is a running gag with all of them. they are all SUPER into it for varying reasons. they had to write a treaty to stop the ship wars because the last one saw two rubies, bismuth and peridot all get poofed and that was REALLY awkward to explain to the main crystal gems.
  • centipeetle gets healed and joins them. she introduces them all to chaaaaaaaaps.

Summary: @spn-fob-fandoms-perfection​ requested an a/b/o where Dean was the reader’s mate. (Sorry it took FOREVER. Hope you enjoy it!)

Word Count: 3000ish

Warning: a/b/o dynamics, smut, knotting sex

A/N: If you aren’t familiar with a/b/o, @kittenofdoomage​ is my a/b/o queen and explains the world perfectly here. Hope y’all enjoy!

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been thinking about aces in abo verse lately

omegas who absolutely hate their heats. omegas who have sex during their heats, who maybe feel shameful and less of an ace because of it (but they are still ace, of course). omegas who don’t have heats and don’t feel like they’re missing out. omegas who go on suppressants as soon as they present to limit the number of eats they have in a year. omegas who don’t understand why everyone thinks sex is so amazing, because it really isn’t.

alphas who do have sex during their ruts but only because it relieves some of the ache, not out of desire. alphas who don’t identify themselves as ace until later in life when they stumble across the word, who feel relieved that they’re not the only one who doesn’t like having sex. alphas who, unlike many of their allo peers, do not lose their minds during their ruts. alphas who used to experience sexual attraction, but after a trauma identify as ace.

betas who work against the hyper-sexual society they live in. betas who have been called “late bloomers.” betas who are confused when they feel the urge to masturbate but are repulsed by the idea of having sex with a partner. betas who go to bars and are confused when someone tries to take them home.


please diversify your abo fics with ace folks (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Protect the Omega

Sam and Emma had settled into their new life. Sam was building a pack and they’d set up gorgeous homes in the woods. And Sam had Emma all to himself and always had an eye on her. He wouldn’t lose her again. They were out celebrating at a local bar called ‘Beta O’. Sam was at a table with some alphas from other packs and from his. Emma was by the bar with Iliana and some
Other omegas.

“Hey Sammy. That other guy has eyes on your mate.” His friend, and right hand man, Ian said.


A/B/O Verse || Open starter

The woman felt her eyes changing color to an even more vibrant green and she cursed under her breath. Her heat was starting and it was not a good thing that she was still at work. The bar she was working at was full with half-drunk men, mostly Alphas that would surely smell her as soon as her body changed the scent.

Anna bit on her bottom lip just as a wave of hit ran through her body, making her release a small moan but she masked it with a cough, hoping none of them heard. Alphas and Betas sat around the bar and it would be a miracle if they didn’t notice an Omega trying to sneak out.

But it seemed like luck wasn’t on her side that day. As soon as she walked out from behind the bar counter and to the corridor that lead to the backroom she was instantly slammed against the wall, a pair of rough hands holding her in place as the man leaned closer to inhale the scent at her neck. 
“N-no, let me go.”

I forgot to share this when I got back from Beta Bar on Sunday night! I won a kill la kill DVD for turning up in my Venom cosplay? How rad is that!?
It was such a great night. Lots of friendly people came up and chatted with me about the costume, played Cards against Humanity with friends of friends and made new ones. I even got in some time on an arcade shooter. It was a great night at a great venue.

It’s so nice to go to a bar that’s so friendly and inclusive. Easily my new favourite hangout.

Stuff like that, I never had that in Mount Gambier. Really makes me feel welcome and ‘at home’ in Melbourne ^_^

/end mushy ramble

This is my lovely. He is tall and scruffy and wears pants that are obscenely tight. He also comes to watch me perform slam poetry even though he doesn’t really like it. What a legend. In all seriousness this boy changed my life and I can be sappy on my blog if I want too damnit.