Word of Advice to College Freshman

Many young high school graduates are getting ready to go off to college in the next few days and I want to congratulate you. Now I do have some advice especially those of you who have Greeks in your family.

Please, please leave any and all greek paraphernalia at home with your parents! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, bring them with you to school. Leave your mom’s/dad’s line jacket at home! Do not bring your old “Future XYZ” Shirt with you. If your parents are letting you borrow their car and it has a greek license plate, Please take it off. So many young students head off to college and assume it’s OK to have something greek because your mom/dad is a member. Trust me when I tell you, it’s not.

Also, I cannot tell you how many times Greeks have had this conversation with parents. If your mom is a member of XYZ, and she introduces you to the current member of that organization and your mom says “ Keep an eye on her”.

I’m going to be honest, there is a slight chance we’re NOT going to keep an eye on you. It’s great that you’re a legacy, but that doesn’t mean you get automatically within our radar. We will put you on our radar when we see you being active and engaging in campus organizations and being a leader.

Also, please don’t go around telling folks you’re going to be a member of XYZ. Don’t even post it on social media. Be careful with who you call your friends. Many of them will record you on snapchat or ig throwing up the sign or strolling like a XYZ. So many people have been caught doing this and you don’t want to end up on Greekshenanigans ig or Twitter page bc then that will be embarrassing.

Now young ones, don’t be discouraged about joining a BGLO. Just be discreet. Have fun but also don’t act a fool. Keep your grades up and be active around campus.

Welcome to College!