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i have a two part plan / fucked up alternate universe that id like to set into effect. 1. introduce the idea of the “omega male” to men that talk about alphas and betas. then, when theyre fully indoctrinated, 2. get them into alpha/beta/omega fanfiction. its time for new sub-genders

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Hey Jenna, hope all is well with you and Cliff :) I'm at my second edit and I wanted to ask, when is the right time to find beta reader? When I'm completely done, or a month or two before? I don't want to waste time, but I don't want to be stupid about this. You are experienced in that, can you help?

Enlist your betas when you feel like, yep. This is my story. This is how I want it to go. I like this story. I like its content. I want other people to like it too, as is.

If you’re not quite done with your draft but you think you will finish very soon, you can start enlisting betas. Just be realistic about the timeframe you need to finish; I always end up enlisting before I should. Oh, I can be done by the time they get to–  “Hey Jenna, I’m ready for the next chapter!” FUCK. 

the kids and their most recently used emojis

Rose 🔪 ❤😒👀
John 😂😅😝😥
Dave 👍😑🖕☝
Jade 😋😄💗👋
Roxy 🙌💕🎉😁
Jake 😎😗😜👌
Jane 😉😑😮😕
Dirk 💀🚪🌗🔜

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Ive been thinking about the moving castle au all day dude. Have you thought about the other characters at all?? cus Maru could totally fit dave and like, caliborn as the witch of the waste or something?? i am so for this you have no idea

every shitty AU i have thrown onto my garbage dump of a blog, i have thought a lot about, dear anon

the most important one is obvs hal full name halcifer. that’s the idea that kinda started this whole thing actually because he’s this demon tied to dirk/howl but he’s trapped by him in one location so all he can do is sass and eat egg shells and something something soul splinters

but in brief:

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why do people gotta act like they deserve medals for not watching maid dragon. why do they act like they’re leaders in some kind of revolution that’ll go down in history books for refusing to give up their manly jjba seat on the anime bus to the oppressive colorful slice of life anime overlords 

its just cartoons, why do you have to behave that way. why do you gotta play alpha of the betas when it comes to fuckin’ anime. 

Teen Years Headcanons

-Omegas in their late teens going through a phase of “all Alphas are stupid and I’ll be just fine if I never mate with one” and that phase ends the day they come home from school and gush to their Omega parent about an Alpha they just met “he’s way different than the other Alphas, I’m sure of it mom” and the Omega parent just nodding along while their child chatters on

-An Omega trying to hide a relationship from their parents and panicking when they can’t get the Alpha’s scent off of them…only to find out their Omega parent already knew, because mothers know everything, and they help them get the scent off before their Alpha parent gets home. But they do tell their Omega child that they expect to meet the Alpha soon

-An Omega being very introverted and having to be practically dragged from their nest to be made to go out and socialize because “at this rate you’ll never meet a decent Alpha”

-An Alpha in high school who has trouble focusing on school work and is always turning their work in late while their Omega sibling gets straight A’s. They refuse to ask their sibling for help though because they are too proud to admit they need it, their Alpha parent tries to help but they don’t handle it any better and finally their Omega parent just sits down and helps explain it to them

-Alphas struggling a lot with their newfound aggression and getting in trouble a lot with both their school and their parents for getting into fights

-Angsty teenage Alphas dramatically deciding they are too aggressive and temperamental to love someone, and their parents are kind of sympathetic…but they also want to tell the Alpha to suck it up and quit brooding needlessly

-Hormonal Omega teens getting upset a lot so whenever their Alpha parent approaches a room and catches a whiff of angry Omega pheromones they will back up slowly and then send their mate in to deal with it because they don’t want to be yelled at again just for being an Alpha

-Beta teens going through emo phases because “in the grand scheme of things, we don’t matter as much as the other dynamics”

-Omega mothers establishing “family nights” because they miss having all their babies in one place, everybody participates and nobody complains because its very obvious how much the Omega loves it

-Overprotective Alpha parents being worried when their Omega teenager goes out with friends so they pace the living room and repeatedly check out the blinds until they get back, the whole time their mate just sits on the couch watching on in amusement

Ficlet for Genyatta week

Dec 5: First (meeting)


Laughing wildly, Genji tore across the rooftops, angry shouting and gunfire coming from the crowded streets below him. The tiling in front of him shattered under a spray of bullets and he leapt gracefully over the stone shrapnel as it bounced harmlessly off his armor. He checked behind him and found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. He whipped his wakizashi out of its sheath as his targeting system locked onto each of the bullets and he deflected them in several, sharp swipes. The force pushed him back and he slid down the roof, his shoulder giving a pulse of white pain as he exerted it. In a snap decision he leapt down to the street, landing lightly on the pavement between two of the many vendor stalls.

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Derek hasn’t slept for more than an hour or two at a time since Laura died. He’s running on anger alone, and he thinks that it’s probably enough. He shifts into his beta form when the weariness gets too bad to function—when he stumbles, when he sways, when he reaches for something and misses—and uses the wolf’s energy to supplement the weaker human’s. It’s not sustainable, probably, but what the hell does Derek care about that? Because the alternative…

The alternative is stopping, and taking a breath, and facing up to the fact that he’s alone, that his entire pack is dead, and everything that happened is his fault.

So, no.

No stopping. No thinking. No resting.

The first time it happens, Derek has gone to Stiles’s house to talk to him about Scott. Scott is a werewolf now, but he’s resisting everything that means including Derek—especially Derek—and Derek knows the only way to get him to see reason is to get Stiles on side. And Stiles seems smart, and practical, even if he is more than a little weird and twitchy.

So Derek goes to his house.

The sheriff’s cruiser is in the drive, so Derek climbs in Stiles’s bedroom window. Which, by the way, is becoming a habit he should probably break sooner rather than later. Stiles’s bedroom door is shut, but the room is empty.

Derek can hear him babbling away to the sheriff downstairs. The sheriff doesn’t sound like he’s contributing too much. Just the occasional affirming noise that encourages Stiles to keep going.

Derek huffs, and glares around Stiles’s bedroom.

He taps the trackpad on Stiles’s laptop, and the screen opens. It’s password protected. Derek types “I TALK TOO MUCH”, but that’s not the password, apparently. Then he types “LYDIA” and isn’t too surprised when it doesn’t work. Stiles might be obsessed with the girl, but everyone knows it, and who’d be stupid enough to pick such an obvious password as the girl he’s crushing on?

There’s a half empty can of Coke on Stiles’s desk. Derek drinks it.

He sits down on Stiles’s bed and stares at the posters on the wall.

The bed is comfortable. The mattress is firm, but not too hard. Derek can’t remember the last time he lay on a mattress, so he lies down and stretches out. Takes a deep breath and fills his lungs with the scent of Stiles—grotty teenage boy, and stale sweat with an undertone of Bengay, but also something clean and earthy like petrichor—and promptly passes out.

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