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By Chance

Summary: A/B/O!AU. Female!Reader is an Omega. Alphas and Omegas are rare, and Reader’s been able to avoid alphas through sheer force of will and luck in equal parts.

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Smut, NSFW, 18+, language

Word Count: ~9,190 (… oops?)

A/N: So I started writing this with the intent to post it when I hit 200 followers. Well that milestone came and went and I’m quickly approaching 300 so it’s high time I posted this. I love all of you and hope you enjoy this <3

I’ve been wanting to write an A/B/O fanfic for a while. So, here it finally is.

I may or may not have gotten… completely carried away writing this.


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Bucky’s POV

The first time he smelled her was when he was on a mission. Vanilla and Wildflower. The single-minded focus that had been drilled into him by the Hydra brainwashing and training was severed in an instant and his head whipped around to search for the source. He tore his mask off and dropped it onto the ground unceremoniously, sniffing the air frantically as he tried to pinpoint the scent. His blood sang in his veins.

The scents of the city made it hard to pinpoint her, but he wouldn’t give up. He left the spot he’d been staking out for hours, rifle forgotten on the ledge as he jumped off of the roof, dropping two stories onto the ground and rolled to diffuse the worst of the impact. His knees protested in agony anyway, but he ignored them along with the shocked cries of bystanders as he followed her scent.

He’d smelled other Omegas before. Most of them had been claimed, just a passing flicker of recognition in the back of his mind while he was out on mission. Rarely, he’d catch the scent of an unclaimed Omega, but even then it was only a brief, fleeting distraction, his Hydra programming overriding his biological programming.

Something about this Omega broke the control Hydra had over his mind, cutting through the fog with ease. He realized distantly that he’d started remembering things about himself; the feeling of chasing after an omega was familiar, linking him back to a life that had long been erased from his memory.

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There are over 7 billion brains transmitting and receiving information on this beautiful planet, imagine if we shared the same flow state of love what a different world this would be.

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race:  Noua existență - Noua Ex.  since this “new thing” Isn’t a human or monster the souls was with problems to fit in the body so they changed himselfs.

traits: none, pure magic no traits no form

magic: unstable magic. can throw bullets of mana- damage 1-2 with high  knockback   for orange blue magic but is just a color don’t have other effect, the magic is to unstable for have move effect, red bullets 3-6 damage  high knockback: a red attack—no more info aviable 

personality:  nice to nice.

ability: high physical performance, knitting and  normal cooking ability.

backstory:  wake up in the underground in sans room,he think sans is his brother… more info

personality and common info:nice guys, he think all can be stopped without fight…ready to defend who love ….. don’t like hurt the other….. he like endogeny … nice for hate someone 

random info:he like run at high speed 

Pillowfort BETA!

@pillowfort-io just welcomed another wave of beta-users, and I’m very psyched to be trying it out. 

At the moment the site understandably moves a bit slow (pages and submissions took a while to load yesterday), but the functionality is very promising! Every post has the ability to become rebloggable or commentable–or not. Posts can be made viewable to just your followers, and you can even apply the same treatment to stuff you reblog. My favorite feature though, is that all commentable posts have a nested-comment section that follows that post wherever it’s shared. These simple concepts add some welcomed granularity and nuance to the blogging experience, while giving you all those Tumblr and LJ vibes. Ideally, Pillowfort looks like its attempting to create a happy marriage between share-ability and privacy. 

I’ll be doing some world building and character development for my newest stories (⚾! 🌹✨!) on the new platform, here on @ngoziu! So sign up for Pillowfort! Best of luck to the developers!

24 is your age and you wouldn’t be able to tell by the smooth blush of your cheek, the constellation-kissed skin of your nose. you could be fifteen by the shrug of your blazer around your narrow shoulders, but you’re 24 and you’re too old to be playing the spy.

18 is the number of steps to the basement. 18 is the one-two one-two click of kitten heels on dirty cement and side-step around a white collared, glossy-badged senior agent who doesn’t even see you because you’re 18 steps closer to below ground, 18 steps closer to the invisibility he wears like a cloak, 18 steps closer. 

7 seconds is how long he shakes your hand, swings it back and forth like a play-ground swing. he feeds you lines from your thesis, knew your mind before he knew your face. the projector paints you in the supernatural. you blink against the light when he smiles. 

3 is the number of syllables he drawls into “plausible” like he’s reversing the definition. he’s a half-finished magic trick, and you watch him to try and catch him stutter in his sleight of hand. 

30000 feet is how high you are above the ground and you were always endlessly earthbound, sea-legs, rock of the tide. he closes his eyes, stretches across the seat across the aisle like he owns it, like it’s his own leather couch (and you don’t know if he has a leather couch, but you think he should) and you think you like that, the way he touches things like they’re already familiar. 

295 miles is the length of oregon east to west, sunrise to sunset. he drives with one hand on the wheel and asks you about eschatology. you’re not squeamish about these things, but your stomach does a half-turn low in your abdomen every quarter of a mile. you laugh and the window sends it back to you packaged like an echo. 

1 is the number of possible alien bodies you discover in a cracked casket. it is a marked increase from the number you expected. you push your glasses up higher on your nose and tell him so with the slant of your gaze. 

11 pm is the time it is when you turn him away from your door, bouncing on his heels like a beta wave that’s breaking away from its core. you rub the curtains through your hands, paperback pages between your thumb and forefinger, and lose sight of him across the dark, wet horizon. 

5 is the number on his motel door when you knock out a nervous rhythm against the wood. three, you think, was the number of spots clustered low on the base of your spine and years from now you’ll think - you’ll think something must have changed, a realignment of poles, when he pressed candle-warmed fingers to the skin just above the dip of your hips: the place on your skin you’d deemed its own x-file. and it’s fitting, it’s somehow un-ironic, that this inexplicable spot is the first place he touches you.

200 is the thread count of the motel sheets. they are seedy love-affair sheets, dime-store romance cotton made to be used, abused, tangled and gripped in fists. they are secret-telling sheets, and he lowers his voice against the side of the bed. you rest your cheek on your hand while the moon plays the mathematician against the curve of his jaw, calculating angles on the lines of his cheeks. he tells you stories without endings until the phone rings. 

113 is the number of raindrops that fall per square foot per second during a thunderstorm. but the number feels exponential, raised to a higher degree in the early morning of an oregon graveyard. your logic presses against his hypothetical like trees blown together against wind. twin smiles crack across your faces like lightning. you laugh in tandem and, even for a scientist, the decibels are incalculable. 

12 is the number of impossible tasks hercules overcame to obtain salvation. your mind dwells on myth but functions in rationale; he speaks in legends and twists tales with his tongue. you put down the phone and pick up your weapons. this is the numerology of beginnings. this is step one.

—  nine is the number of minutes you lose when you look at him (episode 1) // j.a.s

“Atheistic Science to Witchcraft’s, Magick”

Atheism is the lack of belief in hailing unproven supernatural entities and the disregard of higher beings created by organized religious groups. With a better understanding shown through examination, studies, and tests we all call, Science! Whether it be physical, psychological, or sociological. The biggest summarization for atheism is: FACTS! Without fact, it is only questionable and unsupported!

Atheists do not assume every question in life has been answered, but can be, through growing progression of science, which has in fact, advanced society in every possible way for the better and has helped unify civilization for the past couple hundred years.

If one presently walked on the oceans and changed my Dasani into wine, that’s proof. Someone saying it happened thousands of years ago with nothing to support or back it up, doesn’t make it fact. Fact is important to realistic ideals of Atheists.

Witchcraft broadly means the practice of, and belief, in the skills of magick. Not to be confused with the Illusionary art and enjoyable entertainment, provided by Chris Angel and other magicians. These practises have existed since the beginning of humanity’s advantages taken for uses of medicine, for centuries. This is the use of rituals, symbolism, gestures, and language believed to manipulate universal or natural forces. Most consider this to be used for a sense of personal and spiritual growth. Witchcraft is a complex and general concept that varies culturally and societally. A major function of this practice is the acknowledgment and general understanding of nature, and compounds of it that are used.

Both, atheism and Witchcraft, have something in common: Science.

While many forms of Witchcraft have been practiced in the name of many spirits among cultures, I will not be going over this. Through the empathy of people who rely strictly on facts, I will be breaking down general aspects scientifically.

Herbology: Medicinal practices are very commonly known in the practices of Witchcraft. Herbs can be studied and are implemented for healing sickneses, symptoms, and injuries. This practice was normal in societies and most witches were also considered healers, commonly called, Wise Ones. These practices have evolved immensely over centuries, that it has developed into our medical advancements we have today.

Now for the fun stuff, Ritualistic Items: Science explains everything has a vibration and frequency because everything is made up of atoms. Atoms are electrons that orbit the nucleus of protons and neutrons, with mostly space in between. Even the most solid and dense objects are vibrating at different frequencies, because those super tiny atoms are moving very fast and close together constantly. By everything, that’s including everything living as well.

With this knowledge, items like crystals, an important aspect and influence of Witchcraft and pagan practices, have individual geometric formation because of their structure of atoms. Like everything else in the world, they also emit certain frequencies. These crystals hold their own indivual properties that most witches will constantly push you to use for rituals and “spells”.

Practitioners keep certain crystals with or on them because their frequencies can effect them constantly. The same goes with certain metals, burning incense, and other objects that have been considered “protection”. Some witches identify bad ‘spirits’ as general negativity. These protective items have higher frequencies that influence positivity on the body and mind . The higher the frequency, the more positive effects it has on the human body. This can be considered cleansing of negative mojo and spirits. Vice versa for hexes and curses, which consist of putting items with low frequencies on or around the intended.

Spells: We use energy to bring about change. Most spells over courses of time always enforce concentration and visualization in its practice. The amount of concentration is influential among yourself and everything around you, and goes back to our brain waves.

Science has shown we have five different kinds of brain waves:

Gamma: These waves are associated with cognitive functions, memory, and learning. Mentally challenged indivuals are shown to have lower gamma activity.

Beta: These brain waves are emitted while actively solving problems. Such as solving mathematic and scientific equations, or constructive thinking, and physical tasks.

Alpha: These brain waves are emitted when we are relaxed and calm. Alcohol and Marijuana influence Alpha wave activity.

Delta: These brainwaves are active when we are in deep sleep and dreaming. They help regulate bodily functions while sleeping for restoration as well.

Theta: These emit through relaxation and deep visualizations and intentions and are highly influential with interaction. Motivational speaking with emotional focus and intent can inspire others because these waves that are emitted effect others’.

Deep visualization and intentions are so important to casting a spell, because if you are not doing these, you’re not emitting the proper influential Theta waves that are detrimental to performing these, “spells”.

Ritualistic casting with incantations and tools support an individual to being more focused and inspired, to increase the chances of the emission of Theta waves. Scientific study also leans towards the idea that paranormal and spiritual activity is measured by electromagnetic frequencies. Who’s to say previous necromancer haven’t reached the dead by the change of energy around them?

Book of Shadows: The scientific method is used to find proof and explain the undiscovered. Through series of hypothesis, tests, and analysis are we able to come closer to any conclusion or explaination.

Most witches have a grimoire, or Book of Shadows, that is used for personal use in practices to record notes, spells, songs, or other practicing knowledge.

Witches will set a goal to effect themselves or others and find materials and knowledge that fit the circumstance(ask a question, do background research). They use these books to document desires from their practice(Hypothesize), preform rituals and spells(test), and write their results and add any changes necessary for succession(conclusion).

From my discovery, Science has everything to do with practice of casting in Witchcraft. Over time, practices that led to discovery were often considered magic, before implemented in society.

Ex. Herbology, medince, alchemy, chemistry, etc.

Even new age philosophies acknowledge the effects of intention and magick through example and personal enlightenment. Luciferianism and Satanism are Atheistic philosophies, but some followers practice the influences of the mind and sending curses and hexes, through bad intention to those deserved. Some present day Pagan and Witchcraft practitioners don’t designate themselves to any specific deities, but the example of nature. Goddesses were nurturing, fertile, and offered life, much like nature or women, historically revered, themselves.

When it comes to idolizing specific and well known spirits (gods and goddesses), it has yet to be proven among society as a whole. Who is to say these aren’t also examples of humanity in nature used in practice? Or simply something we have yet to discover personally?

If curiosity seems compelling, grab a crystal, light a candle, and send a spell or hex one’s way.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to send them to me. This is a page of open mindedness and curiosity among the explained and unexplained. That sense of respect is included to its’ followers as well.

Stay wicked.

- Bohemian Witchery
Hot Spell - firefright - DCU [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: DCU, Batman - All Media Types
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Tim Drake/Jason Todd
Characters: Tim Drake, Jason Todd
Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Hot Weather, Intersex Omegas, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot

Summary: It’s the height of summer, and Jason’s heat couldn’t have come at a worse time than when the city is caught up in the middle of a heat wave. But at least he has Tim to help him through it, who no matter the circumstances, always knows how to give Jason exactly what he needs.

Jason shivers when he hears the bathroom door open, a quiet knock preceding the sound of the hinges swinging inwards. A moment later, Tim’s voice follows, equally soft and quiet.

“Hey, is it okay if I come in?”

He’s tempted not to answer, sinking down into the cool water of the bath as if it can swallow him whole, but then he catches a glimpse of Tim’s face out of the corner of his eye — equal parts concern and desire — as well as a whiff of his scent, caustically alpha, and… well, there’s no saying no after that.

“Yeah,” Jason mutters, surrendering to the inevitable. “Yeah, come in, Tim.”

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Recently, I’ve written about brain wave activity and how it affects your life; here is a closer look at the wave that increases performance and critical thinking, and my favorite, Beta Wave.
Thank you Bart Wayshower for detailed explanation.

“What Are Beta Brain Waves?
Beta Brain Waves are considered to be among the fastest brainwave frequencies and are documented as brain waves within the frequency range of 12 Hz – 38 Hz (or 12 to 38 cycles per second). They are typically produced by the left hemisphere of your brain, but can be synchronized. Each time you solve a tough math problem, logic puzzle, or read a book, your Beta Brain Waves kick in.

People who think logically tend to have a lot of Beta Brainwave activity. Adults tend to have more Beta Brainwaves than children and teens – and Beta Brain Waves have been known to increase as you get older. In the majority of healthy adults, Beta Waves seem to be the dominant rhythm. Beta Waves have also been associated with an increased ability to focus on our external reality. When we experience too many Beta Brain Waves, there can be problems like stress and anxiety. However, when produced in normal amounts, there are definitely many benefits to be had from experiencing Beta Brain Waves.
Benefits Of Beta Brain Waves
If you are able to access your Beta Brainwave state, you will know and understand exactly what it feels like. When you are in a Beta State, you are far from relaxed. You may have a lot of energy in the form of nervousness, excitement, or anxiety. When you are in a Beta Brainwaves state, you are able to think rapidly and quickly come up with logical solutions to problems. The Beta Waves state is ideal for solving math problems, conducting research, reading books, and writing articles. Each time a student takes a test, they experience a large surge in their Beta Brainwave activity.

Another side-effect from having lots of Beta Wave activity is being more socially outgoing. Talk-show hosts, lawyers, radio announcers, and people involved in debates tend to experience significant increases in their Beta Brainwave activity each time they begin talking. Beta Waves increase your ability to hold an interesting and stimulating conversation with others. You also have feelings of excitement and energy while talking to someone else.

Due to the fact that excitement and nervous energy accompany the Beta Range, many people experience leaps in their motivation to take action. If you’ve ever read about someone being able to perform an amazing feat out of fear (i.e. out of adrenaline), then you understand that these Beta Waves can be highly motivating and action-oriented. If you’ve ever run away from someone because you were scared – your Beta Brain Waves kicked in at their highest levels.

It is natural that people become more goal oriented when their Beta Waves dominate their mental activity. Though they may be using this fear or excitement type energy, it does produce results. You can get a heck of a lot better performance out of someone who is performing as if their life depended on it – versus someone who is calm and not very concerned with how they end up performing. It is because of this increase in energy from the Beta State that sometimes peak performance is associated with the higher-range Beta frequencies.

If you want higher levels of focus, to think quickly and efficiently, and be able to have more energy – then Beta Brain Waves are the exact frequency range you are looking for. In healthy amounts, Beta Brain Waves can greatly improve your writing and literary ability and can even increase your I.Q”

Delay: August 25th, 2017

In the past week, we’ve welcomed our site moderators and some of our biggest supporters onto the site for an early alpha. This has provided a wealth of feedback that has helped us refine a lot of smaller issues that weren’t so apparent on the back-end. However, the biggest piece of feedback that we’ve received is that the site’s not ready for beta yet.

Two of our key features, post sharing and Chips, are not beta-ready. Posts still need some major cosmetic work, but the ability to share them is fundamental to any good social network. Chips are not tested thoroughly enough yet for the team to be comfortable with releasing that feature to a wide beta audience.

While no one expects a beta to be perfect, it would be grossly irresponsible of us to push a broken, unfinished website out just to meet a deadline. I humbly apologize for this delay, and will get back to you shortly once we have a more solid date for the beta. Suffice to say that this pushes the second beta wave back as well, but we’re still shooting for an official launch in December!

On a brighter note, we’ve had an unexpected advancement in LaTex support: one of the services that we’re already using is going to be pushing an update with LaTex support in it that could greatly advance our ability to incorporate it into the site. We’d been planning for that to be a later, partial implementation but now there’s promising development on the horizon that could speed that up!

That’s all for now. Thank you!

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.... Out of the three radioactive waves, Alpha, Beta and Gamma, Gamma has the most penetrating power....

Pffft, Anon, you made my day very very much XD

Honestly though, that it was completely unintentional,but we’re both cackling XD

And we’re live!!

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Hooray! The invite emails are going out as we speak, so if you contributed to our Indiegogo campaign, you should be getting an email with your invite tokens any minute. Thank you all so, so much for supporting us on this long journey, and we hope you’ll stick around as we continue to work on the site to make it even better. (If you didn’t get an invite email, check your spam box first– if you definitely didn’t get an email, then contact us at

If you weren’t able to donate to the campaign but are still interested in trying out the site, we will be opening sign-ups for the next (free) waves of beta testing very soon, so stay tuned!

REM Rebound

Alpha Waves |

Why do we fall in love so easily?
Making me turn in directions dizzily?
Why does it make my heart ache terribly?
Making me feel emotional miserably?
Is this love?—an emotion so deep?
That I toss and turn in my sleep?
Jealousy, Agony, Sadness?
This is surely madness!

Theta Waves |

The wilted rose aligns the crook’s nose, dripping with fear’s fashion, pricked with the devil’s passion. 

Glazed eyes watch empty days rip lace in a lonely space, all an empty maze.
Rotten tarts in scattered parts trade for pointed darts aimed at broken hearts. 

Observe the snapping stems, the breaking branches, and the corrupting crowns.
Clipped, snapped combs litter with the exploding, black bombs and explosion of guns, all from the shrewd, cunning tongues.
Thunder booms in the afternoon gloom, full red moons diving into bloodied rooms.
The rain of the ashes slide over the tears of lashes, cascading over contagious rashes and piles of burnt camera flashes.

The lion roars for every waging war. Powerful lungs collapse for a riddled sore.
Swollen cracked lips for poisoned, dried tips. Wounded heart pains match tainted blood stains.
Frayed famine follows bodies of blotted blood bawling in dirty mud. The grimy bottle soothes the thirsty mood, cracked over hollowed wood. Splinters and spokes, crowbars and chokeholds.
Stolen money wastes on rottened honey.
Whining and wailing saturates over seeping shades. Business blames and blurs, tilted transactions for wicked wages and pernicious profits.
The crow picks apart the lion’s parts.

The sting of whipping belts leaves hissing scars and cracked welts. Caked lips whisper meaningless truths and drinks in pitiful lies.
The tiresome battle strikes with the snake’s hungry rattle. The gorgon’s painted claws open with sharp, wide jaws, posed over mangly flesh.
He swoops and he swims. He is in the air and the sea. He is in your veins.

Delta Waves |

The facade of the silliness he was forced to put up.
Let the other children laugh at him as they pleased—

—they did not know of his once-mother, head streaming with beautiful, red locks, delicate chin always tilted up at that elegant angle. Always gracefully twirling in his memory, humming melodious songs in the kitchen, the sunlight catching her hair on fire as if she were the Phoenix herself. Quick, dainty kisses she would give to his cheeks as he trudged off through the thick and waded streets to school, his arms always full with the sweet, melting batter and tray of warm cookies cooked in the hearth. 

Cold and dead she was now, limp on the back streets, thin body holed with diseases and clogged with infections from bites, back lined with scars of seven-inch blades. Dry hair turned crisp and ratty, bleached in the dark corners, skin wrinkled and decayed.
The last memory of his mother. 

—his terminally ill sister, locked up in the cold attic, never waking, never ceasing. The faded memory of the young and the free, the wild and the untamed. Flowing, strawberry strands, always still, over her sharp shoulders, never moving. Limp hands and laden body; porcelain skin and red ruby lips. 

Stagnant condition, full of the world’s innocent; untouched vices barricaded within wooden doors. Stale musk permeating the air, tranquility oozing through the pores, wooden floors peeling away; bark stripped systematically. Calmly haunted, quietly deserted and silently tormented; wisps of haunting fouling the air.
The first memory of his sister.

—his scars decorating his broken back from the whiskey bottles his father loved to carve onto his skin, a trace a shard. Unquelled rage and mocking despair littering his conscience, begging and pulling and leaning and jerking towards insanity. 

Screaming obscenities sundered as the daily prose, sickened syllables hailing down as crushing cacophonies. Famine tormenting his stomach, sores lining his body, teeth grinning with greens and yellows; his body a vessel for the sacrifice of unsalvaged sins, a tool for the untempered times, a shattered soul for the stupor of dissatisfaction.
The living memory of his father. 

Let them mock him if they felt better—because if he could not draw upon the inner happiness filled with storms of chaos, then he would at least settle for their momentary joy with fleeting fervors.
Let them think of the pout as a spoiled boy who drank his candies with sugared pastries—they did not know of the spoiled garbages hungrily stuffed down his tattered throat.
Let them think of the embellished lining as a treacherous testament to his triteness—they did not know of the night slept away in the sewers, in hopes that living down in the darkness would mean a solace of heaven on earth.

The dreams were nothing but absurdity and maddening terror as reflecting the conditions of all crazed calculations. With the frown on his lips reflected by his inner melancholy, he decided it was better to allow the tainted toxicities, spoiled of years of unanswered dreams and hopes, to consume him whole. 

He would let them think of it all as a joke, his happiness pathetically weaved from polluted patience, waiting, waiting, waiting—wilting. His swallowed his cowardice and spat out his compliance. 

Two abrupt deaths had slain his first family, and claimed his luciferian laugh—not of elation or respite, but the nourishment of the culmination of the threaded thoughts. 

Dreams within nightmares.
Realities within fantasies.
Hallucinations for the helpless.
That was how he awoke. 

Beta Waves |

An aroma of sweet sensations permeated the room glowing with the morning sun-rays. Among the dulled devices of dreary documents and cotton clothing, nostrils inhaled the sugary fragrant, cherubic cheeks caging a salivating tongue. 

Rolling up the hem of soft pajamas, his conscience carried him to the kitchen. 

Warm dough and melting butter spread over shiny sheets, welcoming hands pluck the leaves off strawberries. Red hair sashays through the kitchen, murmuring tunes in rhythm of relaxation. 

Red lipstick smacks her mouth, emerging from the attic, skirts swishing around the stairs. Two voices smooth away the dysfunction and despair of driving darkness. Rich, ground grind of coffee swirls through the room, mugs foaming with cream at the tops. 

The suit and tie pours cups of juice for pajama boy and layered girl, brother and sister perching on wooden stools for the breakfast. Mother and father kiss each other’s cheeks, trading smiles and laughter.

Changed in lavished clothing, he walks to school, a bag of cookies ziplocked in his lunch-pail. He avoids the sewers, the sides where his sister skips. He smiles, full and unfamished. He swerves down the road, catching other’s youthful eyes. 

He laughs with the others, awake and alive. 

— Ea Skyrah

My submission to the September 2017 prompt (#9 - Give a sad story a happy ending instead). I’ve always struggled with writing on the opposite, more *euphoric* end of the spectrum, so this piece served to challenge that while studying for my psych exam (sleep deprivation, disorders, and dreams). I’m somewhat sad that I lost the original formatting when copying and pasting, but this will have to do. There’s a first time for everything. @inkstay


 Requested by gwynenshire

The 13th pokémovie is titled Zoroark: Master of Illusions, and in it we see one very powerful Zoroark (and her child) project her illusions and transform into even the legendary beasts:

Zorua, as we know has this same ability, but seemingly less powerful. The dex says that Zorua can change its appearance, but Zoroark can even change its surroundings: just look at the suicune gif.

But here’s the catch: they don’t actually transform themselves like ditto or rotom do. Both Zorua and Zoroark’s powers lie in illusions. In other words, they don’t actually change at all. You only see them that way.

Zorua and Zoroark’s power lie in manipulative hallucination. A Hallucination is defined as “a perception in the abscence of external stimulus that has qualities of real perception.” So, seeing things that aren’t there, hearing voices that aren’t making sounds, or seeing a Suicune when it’s actually a Zoroark. Neurobiologically, this happens from abnormal activity in the sensory area of your brain, such as the parts associated with sight or touch. Or, hallucinations can be caused by miscommunications in the pathways of your brains. Usually, its a combination of both.

Something that creates a hallucination is called a hallucinogen, and while there are many types of them, the most common tamper with serotonin levels in the brain. But, the hallucinations that result from that are wildly unpredictable and often associated with only one sense, where Zorua/ark can manipulate exactly what you see, hear, and feel.

In this way, Zorua’s illusions are more like dreams. In fact, there are a lot of neurological similarities between dreams and hallucinations, which is why hallucinations can often occur when you’re sleep deprived. The difference between the two, obviously, is that dreams occur solely when you sleep.

The entire sleep cycle takes about 90 minutes, and goes through several steps:

So now we have to talk about brain waves. Brain waves are electrical pulses from neurons that communicate with each other. Just like any wave or electrical signal, they have a frequency that can be measured in Hertz, and is actually how we categorize them.

Delta Waves (.5 to 3 Hz) are only present in dreamless sleep. They suspend external awareness and promote the healing process.

Theta Waves (3 to 8 Hz) are present in sleep and deep meditation. External senses are withdrawn and only internal signals are considered, resulting in vivid imagery and fleeting intuition. These are associated with dreaming.

Alpha Waves (8 to 12 Hz) are your primary thought waves when you are awake. Associated with coordination, calmness, focus, and learning.

Beta Waves (12 to 38 Hz) correspond to fast brain activity: strong concentration, problem solving, information processing, anxiety or excitement.

So, rather than a traditional hallucination, what if Zorua/ark manipulated you into a more dream-like state? Imagine, you’re walking down the street and you encounter a Zorua. You brain is transmitting alpha and beta waves as normal, you were thinking normal walking-down-the-street thoughts, but now you have frightened this poor Zorua. In this panic, Zorua slows down your brain waves, changing some of the alpha and beta into theta waves. Now, suddenly, you see the Zorua transform into a little girl, because that’s exactly what she wants you to see.

Zoroark is more powerful, and can manipulate the brains of multiple people at a time. Furthermore, if Zorua can only slow down some of your brain, Zoroark can control even more of them, allowing her to change how you percieve your surroundings rather than just her. It also explains why Zorua specifically transforms into a silent child. Zorua can manipulate sight but not sound.

Zorua and Zoroark slow down the communications in your brain, changing alpha and beta brain waves into sleep-like theta or delta brain waves. This causes you to “dream” even while awake, perceiving, seeing, hearing, and feeling the foxes as the illusions they want to project.

Whether this is a chemical or an electrical stimulus is a completely separate question we’ll have to go into another day.

2nd Beta Wave update!!

Hey everyone! We’re sorry it’s been so long, but as we’ve made some progress on the bugs we’ve been patching, we’re confident that we will be able to accept new users sometime around August 30th - Sept 2nd! Thanks for your patience while we’ve been preparing for this; in order to be safe and make sure that we don’t overwhelm our servers, we will only accept the first 1,500 people who signed up to the mailing list (of which we already have twice that amount), so if you signed up but don’t get an invite for the next wave, it means you were not in the first 1500. Ideally, if all goes well with the first 1500 then we can accept the rest of the beta sign-ups very soon after!

Oh gosh, what even is my life. I’m dealing with my insomnia by google searching quantitative electroencephalogram attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder meta analysis and quantitative electroencephalogram autism spectrum disorder meta analysis because apparently I have to know these this things for the fun of it.

Incidentally, today I learned that in ADHD there are high theta waves and low beta waves.


Espy Me, While I Watch You [Ao3]
frostedgoddess | 30k

Derek Hale is a lot of things; Alpha, leader, survivor, and hopeless closet fanboy to the devastatingly cute YouTube sensation, Spark Stiles Stilinski.
Then, Derek’s betas come up with an amazing plan to get Derek an emissary. Any Alpha’s dream come true.
And it will be, if Derek can juggle his responsibilities as an Alpha, judgement, guilt, and roughly a metric fuckton of self-loathing and doubt about whether he’s good enough for a beautiful thing like Stiles.