beta v. alpha


Jungkook set the two bowls of jjajangmyeon down on the placemats in front of them.
“For taking care of me. You and Jin hyung.”
“It was nothing really.” Taehyung slurped a noodle into his mouth “That’s what friends do.”
“Are we friends? I mean I barely know you if you think about. We only met a handful of times and one of those time I attacked you. Which I’m really sorry about.” He said placing a hand on Taehyung’s arm.
“I forgive you. It can be a lot the first couple of days. Now stop being so sappy and eat.”
Taehyung slurped the noodles heartily while Jungkook sort of just watched him. He still didn’t have much of an appetite and now he had this sharp pain in his abdomen so he just pushed the noodles around.
“Hyung, you’re making a mess!” Jungkook scolded.
Taehyung licked around his lips, still missing a glob off to the side. “Better?”
“You missed a spot.” Jungkook grabbed a napkin off the table.
And as Jungkook was wiping the spot for him, he swore time slowed down. Their eyes locked and all he could smell was cinnamon, the pain in his stomach subsiding.
“Jungkook…” Taehyung’s voice barely above a whisper.

He didn’t answer. He just closed his eyes

And kissed him.


MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armour

Upon request i have updated this post to use the correct colours and include better pictures instead of idle Spartans. Also included the Decimator armour, which this is heavly based off the Mark V [b], but it is in fact the Mark VII Prototype! Going from top left to bottom right we have…

  • Mark IV [Gen1]
  • Mark V [Alpha]
  • Mark V [Beta] - Noble Variant
  • Mark VI [Gen1]
  • Mark VI
  • Mark VII [Prototype] - Decimator

Jimin emerged from the shower with wet hair and sweatpants to see Jin plating the food. His mouth watered at the dak galbi. He sat across from Taehyung who gave him a swift kick in the leg.
“Yah, Taehyungie I can give your food to Jimin.” Jin said tucking a napkin into his shirt. “So how was class today?”
“It sucked as per usual. I don’t know why I need to take Calculus in order to become a singer. What am I going to do with that information? Sing about equations?” Taehyung mumbled as he shoveled food into his mouth.

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For someone known for their uplifting posts about ALL men, it was a little surprising to see that you put down "betas". If a man considers himself a feminist, why does that automatically make them second-rate (to put it simply) men? I do consider myself a feminist, albeit not a man-hating one, and that includes not judging men for their insecurities that may give them "beta" traits. The alpha v beta system is super outdated and harmful to men anyhow as it pressures men to be a certain way.

I can understand your point but that isnt my intention.

That post was only directed at the first world feminist men who directly hate on men i.e hate themselves and belittle their own gender for the sake of feminazi approval. Its pathetic, gross, and not at all appealing to me, hence why I said what I said. That post was not directed to men who just align with some core feminist ideals, well even I do that. It’s about those “uhh excuse me ladiee only feminists can get this dick” kind of guys. lol

But yeah, the beta thing is directed at men who follow the feminazis like sad dogs hating themselves. Like I said, its pathetic.


The needle was already through Jimin’s lower lip when Jin stumbled through the doorway. “Park Jimin!”
Behind him stood an embarrassed Taehyung, trying to calm his red-faced older brother. “Hyung, please calm down.  You’re going to get us kicked out!”
“Hyung, stop you’re embarrassing me!” Jimin whined, needle still in his lip, scrapping against his teeth.
Jin was being his usual mama bear self, worrying about Jimin and Taehyung. He had taken Jimin in when he was 16 and worked hard to be able to provide for the three of them but had to be reminded sometimes that Jimin is capable of making decisions himself (However stupid they may seem.)
“Yah! What’s all the noise in here? I’m going to have to ask you guys to leave.” Came a booming voice from behind Jin.
Namjoon had his arms crossed, eyeing down the ragtag group crammed in the small space. Jin was ready to give him a piece of his mind when he interrupted him.
“Don’t I know you?”
“I seriously doubt it. “Jin huffed. “As if I would step in this type of establishment willingly.”
Namjoon lifted his yellow tinted glasses, peering at Jin’s face. “Kim Seokjin? Tanooki Mario tattoo?”


Jimin was trying (and failing) to work on his essay when Taehyung busted in the room.
“Jimin, JiminJiminJimin, oh my god!” Taehyung slung his bag in the corner and hopped on to Jimin’s bed, shaking his shoulders.
“What Tae?! What?!” Jimin was now irritated and sore.
“I kissed him.” Taehyung’s eyes widened like he just came to a realization. “I mean he kissed me.”
“Who?” Jimin shut his laptop, he knew he was definitely not getting any work done now.
“Oh. My. God.”
Taehyung shoved his face into a pillow half screaming, half babbling.
“But did you like it?”
Taehyung’s tan skin darkened and he scrunched up his nose, embarrassed. “I did. Like a lot.”
Now Jimin was the one screaming and shaking Taehyung. He made him give him the play by play in gross cheesy detail because Jimin was a sappy Omega who believed that romance should be just like in the dramas.
“Are you guys dating now?”
“I-I don’t know. We just ate in silence afterwards and then when I was leaving. I bowed. I fucking bowed Jiminnie, and thanked him for the kiss!” Taehyung squeezed a pillow to his chest.

Why was he such a nerd?


“Hyung I can feel you staring.”Jungkook murmured, eyes still close.

“I just wanna make sure you’re okay.”

The sunset was almost done setting and the warm colors were streaming through the window, hitting Jungkook’s face at all the right angles.

“You look perfect like this.” Taehyung whispered.

He leaned over him, trapping Jungkook between his arms. He softly pressed their lips together, a pleased sigh leaving them. Jungkook’s lips were chapped but he didn’t mind.

“Mm Tae, don’t get me started. My body can’t take it.”

“Sorry Kookie.” He kissed the back of his hand before rubbing it gently.

“I can’t believe you’re still here. I mean with me, through all of this. It’s a lot for a new relationship.”

“I can handle it.” Taehyung bit his lip. “Besides I really care about you.”

A knock came from the door. “Mr. Kim, I’m sorry to have to tell you visiting hours are over. The good news is we should have your results some time tomorrow so you’re welcome to come back then.”

Taehyung gave him one last kiss on the cheek. “I’ll be back as soon as possible alright?”


Jimin finished washing the last of the paint off of him before he stepped out of the shower. He might have freaked out Taehyung who had only just woken up, claiming “I thought you were on fire.” With his towel, he rubbed the condensation off of the mirror. He casted a long, hard stare at his reflection. Then panic set in.


Taehyung came running in, wielding a piece of toast. “What? What’s wrong Chim?”

“Help me look nice for my date.”

Taehyung laughed, shoving the piece of burnt bread in his mouth. “You’re such a cry baby. C’mere.”

He patted his head, smiling at the pout adorning his face. Then he sat him down on the little stool they kept in their bathroom and took the blow dryer out of the cabinet. jimin couldn’t decide if he wanted to be ‘peeled’ or ‘unpeeled’ as Taehyung put it. Then he spotted a pimple and decided immediately bangs down.

“Do my eyeliner like last time.” Jimin demanded.

“When did you get so damn bossy?” Taehyung huffed. Then he smirked. “No kinky shit on the first date but if you must, establish a safe word!”

“Tae!” Jimin glared at him threateningly but he looked like a ball of fluff in his sweater and scarf.


Jimin loved the way the air whipped through his orange hair and the sun warmed his face. If he had to pick one word to describe this exact moment it would be “Perfect”. He and Taehyung were longboarding to some tattoo shop upon recommendation from a classmate at Uni. Taehyung wanted to reward himself with a new piercing after passing midterms.
“How much farther?” Jimin yelled over the wind roaring in their ears.
Taehyung stopped suddenly and looked over his shoulder, shooting Jimin a huge boxy grin. “We’re here.”
Jimin looked up at the huge painted sign.  Suga’s Body Studio

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"Please protect me while I'm in heat. I'm not ready to be claimed, Baz." -snowysimon

A/B/O starters

“No one’s going to claim you, not if you don’t want them to,” Baz replied, even though he knew that wasn’t quite true. He knew that most alpha’s couldn’t control themselves around omega’s. As a beta, he didn’t have to worry about that. “Stay at my place until your heat is over. You’ll be safer here with me.” And if any alpha tried to come in, then he would stop them. Baz was a lot stronger than he looked. 

Yes, everyone who is saying the pre-scratch trolls are actually the beta trolls? I hand you the proof. I always saw it in the sense of when you are testing a game you have Alpha testing first THEN beta testing? And I know that doesn’t make sense what with the beta human kids scratching and then the Alpha kids coming into the picture, but if you THINK ABOUT IT IN THAT THE ALPHA KIDS ARE THE ANCESTORS TO THE BETAS IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE.

Doesn’t it?

What Burns Inside You { closed }

Grantaire had thought about telling someone, just one of his friends that none of them would be seeing or from him for a few days – it wasn’t like it hadn’t happened before, but like this time, he hadn’t said anything and later blamed it on alcohol. He supposed he could do that again this time, it wouldn’t be so bad, well, he’d get looks and they’d be horrible to deal with but part of him thought that that would be a lot better than the truth.

     He wasn’t ashamed – okay, maybe a little. Despite what Les Amis seemed to think about equality he was still ashamed about it, he kind of hoped that one day they’d all just figure it out without him having to be anywhere near them. Maybe the disappearances would help with that. Maybe not, though, if he blamed it on alcohol, because they’d probably believe the drinking excuse without batting an eyelid over it. Once he had thought that Bahorel had known but nothing had been said between  them about it, so he’d assumed shortly after that he was just imagining things.

     So no one knew, that he was at the bottom of the heap (an Omega, he was an Omega and he really wished he had been born a Beta because life would have been a million times more easy if he had. But life wasn’t exactly easy, sadly), and he wasn’t going to be telling any of them willing any time soon. Or at all, if he could help it (probably couldn’t).

     Not that he was actually thinking about that, he had thought about it the night before his heat, because he had felt bad in case his friends actually worried about him. But not now, now his skin was on fire, his brain had turned to mush, really, and there was a need between his legs that he just couldn’t fill – so he wasn’t exactly thinking about anything. Especially his friends.