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Man I LOVE the new villains of season 3

You got Lotion 

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Aux Cord 

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E-Z Bake Oven 

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and Narcolepsy with her cat Coco Puffs 

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My cosplay squad and I were at Connecticon as the beta kids! If anyone has any pictures of us, I’d appreciate it if you could send them my way!

John: @icouldbereadingnow​
Rose: @the-ever-present-julie​
Dave: @innocuoussketches​
Jade: Doesn’t have a blog

Reblog this if you are willing or enjoy doing beta reading for fic authors :)

for those who are unfamiliar with the term Beta it’s just basically reading it and telling the author if you thought anything needed more work or what you thought before they publish it.

anonymous asked:

Hello! A group of friends and I wanted to role-play a pack of betas, but we're not sure how that would really work...? I'd be glad if you could maybe give my squad a bit of info on them. Thank you!! :)

Nooooooo problemo! I hope you and your friends have fun! I’ll do a mix of head canons and little rp starters/ideas

  • A squad of betas are literally squad goals. No raging testosterone, no mood swings, no heats, no ruts
  • Did someone say omega protection squad? Because that’s exactly what betas are
  • When betas all get together, they tend to become a lot more immature and childish
  • A pack of betas wouldn’t have many squabbles, the most likely thing they would fight about would be omegas and alphas, because just like in normal friendship groups, two people can end up falling for the same person
  • If they did ever fight, it wouldn’t be a violent fist fight like alphas or a long-term cold shoulder like omegas. There would maybe just be yelling, maybe some squaring up to each other, but it’s rare for betas to get into physical fights
  • Weekend haunts for more social betas can be clubs and parties, where they can not only let loose but also make any omegas around feel more comfortable. More introverted beta groups tend to stay at someone’s house and tell ghost stories
  • Did I mention that betas love ghost stories?
  • Also, even though they don’t need to build them on an instinctual level, some betas build nests? Just imagine your beta pack chilling in a mega nest on the sofa, maybe cuddling, maybe not
  • Platonic cuddling is most definitely a thing that betas do
  • Imagine a bunch of betas during the first snow of winter, running around like children, stuffing snow down each others backs
  • Or, if you live in a really hot country, imagine your betas gathering in someone’s garden under a tree, taking it in turns to talk about how much they hate the heat
  • Imagine your betas going for a fancy night out, with dinner and maybe a ballet show
  • Imagine your betas trying to cook a pizza. All together. At the same time. Which saying would apply more: “Many hands make light work” or “too many cooks spoil the broth”?
  • Imagine the sleepovers, playing games like Never Have I Ever, Chinese Whispers, Spin the Bottle, etc
  • Imagine the camping nights! Roasting marshmallows over a fire, squabbles over who gets to sleep in the big tent with the giant inflatable mattress, stargazing, making up bullshit constellations, telling ghost stories around the fire when it gets dark
Nightmares and Crushes

He screamed and screamed as the Cruciatus ripped through his body and set his mind on fire.
He was breathing quite loud from the pain when he woke up, gasping but within minutes he had controled his breathing effectively. He was an expert afterall.
But today’s nightmare had been different. Way different than the regular ‘Noseless Bastard and his Snake’ act that his subconscious usually pulled on him.
Today he had gone back to the time he had been eleven. The time he had told his parents that he was in love with a boy (*cough* Potter *cough*).
Mother was just calmly looking at him but Father… Father had never seemed so angry before
And that should have been a warning to him for the slap that was to come along with the long hours of lectures on how to be a “Malfoy man” that had followed.
It had been this very reason why he had tried so hard to hate Potter. It hadn’t worked but at least he’d tried.
He was really surprised by his nightmare though
It had only been a slap but his twisted subconscious had warped the scene and put in a Cruciatus instead.
He got out of bed and went into the en suite to wash his face anr clean up all the sweat and tears.
He was wiping his face when he heard the door of his hotel room open and rushed footsteps coming in.
He quickly whipped out his wand from where it was holding his hair up.
“Malfoy ?” Potter whisper shouted, “are you okay ? I heard loud breathing and gasps and all.”
He relaxed,“I’m here Potter and I’m fine. Nothing happened. Stop being so jumpy, the suspect has not even moved out of his room. You can relax, for god’s sake.” He drawled back.
“Yeah but I HEARD those noises and I… wait were you having a nightmare ??” Potter had come into the bathroom by this time and was currently looking at Draco through the mirror just like…
For the hundredth time Draco wondered why he had to be in a muggle hotel with thin walls, why was he assigned to this trifle potions smuggling case and why, in the name of Merlin’s pants, was he paired with Harry fucking Potter ???
After three years as partners you tend to notice stuff about each other. No wonder Potter could immediately guess that he was having a nightmare but it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t find it annoying. “I said I’m fine, Potter,” he said firmly as he moved out of the bathroom “you can go back to sleep now.” He turned to look at Potter again and registered in the back of his mind just how awesome that arse was.
Draco had seen his share of arses (visiting gay clubs after the war had been liberating for him. No one telling him how to be a “Malfoy man”) and Potter’s was the finest he had seen
Potter hesitated, “I… uh I used to have nightmare’s too so it’s okay, you can tell me.”
Potter was only trying to be civil but Draco exahasperatedly said, “Potter, I said I am fine. Why won’t you leave me alone !?”
“Alright Malfoy, don’t get your knickers in a twist!” Potter frowned. At that moment Draco, who couldn’t quite control his tongue, murmured “As if I was wearing any”
Shit, he thought and looked up to see Potter blushing in the most adorable way. Well that was interesting, Draco thought.
Potter was blushing but not in a way that would suggest he disliked the idea of him not wearing his pants under his pajama bottoms
He had known that Potter swung both ways but he had not realized that Potter might like HIM.
Hmmm… It seemed like there was some research to be done on the ‘Potter Crush Case’

To be continued…

i like me better (when i'm with you) || {one}

What: BTS Fic
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader
Words: 3k

A chance meeting with you in a library and then again in a cafe has Namjoon intrigued, he says fate. You say coincidence.

Suggested Listening: I Like Me Better - lauv

A/N: This is for a very special friend to whom I sent random scenarios late one night and this is the final product.

5ft. you walked with a purpose, nose deep into your favourite book; as usual not watching where you were going. With a loud oomph you crashed into someone’s chest, a someone who seemed a foot taller than you since you nose was smack in the middle of his chest. The tall stranger’s hands grabbed at your arms to steady you. Flustered, embarrassed and red faced, you managed to trip on all your words of apology as he bent his head closer to check on you. The sudden closeness caused you to flinch and take a few steps back which ended up in you banging your head on an inconveniently placed bookshelf. You muttered a soft aah as the bump began to sting. The tall stranger was still standing there, smiling at your clumsiness. Somehow your klutz behavior hadn’t sent him running in the other direction; for his hands reached up to rub the back of your head in efforts ease the sting while his other hand held your face in place.

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I am currently writing a short prequel for my fic, but I need someone to beta it. So, if you’re interested in beta’ing the following fic (max 30k words), please message me!! I would prefer it if your first language was English.

  • You’re assigned a room with a kid from every house, so there’s one Gryffindor, one Hufflepuff, one Ravenclaw, and one Slytherin
  • Of fucking course Harry and Malfoy get in one bunk together
  • (And Ron and Zabini, Hermione and Parkinson)
  • You get semi-separated beds but have to share a mini study & bathroom
  • Harry breaks up with Ginny after the war midst panic-attack
  • Harry distances himself from things that remind himself of the war and spends some time with the Hufflepuff dude
  • Harry keeps getting nightmares and nasty flashbacks from the war
  • Runs off and starts crying (a lot)
  • Comes back around one am, wants to take a shower but Malfoy’s in there and didn’t lock the door
  • Fucking jerking off under the shower
  • And Harry walks in
  • Malfoy acts all cool about it
  • “The fuck dude, we’re eighteen, we wank, okay?”
  • Harry feels kind of uncomfortable, he’s seen naked dudes, he’s seen dudes wank, he’s seen Malfoy, but he’s not seen Malfoy wank naked
  • Weeks pass
  • And one night, he hears something, someone crying
  • It’s Malfoy (of course)
  • Malfoy starts screaming at Harry the second he comes close
  • But Harry doesn’t go away, he keeps standing there
  • Slowly coming closer
  • Then wrapping his arms around Malfoy and softly playing with his hair as his breath slowly evens out
  • “I didn’t mean for us to be like this, for the war to go like this. I’m sorry”
  • “I’m sorry”
  • Malfoy asks Harry not to leave and Harry stays in Malfoys bed (that’s a twin bed??? How does Malfoy have a twin bed???)
  • It slowly becomes their thing, to feel safer at night
  • Harry has way fewer nightmares and Malfoy (who’s Draco now) is able to fall asleep at all
  • They talk about the war a lot
  • And one night, Draco just kisses Harry, lazily, not rushed, just comfortable
  • And it becomes another “thing”  they do, just lazy kisses, soft touch
  • That is, until one night Harry comes to visit Draco and he’s touching himself, not realizing Harry’s standing there and watching him
  • And Harry was just about to turn away, really!!, when Draco moans his fucking name
  • Just thirty seconds too late, Harry turns around and storms out of the room, despite the time being 12.30am
  • And runs to some fucking corridor, sobbing, screaming, emotions all over and coming out of every hole he put them away in
  • Because he doesn’t know what Draco is to him and what he could be to him and he finally lets out all the grief from the war and he finally allows himself to really, really fucking face his feelings
  • And this time, Draco somehow finds him
  • And hugs him and holds him.. and plays with his hair
  • Harry’s so confused and run over with emotions
  • So he kisses Draco
  • And tries to undress him
  • But Draco tells him to stop and carries him to bed and lies him down, giving him a little bit of Dreamless Sleep
  • The day after, Harry is finally able to talk to Ron, Hermione, Ginny, everyone, about his feelings
  • And the next week is an emotional rollercoaster for Harry
  • And somehow he doesn’t sleep in Draco’s bed anymore since the night that Draco found him
  • But Harry tells Ron, Ron helps him sort out his feelings and Harry realizes he’s really fucking fallen for Draco
  • So that night, he makes a move
  • He sleeps in Draco’s bed again.. and kisses him
  • But it’s not the regular soft touches of lips, pecks and slow motions
  • It’s heated, full of passion and so fucking much but not enough
  • And for Merlin’s sake, they FINALLY have sex (this is around January)
  • It’s messy, new, and real
  • And so fucking good
  • But they’re small and pure and they don’t do more than hand- and blowjobs
  • Their relationship is healthy and a secret (except for Ron, Hermione and Blaise)
  • Everything is going fucking great, for months
  • That is, until the school year is over, and everyone’s going home
  • Draco tells Harry they can’t be together outside Hogwarts
  • And Harry doesn’t know what he expected, but not this
  • “What do you mean? We’re not gonna see each other? Ever? What kind of fucking break up is this, Draco? This is fucking messed up! You’re fucking messed up! I gave you everything, every-fucking-thing I had to give! Don’t fucking leave me!”
  • But Draco doesn’t answer, and Harry can’t find him the day after that in the train
  • And Harry can’t find him the weeks after that, or the months after that, so Harry gives up
  • It was a pathetic dream anyway, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy

macoal23  asked:

Hey!! I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love all of your Drarry drabbles. Like, honestly, they are so fluffy, adorable and they make my heart melt. I don't know whether you take prompts or not atm. If you do... would you mind writing something about Draco being insecure and/or hurt and Harry being there for him? Thank you so much if you do and keep up with your awesome work!! ;)

JFC!! Thank you so so much! 💖💖💖
Soooo, I ended up writing way more than I originally planned :D
Here’s a little excerpt - you can read the rest on ao3 :)
I hope you like it, sweetie :)

“Did you bring any Treacle tart?”

“What do you think, Potter?”

Harry smiles as he closes the door and watches Draco walk into his kitchen. It still astonishes him, sometimes, how easy and light everything is between them. Hermione warned him several times not to rush into things, but it doesn’t feel that way to Harry. Being with Draco just feels… natural. It’s only been a few months, but they’ve known each other for ten years, now. And things have been going so smoothly thus far.

Harry leans against the wall and lets out a sigh. That’s not true. Telling himself over and over again that everything is alright doesn’t make it real. He smiles sadly as Draco pokes his head out of the kitchen and tells him dinner is ready.

Is it really that important? Harry asks himself. Come on, it’s not really a problem is it? You can live with it, right? You can-

“Stop lying to yourself,” Harry mutters through gritted teeth. He really can’t live with it. It makes Harry feel insecure and question whether Draco is really invested in this. He almost feels childish for making a big deal out of it, but he can’t help it. It hurts. Because as easy and light everything is when they are together, there is one thing Draco never does; he never spends the night.

Whenever Harry turns around to face him, still panting, still feeling the delicious tingle all over his body, he finds Draco has already climbed out of bed, reaching for his clothes. Harry tries not to show how hurt he is when Draco smiles awkwardly at him and gives him a quick peck before he leaves.

That’s why Harry never spends the night at Draco’s either. Draco clearly doesn’t want that, so Harry always apparates back to his flat, feeling cold and empty inside. He knows he can’t go on like this. He’s miserable. But he likes the stupid git so much and Draco seems to like him, too, so what is his problem?

That night, Harry makes sure Draco is pinned under him when he screams Harry’s name and his whole body shudders. He wraps his arms around Draco’s neck and rests his head on his chest. He deliberately presses Draco into the mattress with his whole body weight. He can’t help but smile when Draco’s fingers carefully begin to caress his back. They stay like that for a few moments before Draco starts squirming.

“I think I should go,” Draco mutters. A pang runs through his chest and Harry tightens his grip around Draco’s neck.

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Thank you, @jet-playin, for being the most amazing beta! 💖💖💖


A farewell to Teen Wolf: To my favorite friendships (1/?) 

“Scott, you’re not nobody, you’re somebody. Scott, you’re my brother.” 

“Stiles, if you do have it, I’ll do something. I’ll do something.” 

Steven’s Dream

A strange dream

prompts Steven to search for answers.

Adventures in Light Distortion

Steven and the Gems take off on a search

and recovery


Gem Heist

The Gems try to pull off a heist.

The Zoo

Steven visits a special zoo.

That Will Be All

Steven and the Gems make a daring escape!

Just… y’know. Some thoughts.

“Let me see your face“, a fanfic about one certain “unseen friendship”

Because @tamarinfrog and @buttersheeps recently joined forces and gave their fans massive heart attacks with “Unseen Friendship”, a comic about how their characters Angelo and Orca met. And they are the hype. And NO DOUBT I ship them.

My mind wandered and my hands fell on keyboard. Here’s a brief result.


She loved to see his face.

~ The first time she touched his face to “see” him, she wanted to know the face of her new friend. He wasn’t really expecting it. He was all nervous and awkward, but couldn’t avoid being a little flustered.

~The second time she asked to see his face, she felt the need to relive her memory. Her touch was so much slower. He felt this was the day he realized he had fallen for her.

~The third time, they were a few years older. She was so gentle. At some point, her hands wandered over his lips, he got carried away and kissed her hand. A pause. But it was ok.

~ The fourth time, she took longer exploring the area around his eyes. He couldn’t help being nervous, but at the same time, so at peace. She kissed his eyes. He sighed lightly. She kissed his lips. It did not feel wrong at all.

~ The fifth time, he could see the smirk in her lips, and raised an eyebrow. Her touch relaxed his face, but that peace was lost when a light kiss started trying to explore further. She couldn’t see with her eyes, but she could feel all over his face he was hesitant. A series of light kisses surrendered him, though. She could notice the sharp touch of his teeth, but did not mind much. The lovely sounds escaping his throat while the kiss slowly deepened were way more important.


Thanks a lot to @davionstar for being my Fluff Squad beta and bringing some ideas used on “fourth time” <3


(Psst, go visit @cafe-cardamari and @splatdash to know their Splatoon-related works. And die from cuteness with us.)

tag yourself: members of my friendship group edition
  • beta girlfriend: squad leader, the only one with their shit together, a big fan of sleep, could probably kick your ass
  • socks n sandals: an enigma??? no one really knows anything about them, very tall, king of carb consumption
  • ding it just right: unfortunate straight, not blessed with height, denies being a cinnamon roll, makes a pun out of everything
  • demap: likes drinking more than you, talented procrastinator, gets offended if you presume they're hetero, salt level 100
  • chipmunk: wears shorts in winter, messed up sleeping schedule, doesn't understand inappropriate humour, eats 6 or more meals a day
  • pink flash aka me: vocal gay, has 3 interests and never talks about anything else, tries too hard to be edgy, watches too many animal videos
Resonance of Legends

i have typo’d “legends” every damn time i’ve typed it today i need more SLEEP

happy reverb 2017! this year i had the pleasure of working with @chaoticlivi, who was ALSO MY BETA AND MY HYPE SQUAD and just. the best. i’ll link up her art when she posts later <: 

please enjoy the loosest and mushiest zelda au ever ♥ and please LOVE ON MY PARTNER because she was super great to work with and so understanding of my procrastination orz

The night really is rather beautiful.

It’s not that he’s never had the chance to admire the stars before. He has. He has two eyes, both that work quite well, and he has windows, of course, in his quarters; he’s seen the night sky, spent many nights holed up in his room as a child huddled in the curtains, head stuck out a window in quiet awe. Some nights, when Wes wasn’t busy with the tomes left for him to study from his tutors, he’d join, too, pointing out constellations and grinning at his younger brother’s ooohs and aaahs.

He’s seen stars before, of course. It’s just been a long time since he’s been able to appreciate them.

Soul flattens his palms against the grass and leans back, face aimed to the sky. There’s something special about it, really. Between the twinkling lights of the stars and the crisp breeze of the early summer night - perhaps it’s not even the night sky that’s lulling him into such a sense of serenity at all. Perhaps, he thinks, cracking his neck, peeking down through the line of his nose to watch Maka tend to the campfire, it’s the temporary sense of freedom and rebellion that’s lead him down this path.

It makes his fingers itch. He tugs and plucks at the grass to sate his nerves. Goddess, and just like that, he’s right back where he’d started, anxiety plucking away at his heartstrings as if they’re a harp.

She hums and pokes at the fire. “Enjoying yourself, your Highness?”

He feels himself wince. “You know how I feel about that.”

Shrugging, she plops down to sit on her butt. So unceremonious. It’s strange to think about; she’s lived her life in a tiny village, has fought tooth and nail and slayed monsters and traitors alike, certainly has dirt beneath her chewed fingernails - she’s nothing, nothing like the ladies his mother likes to parade around him - and it’s almost comfortable to be around her. More comfortable than it should be, for a girl he has known only half a year. For a girl who has never been trained a day in her life for things like proper manners, court formality, music - she’s plucky, she’s almost boyish, and when she smiles at him mischievously, Soul practically breaks out into a flush.

read: ffn or ao3!