beta sprites

AU where Gamzee made it to Earth C, and after earning back trust for his wrongdoings, ended up getting therapy from Rose to get over the mental manipulation he was subjected to when he was in a bad place all those years ago.

Though things may never be the same again with his friends, he has a chance to be happy and free for once.  No more sopor slime, no more of Lil Cal’s lies.  Just freedom and a quiet mind.


All the beta kid sprites together

Nannasprite speaks the most of all these sprites with 2,198 words. Davesprite comes in second with about 2,111 words, Jadesprite third with 1,112, and Jaspersprite fourth with 762, which means Nannasprite talks 2.88 times more than him.All these distinctive words are derived in comparison to all the alpha and beta kids and trolls.

Those two parallel green rectangle in Jadesprite’s cloud are the tips of the word “HOO” as in “BOO HOO”. This word occurs 126 times, boo 26 times, and “boo hoo” 25 times. This disparity occurs because of a “BOO aHOO HOO…” phrase that appears once.

Comparing their lexical densities (an approximate measure of word diversity comparing content word count to total word count) is a more complicate matter. Nannasprite’s 27.2% value compared to Davesprite’s 23.7% is comparable as their corpora are similar in size. Jaspersprite’s 20.3% and Jadesprite’s 18.9% are both unusually low as compared to other character’s corpora that are similarly sized.

Nannasprite’s distinctive words include hoo, baroness, dear, John, father, gates, girl, boy, and children. These last three occur mostly from her exposition about her childhood with who would become Grandpa Harley.

Jaspersprite’s include meow, purr, Rose, Cat, meows, windows, and Nepeta.

Davesprite’s include sword, forge, bird, Dave, henges, quest, and timeline. Compared to Alpha Dave, awake also appears as a different choice.

Jadesprite’s distinctive words consist of hoo, boo, died, woof, scare, and  forgotten, among others. This “hoo” was why comparing the sprites to each other for this data would be especially inaccurate.

Jadesprite and Davesprite have very obvious speaker “twins”, people that speak most like them: Jade and Dave, respectively. Nannasprite’s is almost certainly Jane Crocker, but this is harder to tease out of the data.

Individual beta sprite word clouds

Nannasprite | Jaspersprite | Davesprite | Jadesprite


Here’s the troll ref sheet I’ve been talking about!! Both regular and humanstuck, and with short haired Vriska as promised (not as short as usual but a good compromise)

Again these are just what i use as reference for my own headcanons to stay consistant

A design I imagined for Jasprosesprite^2 ! I wanted to draw her wearing a suit so bad : 3

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