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I drew this model sheet for our 3D artist to model Holt from. Man, drawing model sheets is much harder than I thought! I’m so grateful I can just copy and flip things around in Photoshop, I wouldn’t be able to draw it this precise on paper… 0.O

I am quite happy with the result, though. Sadly it didn’t get used that much. :/

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I would love to roleplay. How could I talk to you about this?

Just message me. Haha. Not too hard. I’m very nice and I love to talk about rping. So just send a chat and I’m here to talk!

I always suggest that you read my rper’s ref sheet and/or write up your own. You can submit it or just chat it to me if you don’t want other rpers. I know for sure though that you can submit things to my blog in anon. 

I’m pretty stuck on my ref sheet, So I like rping as Omega, that’s my big thing, and I like using characters who are humans. Or supernatural, but only like wolves, witches, demons, things of the like. Furries, monsters, or half humans/half animals genuinely freak me out. 

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Hello . I want to ask is there any study guide for biochemistry that you know ? Thanks xx

Hi! I don’t know of a good comprehensive study guide (if any one does know of one, please share!) but I can give you a list of useful stuff to know for a general biochemistry course. Most of this should be covered in your course, obviously, but hopefully this will help you pick out what’s important.

Macromolecules and their components (usually taught first)

1. Amino Acids - names, abbreviations, structure, hydrophobicity, and charge at pH 7. Here’s a flashcard set, but I think it’s best to make your own and draw them over and over. They can be hard to memorize, but it helps if you sort them into groups with similar structure (like Val, Leu, Ile) and memorize the differences between them. Knowing the shape and properties of amino acids is really useful in understanding how proteins work, particularly what changing a single amino acid might do to a protein.

2. Proteins - understand primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structures of proteins and know what alpha-helices and beta-sheets are. Know which forces drive protein folding and how they do it.

3. Carbohydrates - if your class covers carbohydrate metabolism, being comfortable with carbohydrate nomenclature makes everything easier. Here’s a tutorial, which may be useful. It’s also good to know how individual sugars react to form polysaccharides.

4. Lipids - Most biology courses will teach you about the phospholipid bilayer, but biochemistry courses may require a more comprehensive knowledge of lipids and fats. This depends a lot on your professor or teacher, however. One of mine was super into lipid metabolism so we learned a ton about them. Generally, it’s useful to know naming and properties of lipids.

5. Nucleic Acids - Know the structural difference between RNA and DNA, and learn the structures of each nucleic acid base (Adenine, Uracil, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine). Sketch how complementary base pairs (AT, AU, GC) fit together in double stranded DNA or RNA. Remember that DNA strands are antiparallel to each other and know the chemical reasoning behind the 5’-3’ nomenclature. Also know that DNA polymerase can only add new nucleotides to the 3’ end (the one with a hydroxyl group) of a growing chain, so it moves along the template strand in the 5’ to 3’ direction.

Khan Academy has a good overview of macromolecules here.


Khan Academy has a page for them here, it looks pretty comprehensive and informative!


The actual metabolic pathways taught will vary from course to course, so I’ll just share a good way to study them. My preferred method is to put everything on flashcards. For each step in the pathway I make two flashcards - one with the molecule formed and one with the enzyme that performed the step. I also make flashcards for metabolites that go in and out of the pathway. To study them, I lay them out in the correct order of the pathway. Here’s a picture of my Krebs cycle flashcards, since I’m not sure if I’m explaining it well.

The most important thing in a biochemistry class is to remember that it’s cumulative. You’ll build on the early stuff later in the class, so if you study hard at the beginning it will pay off. Biochemistry can be difficult, but it’s really rewarding to learn how all the intricate details of life work!

Reaction to RWBY4 Ep 2

Newest episode is out and so here’s my run down of it.

As always, Do Not proceed if you don’t want this episode spoiled for you,

DanganRonpa references are abundant, so prepare yourselves.

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I have already mentioned and posted some vips about this project, called “GLITCH” (working title i guess) that…. started out as a quickly constructed logline for a pitch in September, when we were travelling around Europe with an international student project and what is now, somehow, developed into a very rough concept for a series.

To be honest, i wouldn’t have made a teaser at this stage, but the diploma presentation seemed like a good chance to test out how would something like this work. I threw it together from zero to this in 3 weeks, working 12-15 hours every day, but it was worth it, because i learned a LOT. Its not exactly finished tho, its full of place holders and a bunch of things are missing, but i guess you cant really tell if you don’t know my original concept.

The animations at the end were kinda forced by a teacher and were done in the last THREE days - at that point i couldn’t even find my own bed at the other side of the room so maybe you shouldn’t watch that part (yeah, pls don’t). But even if its not as good as i want it to be, it was really amazing watching my characters in a movie theatre on the big screen :) 

Since its only the second round of the visuals, a LOT of things has changed/are still changing, even character names and designs and half of this stuff was just pure (and very stressed) brainstorming. But i guess its already something i can work with. (actually, the story is a lot more developed at this point and going well, so this is the phase where have to force myself to work on the visuals… )

I’ll post these beta character sheets and concepts separately later. Now its time to start to work on the good version. 

Theme announcement, blog updates, etc.

Hey there! The admins have officially decided what week this event will take place, and the themes for each day. We’ve gotten a few asks since the announcement that we were doing DKW again this year, and we’re happy to officially announce that DKW will happen September 25th-October 1st

We have a few more things to talk about, but we’ll stick everything else (including the theme descriptions) under a read-more for now. The themes can be found under /themes, and upcoming info will be tagged as /DKW-Update, so make sure to track that, or opt to receive notifications from our blog if you want to stay updated in the coming weeks!

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THIS, my dear friends, is the official blog for thepokelarryproject! a non profit Pokemon based RPG that’s revolves around Larry Stylinson. Yeah. Someone is actually doing this.

(I’ve honestly got no idea what I’m doing)

But yeah, hi, it is I, tooembarassedtowritemyactualurl and I decided one night when I was off my balls on my sleeping medication to develop (ha, develop) a Larry game. Kind of like a good will gesture to everyone who’s super upset right now. Why I thought I could do it is beyond me, but I’ve already learned how to use the software so I kinda have to now.


(Okay I’m totally playing this off like I’m not super excited and trying my hardest to get this project going in the event that nobody actually gives a shit)

The reason for me making this post is because I’m a 17 year old girl and not actually God (believe it or not) and I need help. With a lot of things. The main thing is the plot line. I’m debating between being able to play as Harry/Louis, being able to play as an original character or being able to play as Liam or Niall. The plot from then on will develop with ideas from you guys which is what I very much need right now. I’m also looking to see if anyone could help with the music (ie. 8 bit versions of one direction songs) spriting (which, I mean, I can probably do but no harm in asking right?) and most of all, I need help coming up with the names of the town (coughwellingtoncough) and the people you would like to see within the game itself.

The point of this game is extremely silly and just a bit of fun. It’s still going to be a Pokemon game (for all those who may or may not like Pokemon- and if you don’t, what’s wrong with you?) it’ll still have battling mechanics and gym leaders, all that nice stuff. Except now, you know, Larry.

(And before anyone says anything, yes. I have considered making it just One Direction centered, but the larries are going through a lot of shit right now so let them have this. If this goes well I’ll more than likely make a strictly 1D based game too. Though I’m already aiming high enough as it is with this, which could crash and burn horribly)

So yeah, hello. Everything from updates to betas to sprite sheets will be posted here. I really hope you guys dig this because I’m really excited for this to maybe actually be a thing! If you would like to help out with anything I’ve noted, please message me. I’ll appreciate any help anyone is willing to give me, since this is a work in progress after all. Id also really appreciate it if you could reblog this, since I’m not a big larrie or anything and id like to reach as many people as possible c:

Thank you so much!

Xo Tea