The Unworthy Thor #5

2 and a half years of build up? And This?

It’s pretty redundant though. The sky’s blue, would that make Thor have a crisis of faith as well?

It really makes it seem like this either was not planned to be a long term thing or they didn’t actually have a plan or a reason at the beginning and this was thought up after the fact.


Art by Russell Dauterman

Round three!

Here are my designs for Aelsa the Light Elf queen, her and Malekith’s wedding looks, the Thunder Guard, Viking Loki, and the War Witches.

Also included are my model sheets for Enchantress, Beta Ray Bill, and Young Thor Odinson - these three were existing costumes, but I made some tweaks to Amora.

UPDATE: Added my designs for the Exterminatrix and Jane’s new civvies.

Part one

Part two