beta ray bill

I just looked at the wiki for Avengers Academy Bill and I am going to cry, this is so beautiful and I am so happy for that teen furry cyborg canonically getting a family!

unamedwatcher  asked:

At some point, assuming you haven't already, could you show us all your custom tsums and tell us who they're based on? Please and thank you. 😀

Sure thing!

Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, and Quicksilver were made with a resin cast of Captain America. The Iron Man armors are obviously made with Iron Man (I get a lot of spare Iron Mans, so I just repaint them for variation.) The Destroyer is made from Giant-Man. Mr. Tiddles (Black Panther’s cat from the LEGO games) is made from Figaro. Ragnarok and Beta-Ray Bill are made from Thor, naturally. Scarlet Witch is made from Alice. Bruce Banner is made from Hulk. And MCU Vision is made from Classic Vision.