beta map

Well, not too much going on with this drop. Some new skins and taunts, a few new weapons and Survival boosters, and King of the Hill has dropped from Beta. New map at some point, thank. Supposed to be based on one of Uncharted 4′s environments, which I’m cool with, but would like to see some more maps from the previous games. More maps in general tbh.

AND they fixed the damn delay with the ledge grab. That got my Squad A LOT I know, and it was incredibly painful to deal with, so hopefully with it being a little more sped up that’ll fix things.

Excited to give it all a playthrough, though! I know it’s not much, but I’ll take anything honestly haha.

de_dust for Counter-Strike by Dave Johnston

Counter-Strike Beta 4, released 16 years ago - November 5, 1999

Bomb defusal (de_) maps were brand new!  And dust looks funny with the old default Half-Life sky.

Kicking off a few days showing off the CS Beta 4.0 maps, already 16 years old!