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todd howard, E3 in 2041: introducing - brand new bethesda title - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011) xXBOXx720x 7k VR exclusive grizzly bear mod clip through map pre-beta version $59.99

With The Strength Of A Turning Tide - summary

Their first year together was lightning in a bottle - staying up late, drinking too much and talking even more.

The second and third were more of the same, but with the extra layer of stress that was university.

The third and fourth? Bumpy, but that’s what happens when real life and finding jobs and bills get it in the way.

The fifth, sixth and seventh were just kind of there. Just a thing that was. A thing that is. If beige was a feeling, years five, six and seven would be beige.

He’s pretty sure there’s not going to be an eighth.


‘Do you ever feel lonely?’ Harry typed, his hands shaking, arms tensed, foot tapping against the end of his bed as he summoned up the courage to press ‘send’.

He watched the little dots on the screen, and they felt like company as he waited for a reply.

It was tragic really. His boyfriend of seven years was snoring in their room. But those little dots, flickering in his lap from his place on the spare bed, and the boy at the other end of the phone, miles away, who he’d never actually met - he felt closer to him, closer to a practical stranger than he did to the man he’d grown up with.

Grown apart with. From? He wasn’t sure.

‘Sometimes H, yeah sometimes.’

And the dots rippled their way across the scene once more.

‘You ok?’

And what could he say. What could he say that didn’t sound pathetic, didn’t sound as bleak as he felt. For a long time he’d sort of assumed that being with someone for a years and years meant you just ended up being more friends than anything else. That it was to be expected, just one of those things. But if that was true, and if that was normal, then why did the loneliness become more palpable every day. Why did it feel like a boney finger prodding him in the ribs over and over again. It didn’t feel normal. And it didn’t feel sustainable.

‘Yeah I’m ok Lou, just one of those days you know? I’ll be alright in the morning.’


system-online  asked:

Is there much Warcraft lore stuff about the cosmology and astronomy of the planet and whatever else happens to be out there?

Yeah! But it’s a fucked up disaster, so

So let’s start with the Titans.

Nobody knows where they came from. They, like the Old Gods, are primordial. Unlike the Old Gods, they’re just fucking somewhere, and we can’t find them physically. We just keep finding their crap. Especially on Azeroth.

Think of the Titans as like, a watered-down Greek pantheon. None of the fun gods like Dionysus are there. But you’ve definitely got like, Big Scary Fight Man and Ultra Mom feat. Great Hips and The Most Abhorrent Prick in the Universe.

Let’s focus on The Most Abhorrent Prick in the Universe. For brevity’s sake, let’s call him Sargeras.

Sargeras used to look like this:

Now he looks like this:

That’s what happens when you ruin everything. Sargeras’s job used to be fighting evil. Or as I like to call it, murder practice. He got really, really good at murder. A real class act when it came to ending lives. But then he was like, “okay, fuck this, am I really doing a good job, killing all these evil things? At the end of the day it’s just killing, right?”

And everyone was like, “no, Sargeras, that’s the most asinine thing we’ve ever heard,” and he was like “okay” and decided to kill everything.

Which brings us to our first important piece of astronomy: The distant planet of Argus. 

You know who lived on Argus? The Eredar.

You might recognize them as slightly fucked-up looking Draenei who love jewelry and spells.

But then Sargeras showed up with a big gang of goons and ruined their fucking planet, and they all had to leave, and ended up looking slightly friendlier and having slightly more relaxed posture in the process.

I guess however many years in a giant airtight spacefaring crystal ship will do that to you. But see, the Eredar started calling themselves Draenei, which means “Exiles” in their language, and landed on Draenor, which should have been called Orctown, but I guess when you land somewhere you just decide to name it after yourself. Sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it?

So Draenor was however many million zillion miles from Argus, and everything was cool for a while. But Sargeras, being the Most Abhorrent Prick in the Universe, didn’t appreciate that something he wanted to kill ran away. So one day he showed up on Draenor, but he’s like, “what if I’m more subtle this time instead of just sticking my bare ass through the upper atmosphere,” and so began a campaign of sneaky bullshit that all came to a head with this guy:

This is Gul’dan, short for Gul’daniel. Danny Hexbang here absolutely fucking loved skulls. And when Sargeras’s demons showed up and were like, “dude, you can have unlimited skulls if you drink this glowing green fluid of dubious origin,” he was like, “holy shit, I love skulls, sign me up.”

And they were like, “okay, but get your friends to drink it too.”

And that’s how orcs became green, because this guy convinced them they’d get massive gains and blast their… glutes, and become invincible, if they drank up.

Unfortunately it also made them extremely angry at everything in their immediate environment, and that included the Draenei. So war happened.

How does this relate to cosmology and astronomy? Well, all that bullshit caused Draenor to explode. A thin, breathable atmosphere clings to the remaining chunks, which still hang somewhere in space.

However many zillion miles it is between Draenor and Azeroth, where we find a whole bunch of shit the Titans left behind, is bridged by a huge sculpture called the Dark Portal.

It looks like this. Nobody knows who those hooded figures are, or what the snake is about. But they sure do pop up everywhere.

The Dark Portal is basically a stargate that nobody knows how to shut off. Which is dangerous because all kinds of bullshit can pour through it at any given time. Over the years, repeated attempts have been made to shut it off, and turn it back on again.

Now, Azeroth itself is basically a beta testing map for the Titans. All kinds of bullshit projects that they aren’t sure about get tested on Azeroth. Some projects don’t work and fuck up, and that’s how we get beastmen like Troggs and Kobolds. But some projects do just fine, and then an Old God intervenes, and turns a perfectly good robot into meat, and that’s how we get Gnomes and Dwarves.

But Azeroth, being a beta test, does come with a template. That template is called the Emerald Dream.

We can’t get there, formally, but shit comes out of it all the time. Druids and dragons, mostly. It’s a useful place, containing a lot of the fundamental elements of Azeroth, and if shit goes totally sideways, the idea would be to just… pull it inside out, presumably. Rewrite Azeroth back into a Dream-state and start over.

But we can’t do that, because of this joker:

So that’s Xavius. Lapsed Night Elf turned satyr, who is so fucked up on dark magic and so unnecessarily ambitious that he hangs out in the Dream, doing his best to reshape it in his image, while druids do everything short of simply beating his ass to keep his nonsense in check.

So think of the Emerald Dream as a kind of magical substrate to Azeroth. Ephemeral, out of phase, a data backup, whatever.

Azeroth itself, however, exists in a comfortable region of space, revolving around a sun, while a moon revolves around it.

Well, maybe. For all we know it might be a functional geocentric model, but somehow I doubt that. As you can see, there are other worlds out there, which- since this is in a Titan laboratory- we can assume have felt the influence of the Titans. We don’t know many of their names, and actually plotting a course to them is really hard, even with portals.

But let’s focus on Azeroth. The Tauren call the sun An’she, and the Night Elves call the moon Elune. The weird thing is, there seem to actually be gods tied to those two celestial bodies, because power can actually be derived from faith in them.

That tends to be how magic of that variety works in Warcraft, believe in the Light and you can swing it. Believe in Elune and you can call down moonfire. It does suggest that there’s something there.

But we basically know jack shit about those gods, except that they aren’t Titans, aren’t Old Gods. They might be Naaru, basically gigantic windchimes made out of crystalline Light, or they might be Loa, ancient spirits which just straight up get more powerful when you worship them.

With regard to the other various stars in the sky, this is a space called either The Void or The Great Dark Beyond. That stuff’s too far away to reach by portal, presumably, because we haven’t messed with it, ever. We have no way of knowing if even the Titans have been out there.

All kinds of weird shit comes from the Void, like Ethereals and Void Lords. …Well, the Ethereals came from a world called K’aresh, but a Void Lord showed up and decided to ruin everything, so they made themselves comfortable in the terrifying expanse of space instead.

Because of the composition of their bodies, we can assume that cosmological background radiation in Warcraft is basically shadow magic. Where light can’t reach, shadow magic runs wild and just starts manifesting stuff.

Now, speaking of shadow magic, I’ve mentioned Old Gods a time or two, and they’re worthy of further discussion.

Uniquely, we’ve only seen them on Azeroth. They’re freakish, fucked up creatures that can’t actually do much mobilizing on their own, so they reach out and influence the Titans’ projects or whoever else happens to be around, whispering in their ear and telling them to like, eat their own lips and kill their neighbor. Not for any good reason, just because they’re rude and seem to be directly, fundamentally opposed to letting the Titans do anything.

They look like absolute dogshit, which makes perfect sense considering how they behave.

Old Gods are like… tumors, that exist underneath Azeroth’s crust. Perhaps they represent something specific, a certain aspect, but they usually don’t. Just an arbitrary assignment of features, like eyes or mouths. But in the cosmological grand scheme of things, they represent a vast sum of shadow magic.

Not fel, which we’ll get into in just a second, but specifically shadow magic.

Which suggest to me that perhaps, given their “otherworldly” appearance, they might have come from the Void too. Why they chose Azeroth is anyone’s guess, but perhaps they sought out the Titans specifically and embedded themselves into the Azeroth project.

Now, Fel is the last fundamental part of Warcraft cosmology worth talking about. And it brings us right back around to Sargeras. Look at the sky above the destroyed Draenor:

See that green shit? That’s the force that blew the planet apart. In some places, the whole atmosphere is fogged up with the lingering remnant of the explosion of Fel that ruined everything.

Now the thing about Fel is that it’s described as “the magic of chaos” and that it requires the destruction of something living in order to be conjured up. Neither of those is necessarily true, but there is something important to be gleaned from this:

Fel has enabled demonic forces to travel through space with greater efficiency than any other form of magic known to any species in the universe.

Look back at the Dark Portal. That’s Fel. That stuff in Gul’dan’s hands? Fel.

If all this demonic stuff starts with Sargeras cutting loose like a complete shithead and literally, physically stirring up chaos by randomly attacking planets and cultures he figured deserved it, then it’s fair to say that Sargeras himself is responsible for the presence of Fel in the universe. And I say “universe” instead of “galaxy” or “star system” because we have absolutely no way of knowing how close any of these planets- Argus, Draenor, or Azeroth- actually are to each other. They could be incredibly far apart, or next-door neighbors. It’s hard to say.

So, if Fel magic manifests due to the presence of both chaos and loss of life, then perhaps it was always there. Perhaps it, like shadow magic, is a fundamental part of the composition of the universe. Shadow magic being a stable constant, while Fel is the underpinning for reactions and random happenstance.

Learning how to conjure up and wield a fundamental part of the universe is a big deal. If we look at it like that, it’s no surprise at all that Shadow and Fel are among the most dangerous and potent schools of magic known to anyone.

Finally, the gray area between Void and Light, space and firmament, is the Twisting Nether.

It’s very pretty, and you die if you end up inside it. The forces at work just shred bodies made of meat if they aren’t in like, two spacesuits at the same time. You’re either born with a body that can weather the Nether, or you aren’t. Ask the Ethereals.

In summary, Uncertain distance bridged by portals, combined with the destructive influence of Sargeras and his demonic army, combined with the tug-of-war between Titan and Old God and the uncertainty of where either party comes from, makes actual astronomy in Warcraft kind of a crapshoot. Stars and planets can move, or be broken into pieces, or be gods. The best we can do is look at what the universe around us is made of, try to name its fundamental properties, and follow the trail of bread crumbs back to the beginning from there, to see who’s responsible for what, where applicable. 

All of this is so massive in scope and so terrifying to think about that it’s much easier to just fight each other on the red team and blue team.

So that’s what we do.


Monster Hunter World | Beta Announced + New Map, Monsters, Armour & More! 

By Arekkz Gaming

Request: You Try to Ask Data Out

Originally posted by michaelam1978

You sat at the poker table with your fellow senior officers, Riker, Worf, Troi, Crusher, LaForge, and… Data. He was the only member of the crew who made you remotely nervous. You were a person driven by emotions, someone who fell back on humour in difficult situations. On the other hand, Data had no emotions, no sense of humour. It didn’t change the way you felt about him.

“Have you had any luck mapping the Beta-Coroneis system, (Y/N)?” Data asked you while shuffling the deck of cards at a lightning fast speed.

“No.” you replied, disappointed that the discussion had turned to work. “There’s subspace interference that’s obscuring certain parts of the system.”

“I may be able to reconfigure sensors in Engineering to match the frequency.” Data suggested.

“That’s a good idea. But, I’d need more Data on the subject. How about tomorrow at 1900 hours?” you offered, seeing the smiles of your fellow officers. You were nothing if you weren’t persistent.

“My duty shift ends at 2000 hours. Perhaps half an hour after.” Data said obliviously, while Riker groaned. You were unfazed.

“It’s a date-a.” you added. Beverly covered her mouth to prevent herself from laughing, while Deanna elbowed Riker.

Data just tilted his head in confusion, looking between you and a broadly grinning Geordi. “I do not understand.”

You slumped back in your seat, frustrated. The others shared your dismay. They had been trying to get the two of you together for as long as they could remember- without much success. 

Data passed you a card, and his hand grazed yours briefly. His eyes met yours, and he saw an expression he couldn’t recognize in your eyes. He returned his attention to the cards, and saw that he had given everyone too many cards.

Strange, he thought. Perhaps I was… distracted?

His eyes returned to you, watching the way your science uniform settled across your shoulders, the way your hands drummed on the table. He looked at your eyes, and saw that they were watery. He didn’t know why. He continued to shuffle the deck, slower this time, wondering why you were upset.

blake-broacher  asked:

Where can I go to get thoughts on stuff I've made/done. Also do you know a good way to make maps?


Your friends, family, or acquaintances who are interested in getting a good, free read and are willing to be honest with you about what you put in front of them. Here is a great list of questions to ask your beta-reader. 

Online Writing Communities

There are so many places. Google will turn up pages and pages of results if you ask it. 

Here are a bunch of what someone thinks are the best. In my personal experience, you’re going to get better feedback (and more feedback) from paid sites. I’ve used Inked Voices and Scribophile. I got some valuable feedback from both. I’ve also, in the distance past, used free sites. I never got much response or audience with them. Some people have great success getting feedback here on tumblr’s #writeblr community. I’ve never published fiction on tumblr. 

Keep in mind that once your work is published, even on a blog or website like fictionpress or tumblr, it is technically considered “self-published” and you might (maybe) have issues with that in the future if you ever choose the traditional publishing route for that same work.

Freelance Editors

There are many of us out there. Paid services are, if you can afford it, the best way to get valuable feedback. These editors are professionals and there are many who will give you feedback about story, pacing, character, etc. and not just grammar. I’m one of those. As are several other awesome writers on tumblr and elsewhere.

As far as making maps goes, have you seen my Map-Making post?

Hope that helps!

How to Navigate the TF2 Server Search Browser/Find Servers

This guide will teach you how to search for the servers you’re trying to find with the use of the TF2 Server Search Browser. (Because honestly this thing is crazy confusing if you’re not used to it).

@oc-aaron-graves, @shaz-ga Here’s the guide you guys suggested! Thank you for the idea :)

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de_dust for Counter-Strike by Dave Johnston

Counter-Strike Beta 4, released 16 years ago - November 5, 1999

Bomb defusal (de_) maps were brand new!  And dust looks funny with the old default Half-Life sky.

Kicking off a few days showing off the CS Beta 4.0 maps, already 16 years old!

TF2 Update for 07/17/2014
  • Fixed a client crash related to particle effects
  • Fixed the quickplay menu not remembering the Advanced Options settings after using the Play Beta Maps option
  • Fixed the Festive Sapper not having a skin for the Blu team
  • Added a new startup music track from Expiration Date
  • Updated the Conga taunt to play sounds on the client instead of the server
  • Updated several materials to fix issues caused by mat_picmip
  • Updated the localization files

Map Changes!

  • Updated beta map pl_cactuscanyon

    * Redesign of the first half of stage 2. Blu team now pushes up the first hill 
    * Removed the death pit in the first barn building of stage 1
    * Ammo increased in stage 2
    * Fixed Red building in the spawn room of stage 2
  • Updated beta map rd_asteroid

    -Mode changes

    * Power Cores and Reactor Cores now add their point value to a team's score over time 
    * Reduced the rate at which points can be stolen from 15 per second to 10 per second 
    * Robots now heal 5 health per second to nearby friendly players 

    -The HUD has been reworked

     * Inverted the layout to better represent the layout of the level 
     * Added progress bars to represent each team's score 
     *Potential point gains from stolen reactor cores are now visually represented on the score progress bars 
     * Thief icon now moves across the score board relative to the thief's position in the level 
     *Updated thief icon to represent both the color of the power core stolen and the color of the thief's team
     *Added new strings to the win panel that explain why the team won 
     *Replaced the current "points being stolen" sound with a new sound 
     *Added better collision hulls to robot models 
     *Reworked robot skins to reduce similarity to the Ubercharged skin 
     *Sentry guns no longer target Ubercharged robots

    -Map changes

    *Layout has been adjusted with the overall goal of improving visibility of teammates 
    *Removed spawn teleporter 
    *Reduced map size by removing the front lobby and cave sections 
    *Added terrain paths on the sides of the mid bridge 
    *Increased width of the mid bridge 
    *Removed doors that locked when A and B robots were active 
    *Robots have been rearranged:
        *A robots now roam the bridge above the water 
        *B robots now roam around the floor in front of the vault 
        *C robots now roam around the upper deck
    *Added more line of sight blockers to the water room to provide better cover during combat engagements 
    *Reduced travel time for the water flanking route under the interior bridge 
    *Added a drop down to enter the water room from the front door staging area 
    *Increased size of the glass room near C robots to provide flanking cover to use against sentries that are        placed at the corner of the upper deck 
    *Increased width of vault corridors 
    *Reworked vent route that leads to the vault, no longer need to crouch jump on exit 
    *Moved left spawn exit forward to reduce effectiveness of spawn camping 
    *Added a resupply cabinet to the right side spawn exit 
    *Re-positioned health and ammo pickup locations 
    *Added ramp collision to stairs 
    *Changed setup time from 60 seconds to 40 seconds 
    *Changed power reactor max return time from 90 seconds to 60 seconds 
    *Fixed gap in the death pit that allowed players to survive

Undocumented Changes:

  • Added a headset style to Greased Lightning.
  • Added paintability to Tournament Medal - Tumblr Vs Reddit (Season 2).

Moonbase Beta

Public beta EOTL map testing
Hey all,
Since the map for End of the Line is progressing well we decided to slowly work it into public tests. With our recent limited public tests we wanted to get fresh eyes on the map to see if there was anything major that our regular testing team overlooked prior to going fully public.

With that passed we’re now pushing into public beta testing with 1 US and 1 EU server running the latest beta iterations. By playing the EOTL map on either of these 2 specific servers you will be contributing to the final version as we collect data and feedback from the gameplay. We also welcome specific feedback which can be given by typing !gf followed by any general feedback you have or !fb to give feedback related to your location and/or crosshair during your time in either server. Please note though that we are not looking for feedback on art, clipping or audio at this stage. What we are looking for is layout, balance and pacing feedback.

While we get the final art and particle assets ready for implementation, we have stripped out some of the placeholders and reverted back to safer basic brush models. Please also note that this testing is being generously hosted by who also need to do regular testing of other maps from the community. As such, the testing of the EOTL map will be down for an average of 1-3 hours a day during these periods. But fully functional for the rest.

The map makers are YM and Fr0z3nR who have put a lot of effort and time into this since we started prototyping ideas in January. 

The Servers:

See you guys there.