beta leon

why is there a need for every dr game to have some character with a goatee 

Nicknames for Jojo Characters Part 5

Giorno Giovanna/Joestar/Brando: Donut Boy and his stand Flower Child and his stand Requiem Loop

Bruno Bucciarati: Deadly Tongue and his stand Tight Leather Zipper

Leone Abbacchio: Beta Goth and his stand Useless but Aesthetic

Guido Mista: Fourever Fool and his stand Brat Pack

Narancia Ghirga: Precious Knife Son and his stand I’M AN AIRPLANE 

Pannacotta Fugo: Traitor! *Spins stick* and his stand Fucking Cancer Mate

Trish Una: How does my hair work and her stand Solo Tour

Older Koichi Hirose: I’m gonna murder you in your sleep and his stand Crushing Force

Older Jean Pierre Polnareff: THEY TOOK MA LEGS and his stand I still Have My Legs and his stand Requiem Araki Made Me After Watching Freaky Friday

Slightly Older Jotaro Kujo: Stop Giving Me These Cameos and his stand Doesn’t Even Get To Ora This Part

Coco Jumbo: Josuke True Foe and his stand Green Room

Polpo: Fat Bastard and his stand Darth Stabth

Mario Zucchero: Let’s Be Honest Most Of You Forgot About Me and his stand Deflation

Sale: I’m Selling Free Mista Asswhoopings and his stand Just Chill

Illuso: I’m Not A Freaking Michael Jackson Impersonator and his stand Who The Fuck Said There’s No Such Thing As A Mirror World

Pesci: Punk Boy and his stand Dad’s Hobby

Prosciutto: I’m Not A Silver Fox…Unless I Want To Be and his stand Portable Sauna

Formaggio: Cat Man and his stand My Feet Aren’t That Small

Melone: Call Me Daddy and his stand Parental Issues

Ghiacco: I’m Done With This Frozen Bullshit and his stand Not A Fucking Catsuit

Tiziano: Give Me Your Mouth and his stand Tongue Sucker

Squalo: Curly Fry Hair and his stand ARE THOSE FUCKING PIRANHAS

Carne: Just Fucking Kill Me Already and his stand Could I Beat Ultimate Kars

Secco: Dirty Boy Take A Bath and his stand Shovel Suit

Cioccolata: I Look More Alien Then The Actually Alien and his stand The Moss

Risotto Nero: Alpha Goth and his stand That’s Fucking Metal Mate

Vinegar Doppio: Thought To Be A Sweet Boy Actually A Salty Boy and his stand It Kind Of Wasn’t My Stand

Diavolo: Mister Faceless and his stand Drunk Time Travel


Elza Walker in Resident Evil 1.5 (バイオハザード 1.5) - The first footage of the game was shown at the V Jump Festival ‘96 in July

The first Betagum Rock ever drawn, by the exceptionally talented Kori! I commissioned this from them at AAC a couple weeks ago, it just came today and I LOVE it! I requested it based on the RP Tobi and I do of course. uvu

Kazuo Matsuzaki aka Beta Leon, being the punkass little shit he is, must have gotten himself into a fight, leaving Souda to treat the aftermath. He’s just a mechanic, but he’s also the only one who cares about Kazuo’s wellbeing, so he’s gotta try, right? If only he’d listen once in a while…

Kazuo, of course, doesnt want his help, ohhh noooo. He can handle it himself, because he sooooo doesnt care about Shark Boy over there, no way. He’s better than that, right?


I know that someone posted the top image before, but Lord knows if I’ll ever find that post again.

Some early concept art of Leon and Maizono (somewhere between Distrust and Dangan Ronpa), found in the “Concept Art” folder in this series of rips by kamukuranon. Top is the original, bottom is the massively lighting-adjusted version because my monitor isn’t that bright.

I’d just like to know how spectacularly wrong things had to go in this scenario to force Leon and Maizono to grab some firearms. (Also, is it just me, or is Maizono 60% leg?)