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why is there a need for every dr game to have some character with a goatee 

Quick iOS 11 demo, as you can see how new #ControlCntre works in landscape, new system animations, new mulitatsking interface and now we have #LockScreen avaliable in landscape mode, and it works not only with plus sizes iPhones. 

My submission for today’s @lapidot-anniversary-week prompt, “barn mates”!

I quickly put his together bc a sudden rush of inspiration™ hit me.

Due to limited time, I opted for a simpler and more symbolic drawing: The tape recorder in its current state. I find it interesting that it was turned into a morp after, well, the consequences of Lapis and Peridot’s rocky start in the episode “Barn Mates”.

According to Peridot herself, “Wow, thanks” expresses the struggles of their communication and how they’re bonded now, represented by the blue ribbon - the same that she used to wrap the gift box by then.

I find it very interesting that at some point she stopped to analyse their interactions and made a meep morp out of a broken thing that hints back to their conflict. Peridot made the recorder into something new and even if it still reminded her of these prior happenings, she’s happy to have given it a new meaning, as she mentions in “Beta”.

I think that it somehow reflects the beginning of their relationship. Lapis still had many negative feelings towardsPeridot, but she tried to earn herself a new meaning for Lapis, to show that she changed through the entirety of “Barn Mates” and in the end, even though Peridot still reminded Lapis of the bad things that happened to her, she allowed herself to give it all a new meaning, to restart over by accepting to live with peridot in the barn.

Oh and do I even have to mention how things turned out afterwards?

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Just look how much they grew close to eachother between Barn Mates and Beta. That’s character development, beautiful, pure and healthy character development. I just LOVE the tiny hints this show gives… 


Gut bacteria may play a role in Alzheimer’s disease

New research from Lund University in Sweden has shown that intestinal bacteria can accelerate the development of Alzheimer’s disease. According to the researchers behind the study, the results open up the door to new opportunities for preventing and treating the disease. 

Because our gut bacteria have a major impact on how we feel through the interaction between the immune system, the intestinal mucosa and our diet, the composition of the gut microbiota is of great interest to research on diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Exactly how our gut microbiota composition is composed depends on which bacteria we receive at birth, our genes and our diet.

By studying both healthy and diseased mice, the researchers found that mice suffering from Alzheimer’s have a different composition of gut bacteria compared to mice that are healthy. The researchers also studied Alzheimer’s disease in mice that completely lacked bacteria to further test the relationship between intestinal bacteria and the disease. Mice without bacteria had a significantly smaller amount of beta-amyloid plaque in the brain. Beta-amyloid plaques are the lumps that form at the nerve fibres in cases of Alzheimer’s disease.

To clarify the link between intestinal flora and the occurrence of the disease, the researchers transferred intestinal bacteria from diseased mice to germ-free mice, and discovered that the mice developed more beta-amyloid plaques in the brain compared to if they had received bacteria from healthy mice.

“Our study is unique as it shows a direct causal link between gut bacteria and Alzheimer’s disease. It was striking that the mice which completely lacked bacteria developed much less plaque in the brain”, says researcher Frida Fåk Hållenius, at the Food for Health Science Centre.

“The results mean that we can now begin researching ways to prevent the disease and delay the onset. We consider this to be a major breakthrough as we used to only be able to give symptom-relieving antiretroviral drugs.”

Beta Children Headcanons

-A lot of Betas develop anxiety or inferiority complexes at a young age

-A Beta child having a crush on an Omega and being made fun of by Alpha children because “an Omega would never like a Beta that way”

-Beta children studying nonstop to try to be as smart as an Omega, or straining themselves during sports to try and be as athletic as an Alpha

-Beta children absolutely love visiting their Omega friends homes because they love playing and cuddling in their nests with them

-Omega parents being extra sweet towards Beta children because they can always pick up on how tense they get

-Beta only schools to help children feel less pressured to be something that they aren’t

-Betas being very protective of their Omega friends when they are older, but when they are younger it will often be the Omegas defending their Beta friends from the teasing of Alphas, because the Alphas know better than to upset an Omega

-In school or in play groups Betas are either swept up with the Alpha children or the Omega children but it’s rare for a cluster of only Beta children to be playing together

-A lot of Beta and Alpha children don’t get along well because the Betas dislike the arrogant attitudes that the Alphas often have and the Alphas are just jealous of how easily the Betas can befriend Omegas

-A Beta child getting into their parents makeup with their Omega friend and making an absolute mess but being so pleased with themselves for making each other so “pretty” but really they look so ridiculous that their parents are too busy laughing to actually scold them

Beta Friendship Headcanons

-When Betas are little they mostly prefer the comfort of other Betas or the calming presence of Omegas. They generally dislike the unintentionally hostile behaviour of Alpha children

-A Beta child at a play group with no other Betas and they are too timid to try and befriend someone from a different dynamic, then an Alpha notices them and bounds over before happily telling the Beta child that they are claiming them as their best friend and the Beta is intimidated and kinda lost but they go along with it because they don’t want to play alone

-A small child Beta being picked on by an Alpha until an Omega steps in and defends them and the Beta is just so impressed and in awe because they thought Omegas were supposed to be timid and the Omega becomes flustered because they’ve never been looked up to before and they end up becoming the best of friends

-As they grow older and Alphas start turning their harassment towards the Omegas, the Betas take up the role of being the protective friend and trying to keep the Alphas from bothering the Omegas too much

-As Betas grow older they develop a more Alpha or Omega type of personality depending on which dynamic they spend more time with

-Betas are generally unaffected by an Omega’s heat so it’s not uncommon for them to hang around their unmated Omega friend’s house and keep them company/provide nourishment when the Omega is between waves

-An Alpha/Omega couple that are unmated and not ready to spend the Omega’s heat together, so their mutual Beta friend hangs out at the Omega’s house and keeps calling and texting the Alpha to make them jealous

-A Beta being good friends with an Alpha but also seeing them as a rival because they both like the same Omega, the Beta taking full advantage of the fact that it’s easier for a Beta to approach and hang around an unmated Omega than it is for an Alpha

-Young Betas easily connecting and creating strong bonds with other Betas

-A Beta being the unofficial aunt/uncle to their best friends children but loving and protecting them as though they are blood related

-When Betas are older they find it a lot easier to try and befriend Alphas because they don’t seem as intimidating as they did when they were little

🙌Hey our brave little Paladins!
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Current version was renewed by our team completely,we made it more interesting and facinaiting! But it is still the beta version,as we want to create a good pixel game!So,that’s why we still open for your offers and comments
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It’s very rare for an omega or beta to be pregnant with pups of two different dynamics at the same time (being pregnant with twins; one alpha and one beta) as all dynamics develop very differently in the womb and have different nutritional needs at different stages of development. This can often lead to miscarriages or stillborns


Concept art and pre-alpha screens of Skullgirls.

Most of these images are from 2005-2007, and were contemporary with Alex Ahad’s original engine. The final image, circa 2010, is Mike Z’s build of Skullgirls; the very one that would evolve into the game that saw release in early 2012.

Beta Royalty Headcanons

-Royal Betas marriages are also arranged by their parents. Just like a royal Omega their mates are chosen based on what match would benefit the kingdom the most

-However, unlike Omegas a royal Beta is never arranged to another royal. They are most often arranged to a Beta from a wealthy and well-known family

-The wedding is just as grand as an Alphas or Omegas but not as many citizens care to attend because the Beta’s mate and future children will have little to no impact on the kingdom or who runs it

-Royal Betas often assist in the raising of their younger Alpha and Omega siblings

-An older Beta having to deal with the fact that their younger and less qualified sibling will take over the throne simply because Alpha is a more respected dynamic than Beta

-A royal Beta being very close with their Omega sibling and being very distressed when it comes time for their precious little sibling to be married off to some stranger…so they do their best to dig up information about the soon to be mate so they can attempt to reassure their younger sibling that everything will turn out okay

-Royal Betas receive an average education but are given every opportunity to pursue a higher education, and being encouraged to do so because they are meant to grow into important business leaders

-A royal Beta developing a very outgoing and charming persona and going out into the kingdom to socialise and create strong relations to aid in building up the reputation of the royal family

-Knowing they won’t ever be the ruler of a kingdom so they strive to succeed in everything else they do to prove that they are just as capable as any Alpha

-Royal Betas tend to become very business minded and slightly manipulative as they grow older in order to help them succeed in their social and financial endeavors

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I love your blog and I loved the recs from my last request. This time I was just wondering if you could update the Wolf Courting tag and the Pack Mom!Stiles tag. Thanks so much!


How to Stalk a Werewolf by Guede (1/1 | 19,289 | NC17)

Stiles advertises for someone to help with sex magic. Derek answers. It goes downhill from there.

Prequel to How to Bag a Werewolf; you don’t need to have read that to follow this.

Enamor Me by crossroadswrite (1/1 | 1,552 | G)

In which Derek sneakily woos Stiles and doesn’t expect him to notice.
He keeps catching himself doing these little things and he doesn’t know why.

Except that’s a complete lie. He knows exactly what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.

He likes Stiles.

For whatever reason he likes him. Like, wants to be the best version of himself he possibly can because that’s what Stiles deserves likes him.

Bonds of Blood, Bonds of Family, Bonds of Love by TyReed (10/10 | 40,003 | R)

After being beaten up by a door, werewolf Stiles Stilinksi finds himself bonded to Derek Hale, of the Hale Noble Bloodline. For a scrawny, wimpy, Tainted Bloodline werewolf, Stiles runs away, embarrassed and humiliated as he worries about bringing shame to the Hale Family, and even more shame to himself. Because the Nobles and Tainted just don’t mix, never have, never will.

Except, things aren’t exactly what they seem.

With the help of the (meddling) Hale family, his adoptive (meddling) human parents John and Claudia Stilinksi, and one very persistent Alpha Derek Hale, Stiles might come to see himself as more than just the blood that runs through his veins, and open his heart to find the happiness, friends, pack, and the family that he’d always wanted.

Ecosystem Engineering and the Werewolf by Guede (1/1 | 19,466 | NC17)

Stiles and his dad work for the U.S. Forest Service, which sends them to Beacon Hills. It’d be nice if Stiles could stop running into the Hales. He’s got bodies to get rid of.

Baby If You Love Me Won’t You Give Me A Smile by Loslote (1/1 | 2,818 | PG13)

Five times Scott sees Stiles and Derek fake a relationship and one time he realizes they actually were dating all along.

pack mom stiles:

Emperor’s New Clothes by A_Hero_In_Disguise (2/? | 3,178 | NR)

Sixteen years ago, a demon known only as ‘The Emperor’, the cruelest and vilest demon ever to live, was cast out of Hell by Lucifer himself and into a human form.
Now, going by the name Stiles Stilinski, he is desperate to keep his past as a demon a secret. But when a rumor arises in the supernatural community that The Emperor is residing in Beacon Hill’s, that may prove more difficult that it sounds.

Midnight Moon by crimson_eyed_rabbit (6/? | 19,408 | R)

After the incident with Jackson and Gerard Argent, Erica and Boyd left to find a new pack to join. But they were soon captured by the Alpha pack and brought back to Beacon Hills. No one knew about this except for Derek, Peter, and Isaac.

Within two weeks into the summer, Stiles has a dream about Erica and Boyd running for their lives, but were then captured. Derek goes to Stiles for his help in finding his two missing betas. As Stiles help Derek find his betas, he starts to develop feelings for the sourwolf, and finds out something about himself that he never knew.

Fat For You, Alpha Dear by nathanangel (1/1 | 1,202 | PG13)

“You were supposed to take care of him! Lydia said. Not fatten him up!”

Or where Stiles is found in Beacon Hill, Derek take care of him and makes him fatter. ALPHA/OMEGA DYNAMIC. Mpreg and weight gain. Don’t like don’t read!

Failwolf by Benaya (1/1 | 1,829 | NR)

Just an everyday at the Hale house.

Or as fanfics_a_must007 said

Stiles is pack mom and Derek is an adorable clumsy Alpha.

How the Sourwolf Stole Christmas by HWWHOC (1/1 | 2,157 | G)

A grumpy wolf plots to steal Christmas from the unsuspecting town of Beacon Hills.Or,Stiles tells the Pack a story that involves Derek being a Grinch.

The Person You’d Take a Bullet For (is Behind The Trigger) by SadieHerondale (1/1 | 5,820 | PG13)

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but until he gets Derek back, Stiles’ actions are going to be worse than bad. And he will get Derek back, come hell or high water.

Crushed down by Benaya (1/1 | 2,231 | NR)

Stiles was a demon, what he wanted, what he had, did it really all matter now that things crushed down and Derek found out.

Sinking (Under the Crashing Tides) by The_full_moon_is_upon_us (1/1 | 7,398 | NR)

Stiles isn’t back yet and the pack is worried.
After Derek finds Stiles, almost dead, it’s up to him to save his mate’s life.