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You are a pet owner.

I have lately been getting a lot of questions. While I don’t mind answering questions from new owners or other questions about health/setup/etc., I have been receiving a lot of messages which have rubbed me in all the wrong ways.

Pet ownership means RESPONSIBILITY.

Owning a fish, bird, dog, or any other animal, means you are a pet owner. When you become a pet owner you are taking on the RESPONSIBILITY of their care.

You are to provide for it, to house it, and to look after its well being. This is a job you have taken on VOLUNTARILY. That fish did not ask for you to put it in a .5 gallon vase and choke on its own waste. You decided you wanted a fish and put it in that vase. In doing so, you stated in NO UNCLEAR TERMS, that this animal’s life, health, happiness, suffering, and death are entirely your own.

You. Are. Responsible.

Part of responsibility is putting your wants below your pet’s needs. Choosing to do something that will make an animal suffer when it is completely unnecessary is animal cruelty or neglect. That’s not okay. It will never be okay. I’m not here to be some pardon for your behavior.

So Act Like a Pet Owner or Don’t be a Pet Owner

If you can’t put your animal’s needs before your wants, do not own that animal. You can and will make mistakes. But that’s what they are. Unintentional mistakes. Correcting them is part of being responsible. If you can’t afford to correct those mistakes or for it’s health, well-being, or needs, then please re-home the animal.

eliza schuyler general headcanons

a/n: it’s her birthday so y’know these are just some headcanons about her, enjoy

  • she is allergic to cats but she absolutely adores them 
  • she loves all animals really, she isn’t just a dog person or a cat person, she’s an animal person
    • the only animals she dislikes is like mosquitos and spiders
    • even then though she still refuses to kill them
    • also this is really random but she definitely has like a pair of ladybug earrings.
  • she has a beta fish, a bird and two dogs, she loves taking her dogs out for a walk and taking them to a dog park and playing with them- they are both relatively big dogs but she walks them both at the same time because she doesn’t want to leave either of them alone. she also bakes treats for them instead of buying ones from the stores.
    • she wants a snake but peggy her sisters dislikes snakes very much so no snake for eliza
  • she’s not vegetarian but she doesn’t eat a lot of meat in general
  • if she were to have a secret youtube account, i am just saying that she would be a beauty guru and would have a lot of subscribers
  • prefers hot chocolate over coffee and tea and the only coffee or tea she would drink would be iced
    • has to have marshmallows in hot chocolate and like maybe some cinnamon
    • she loves cinnamon tbh
  • always humming a song
  • she can only cook like eight things but they are all really good. her best dish is pancakes and she eats them with fresh fruit and powdered sugar instead of butter and syrup
  • when she goes shopping, she buys a ton of like small stuff like bookmarks and stuff like that
  • she loves drawing with white colored pencil on dark surfaces and she prefers drawing traditionally rather than digitally
  • she loves taking pictures and stuff and she has like a really really good camera that she absolutely treasures because it is from her sisters
  • really good piano player and learns songs really fast so she can sing and play at the same time, she loves singing to her dogs and just to her pets in general
  • favorite season is spring, right when it is still pretty cool out but flowers are blooming and it’s not humid at all, she loves that so much
  • also she talks to her pets in both english and french


Inktober Day 3

I’ve been seeing a lot of beta-Noiz floating around, but what about bara– I mean– beta-Koujaku? His design may be even more ridiculous than the final version, but I really love his build, braid, and the fact that his clothes actually fully cover his tattoo.


1. Blademasters have some sweet tattoos (cc korkrunchcereal )

2. Apparently there are defectors serving the Iron Horde. For whatever reason, this troll is one of them and he wasn’t murdered on the spot by a rampaging Garrosh because really do you really think Garrosh would be cool with a troll even if the troll was all ’s'up mon Vol'jin was totally a jerk’ no Garrosh would say ‘off with your fucking head you useless pig’ so I don’t get this guy’s deal but okay ~lore~ whatever

3. In Birb Country, everything is birb. You want life, Birb Spirit Healer bring you back, but cost. Cost is seed. Many seed.

bird-ly  asked:

BO!Yams (with a strongly omegan scent) and BB!Tsukki (scentless). Kei is insecure because he cannot assert his dominance through scent and being afraid that his freckled mate will leave him because he cannot intimidate A!s easily.

Tsukishima gets himself into a bad head space when he thinks about being unable to protect Yamaguchi or drive off alphas. He’s suggested that Yamaguchi just leave him for a proper alpha multiple times, but Yamaguchi refuses. He tells Tsukki he doesn’t need an alpha to keep him safe, Yamaguchi can protect himself and Tsukki does just fine protecting him too.

Tsukishima likes when Yamaguchi scents him, because then he at least smells like something, but feels bad that he can’t scent yams back. Sometimes he wears fake alpha scent, and then rubs his hand through yams’ hair or brushes his cheek so he can pretend he can scent mark his mate.

thekingkags asked: *passionate chanting* KAGEHINAYACHI KAGEHINAYACHI

With credit to @bird-ly for writing. Many thanks!

Thanks again! Tobio did take some time to notice the way Hinata looked at Yachi. ‘The blonde omega is so cute…’ he always though. He had no idea his boyfriend thought the same thing. So when the beta voiced his thoughts, he agreed. He didn’t expect Hinata to start a discussion about having her as a girlfriend to both of them.

When they asked Yachi out on a date, she complied, unaware of the meaning behind it, only just slightly weirded out by Kageyama-kun’s red face and Hinata-kun’s stuttering, affected by all of it, her cheeks did turn pink. So when they could see the sunset from their cart, the city covered in dark shadows and warm colors, Kageyama’s took a deep breath and asked Yachi into courtship. She was astounded, but soon complied.

When she brought her boyfriends over for her family to meet, they all welcomed him with open arms. (Her father did grumble something about preferring to meet an alpha, as they washed the dishes but he was only happy that his daughter found a suitable pair).

When they find the time, the three of them always go picnicking or to the movies. They also have sleepovers regularly. Their favorite place to sleep is at Yachi’s, because of the calming atmosphere, as the girl chooses songs and Hinata goes to the kitchen to help her father prepare snacks for them. So Tobio sits, surrounded by the many pillows and comforters, and thinks. This is… Perfect.

(Headcanon by: @bird-ly)

A beta heat/present headcanon I have is that it all depends on their genes:

A BA (Beta gene carrier of Alpha gene) has milder ruts and milder wallowing be a part of their heat cycle. When first presenting they get aggressive and possessive for a couple of days, with Alpha-like levels of rut and wallowing. Of course, the aggressiveness may stay, depending on the person.

A BO (Beta gene carrier of Omega gene) has cramps, sore limbs, headaches and backaches, coupled with mild nesting and irritability - all rather alike the one of an Omega, but with milder symptoms. Of course, intensity and symptoms depends on the person. When first presenting these symptoms are elevated to omega-like levels. BOs have their heat cycle coincide with their menstrual/estrous cycle, male BOs have their heat/estrous cycle lessened, grandiosely so compared to omegas and mildly so compared to their female counterparts.

BB (Beta genes) have no heat cycle and have their second reproductive systems non-existent, being purely male/female. Some are sterile. About half of the BBs are scentless, where the other half has a very faint and barely noticeable scent. However they have superbly highly developed vomeronasal organs, which grants them an uniquely advanced sense of smell regarding other’s scents.
There was a huge social pressure that these genotypes were to be avoided mating and birthing because of this characteristic. Though with the new ways of thinking of the minds of the youth generation, they are now, slowly but surely, considered valuable and highly sought after thanks to that same characteristic.
A female BB has a normal menstrual cycle and menopause. Male BBs have normally functioning reproductive system.
Salvaged - Chapter 6

Fandom: One Punch Man
Rating: G
Pairing: Saitama/Genos
Tags: AU, Fluff, Light Angst, Animal Rehabilitation, Cyborg Rehabilitation
Summary: “I don’t know anything about cyborgs,” Saitama mutters to himself. “I really shouldn’t be taking care of one.”

After a long wait Genos is finally coming home… Huge thanks to @ganemi for betaing this for me!