beta architecture

sewer-medic  asked:

In the ABOverse, is residential architecture different? Are there special round rooms with mattress floors meant for nesting? If there are, are they central in the home, or secluded in the back?

I do think they would be different. Granted, any family can have their home designed how they want it if they have the funds and the architects give the thumbs up. 

  • I think homes would have conversation pits! Which in turn would be great for nests as well. Great movie nights and game nights. Or make the family meetings a little bit easier to handle. 
  • Large bright kitchens, with an island and a breakfast nook. 
  • Tons of storage. 
  • Homes will vary in the aspect of being a closed floor plan or an open floor plan. 
  • An Omega’s room can be round, but doesn’t have to be. 
  • I also think that the Omega’s room would be in the farthest part of the house, since they spend their heats secluded and in their nest.

Some ideas on what are in an Omega’s room, round or not. 

  • They may have their own bathroom. 
  • The floor is either a mattress or some soft material. 
  • Windows are covered with thick curtains.
  • Pillows are everywhere, and of many different sizes.
  • Blankets and clothes are everywhere as well. 
  • They can have a bed, though, it’d be legless / frame-less it’d be more like a box spring with a mattress on top with the normal bed necessities. 
  • Beds are optional.
  • There are shelves on the walls that allow drinks to be held and what not. 
  • Along with built in bookshelves and desk area. 
  • No shoes please. 

If anyone doesn’t know what a conversation pit is: 

I really want one in my future home.