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Hussie appreciation post. (he needs it.)

It will be the last time we’ll get an upd8, the story of the young man standing in his bedroom will be over and here is a list of things that Hussie put in his comic when almost nobody else did 7 years ago (feel free to add more if I missed something):

· Aracial characters, allowing the readers to picture them in any skin color. (and even so, he was accused of racism just because in trickster mode made them caucasian because that’s how the kids felt, but /just/ in trickster mode.) so yeah, absolutly nobody can tell you that you can’t draw them black because they are white, the truth is that they are aracial so they could be anything (and keep it that way, don’t preassure him to give them a race.)

· Homosexual, lesbian and straigh relationships. (Even so he was accused of being homophobic)

· Lots of characters for us to like.

· Realistic characters. With flaws, fears and feelings.
· Give us a plus size character, Jane.

·The character’s beauty has never been important to the comic, besides Calliope who already learn to love herself and the kids accepted her the way she is and looks.

·He showed that you din’t needed complex art to make a great story.

· He made not one, or two, but ALL his female characters not afraid of fighting and strong. (yet he was accused of misogynist.)

· He give an enterely new way of shipping, giving us 4 quadrants
·When the money he earned to make a game was used to make another one (that wasn’t even his) he din’t asked the fans for more money, he turn whatpumpkin into a game studio.

· Through the hemospectrum, he show us that even if we are equal on the outside, society will still finds reason to hate and discriminate.

· And made us see how bad that hate can be, and even more if someone who posseses that hate gets to rule.

· When the cite reach it’s limit and crashed he immediatly tried to fix it.

· Because of all of this: He fucking made us feel like we belong somewhere.

· First official tear drinker.

That’s Andrew Hussie people, and in honor of the 413, the end of Homestuck, I made this post of the things I remember he put in his comic, by himself since he had the freedom to do anything he wished because his characters din’t needed to be anyone’s role model, and he choosed to put and GIVE US all that.


ARADIA. the one who escaped death’s grip by the skin of her teeth, without any signs of reproach. I was quite surprised when she displayed affection during out first encounter, I thought she would perhaps show a formal greeting and question my history and my demise….However, there is still something refreshing about her attitude.

It’s interesting how a lot of people forget that aside from the typical powers of their caste, the communing abilities, the Nitrams also were pyrokinetic to some degree.  It’s a shame we never got to see this used in combat, but it would have made things interesting.

Just imagine the Summoner having mastered this in secret and using it when he surprise attacked the highbloods.  So cool.

Why I Like Marquise Spinneret Mindfang

by lackadaisicallexicon

Warning for casual reference to Mindfang’s various crimes (murder, rape).

The Beta trolls’ ancestors are some of the most compelling characters in Homestuck, rich with cultural nuance, drama, and a mystique their human counterparts lack. Whether this mystique is rooted in their place in ancient history, the reverence they are shown in legend and canon alike, or simply in their incredible deeds, there is no denying that one ancestor in particular has not only had a profound effect on the way the story was shaped, but received characterization so in-depth that it’s astonishing this blog has taken so long to write about her.

At the risk of digging myself into an even deeper pit of her characteristic verbosity, I’ll cut to the chase—this is just a little essay on how much there is to love about the Marquise Spinneret Mindfang.

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Vantas Pants

I try sometimes to pretend that the Vantases have at least some sense of dignity, but at the end of the day, I always come back to the fact that they all wear leggings that go up to their underarms, and not pants like any sane and normal person would in their position.  Nope, leggings.  Leggings that hug the body super duper tight as far as we saw with the Signless.

For Kankri and the Signless, it’s “Righteous Leggings”.
For Karkat, he wears the “LEGGINGS OF A SIMPLE MAN”.

And I guess I’m just kind of glad that the fandom forgets this sometimes.  I try hard to forget it quite often.