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Deamus! "Those things you said yesterday...did you mean them?" (Btw it's adorable when you and your gf comment on each other's stuff js)

92. “Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”

Seamus woke up that morning to sunlight streaming through his window. He groaned and rolled over, pleasantly surprised to find that Dean was still in bed.

“Mornin’,” he said, pulling Dean closer, but Dean seemed stiff.

“We need to talk,” Dean said, and Seamus opened his eyes.

“What do yeh mean?”

Dean sat up in bed and Seamus reluctantly rubbed the sleep from his eyes. 

“Those things you said yesterday…” Dean started. “Did you mean them?”

Seamus pushed himself up onto his pillow and tried to shake himself awake.

“What are yeh on about?”

“What you said to Albus,” Dean clarified. “I overheard what you said to him.” And Seamus started to understand.


“Did you mean it?”

“Which part?” said Seamus turning to face his husband. “The part where I told him his life would be easier if he weren’t gay?”

“Yeah, that part,” Dean said testily. Seamus sighed.

“Well, I wasn’t going to lie to the kid, was I?”

“So your saying your life would be easier? If you weren’t married to me.”

“Dean come off it. Yeh know our lives would be easier if I weren’t a bloke.”

“Are you saying you regret it?” Dean said, his voice a challenge. “Our life together?”

“Yeh know that’s not what I’m saying,” Seamus said, reaching his hands out towards Dean’s. Dean seemed reluctant, but he let Seamus take them.

“What are you saying then?” Dean said, looking down at their hands.

“I’m saying me mam would have shown up for our wedding. I’m saying we’d be able to do this–” he raised their hands “–in public without wondering if someone will attack us for it. I’m saying I wouldn’t have to deal with the looks and the ‘oh really’s at work every time I mention I have a husband. I’m saying it would be easier. Not better. Not more genuine. Just… easier.”

“Albus is just a kid,” Dean muttered.

“And kids are cruel,” Seamus said. “We’re almost lucky we didn’t get together until after Hogwarts.”

“I wish you weren’t right,” Dean confessed, looking over at Seamus. Seamus leaned forward and pressed his forehead against Dean’s.

“I’m always right,” Seamus joked, and Dean laughed.


Found a demon and a ton of death

te desidero

A 4x01 insert

Kate picks up a pencil for the first time since she’s arrived here. For the first time since she escaped civilization and retreated to her father’s cabin. 

She had told him she’d call - and she will - she just…  can’t yet.

So she’s going to write to him.

She isn’t sure what to say, thinks that after all these months maybe she should.

But words have always belonged to him, not her. She needs to write something, though, needs to let him know she’s sorry, let him know she’s okay. 

Well, not okay. Not really, not mentally, emotionally…  but she’s alive and breathing, moving towards one day being okay, and she wants him to know that. 

Or maybe not. Maybe she just wants him to know she’s sorry, that she shouldn’t have left him the way she did, that she wishes more than anything he could be here, even though she’s not ready. 

She isn’t sure anymore.

So she’s sat here, on her bed, in a cabin a hundred miles away, trying to write the words that will maybe make him understand. 

Dear Castle, she starts, before crossing it out, because it’s too formal, too not them.

HI, she tries again, but it’s wrong, too.

She hasn’t even gotten past the greeting and she’s already struggling to find the words she needs to say.

Rick, is what she ends up settling on a few moments later. It’s not perfect, isn’t quite right, but she’s overthinking it, focusing too much on the minuscule, unimportant details, when there are things she needs to tell him. 

She should have planned this out in advance, should have put some thought into what she wanted to tell him.

But it’s been two months since she’s last seen him, two months of utter silence, and she should be able to write enough to fill a letter, but nothing sounds right, nothing fits.

She stares at the blank page for what feels like hours, waiting for something to magically appear, waiting for the words to come to her. 

Yet they don’t… until they do.

It’s not much, nothing elaborate, and not what she had intended, but somehow, it feels right. 

I miss you. 

Her letter arrives on a Tuesday. 

When he checked the mail he didn’t expect it, didn’t plan to find anything other than bills and flyers. 

But forty minutes later, he finds himself sitting at his desk, staring at an envelope addressed to him in a scrawl he instantly recognized as hers. He should open it, read what she wrote to him, maybe get the explanation he’s yet to receive for her months of silence, but there’s a part of him that’s hesitant. A part that doesn’t want to open the letter, doesn’t want to care about what she has to say because she left him, and he’s hurt, and he knows that as soon as he reads the words she wrote to him all will be forgiven.

He’s been sitting here battling an internal conflict for the better part of an hour.

Of course he’ll open the envelope, his curiosity and love for her makes that inevitable, but there’s a stubborn part of him that’s delaying it, telling him he shouldn’t. 

Screw it. 

Rick opens the envelope gently, trying not to damage the contents inside, before pulling out the folded note. 

Rick stares at it for a moment, tries to prepare himself for what he may read next, until his impatience gets the best of him. He takes a breath before unfolding the paper, trying to calm his nerves. 

He’s being irrational, he knows. No amount of preparation or reluctance is going to change anything. The words will be the same regardless of when he reads them. 

So he opens the letter, skims the page quickly, immediately noticing the lack of words written to him. 

The page is mostly empty, holds only a total of four words, but they stir something within him. Somehow they change things. 

It’s not a lot, and the words written aren’t the same as the words he whispered to her as she was laying in the grass dying, but, for some reason, they impact him just the same.

He misses her, too. 

He picks up his phone, debates calling her, but, really, he’s not all that convinced that she’d answer. 

She sent him a letter, physically wrote out the words she wanted to say to him, and there must be a reason behind that. 

So Rick opens his desk drawer, quickly searches through it until he finds the stationery and pen that he’s looking for. 

He stares at the blank page for a moment before writing back his reply to her. 

I miss you, too.

A/N: I’m doing this daily fic challenge where I try to write something once a day based off of a single word prompt. Today’s word was “pencil” (thank you @dinoscully ).  Instead of posting these daily, and flooding your dash, I’ll probably post two-ish a week. So, if you would like to suggest any words, just  send me an ask :) 


I’m sorry to bring up old episodes and I’m sure this has been pointed out already

but I just realized how strange it was, Beta and Earthlings back-to-back

Beta shows Lapis has (mostly) moved on past the A@S/Malachite trauma, and is happier now at the barn with Peridot. She doesn’t really react too much when Ame says the “J-word”, and she very well could have. But what really gets me is that, Lapis says “Let’s try it together” to Peridot. Peridot says “Yeah!” and they play happy music like dorks.

Earthlings shows Jasper is obviously NOT over it. When she struggles to maintain the fusion, she says “We can beat them, if we stay together” but the corrupted gem runs off. And then the epic line, “Nobody that fuses with me ever wants to stay”. The rejection by Lapis still stings. 

I don’t know why it took me this long to catch that parallel

 A piece of fanart for @nothingofeden of their OC Pyro. 

Ready or not? Oh I am SO ready! I’m excited for more @l1ve-w1re since the live action trailer came out! The whole crew is so perfect I just can’t even put it into words.

Its kinda startling for me to post this, I’m usually a silent fan, just leaving views and the occasional like behind. Comments and fanart are usually something I overthink to the point of getting anxious, but this started as a doodle between commissions and I liked it so much I had to finish it.

I hope @nothingofeden likes it, they are such a wonderful creative person, I’ve fallen hard for Pyro and can’t wait to see more from the Beta Cats crew. They are all wonderful people to bless us with their fantastic content. As always I’ll be waiting for their next posts with baited breath.

SELF REC MEME (get rekt)

When you get this, post your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿). Do multiple fandoms if you want!
I was tagged in the sweet and sassy @howdidthisevenhappenanyway thank you darling!

Honestly, this is making me nervous lol, but in random order (all tasertricks) :

1. Summer In February, it’s an AU one-shot. A bit cracky and oh so fluffy (my 1st attempt on writing fluff, so for a guttered-brain writer like me, this means a lot). 

2. Dear Darcy, also an AU one-shot, feels and fluffs. I got one super precious comment that I will treasure forever (and ever) in this one, so then, probably that means, this one is good? Yeah?

3. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, AU, one-shot, romcom with a side of smut (mild) and feels.

4. The Devil Wears Armani series, the longest series I’ve written, full of smut, like, seriously, shameless smut in almost every chapter that (to me) it felt as if the smut was basically the one that tied the story together instead of the plot. Dark-ish but I think they’re rather sweet. *Note : Heavily influenced by the Jaguar commercial.

5. Okay this last one is my most ambitious, because I am not a funny person so WHAT the heck am I doing trying to write this funny thing?!?! And I Loathe You So whatever tho, I’m still writing it! 

Phew, so, those are my faves what are yours? @mischiefslady@concavepatterns@stubzs87@qmeup@gyoroandururun​ and anyone who wants to jump in!