Steven Universe - Beta & Earthlings (full episode)

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One little thing that I really liked about Beta / Earthlings was that it sort of resolved a weird situation from earlier in the show.

Waaaaay back in The Return, when Peridot was coming back to Earth with “reinforcements,” I always though it was kinda weird how all the backup she got was just one other (admittedly tough) Gem. Now, though, we know that Jasper isn’t just some Gem enforcer– she is, in Peridot’s terms, “the ultimate Quartz” and likely one of the strongest soldiers Homeworld has ever had.

So they didn’t send Peridot back with “just one” bodyguard, they sent her back with the fucking Terminator.

Let’s recap Steven’s afternoon:
  • Visits his friends in the country
  • Tours facility where alien invaders sucked the life out of the planet to mass-produce soldiers
  • Encounters incredibly dangerous foe who wants both him and Amethyst dead
  • Bares soul about feelings of isolation and inferiority in order to convince Amethyst to let him protect her from near-certain death
  • Forms new and really cute fusion
  • Sees Jasper corrupted and impaled right before his eyes
  • Returns to barn to find platoon of alien hostiles who can only be placated by Amethyst enduring extreme physical duress
  • Takes a field trip to the moon
  • Sends aforesaid alien platoon hurtling into the vacuum of space
  • Also gets sucked into space WHOOPS
  • Floats aimlessly for thousands of miles through the void with little hope of rescue
  • Narrowly avoids being stabbed to death by someone whose life he just saved
  • Hugs and background music
  • Yeah your mum still killed ye olde space president sorry bud