Why Bid On a Beta? (or: the most helpful thing you didn’t think you needed)

One thing that has jumped out as us, as we have been compiling auction data, is that fan labor auctions – particularly beta work, which is the vast majority of fan labor on offer – are getting way fewer bids than auctions for fanworks. We’re not totally sure why this is the case, but our guess is that most potential bidders fall into one of two categories:

1)     They have never worked with a beta reader before, or else previous beta readers have helped mainly with spelling and grammar – and so the idea that beta work is worth spending money on – even if that money is going to go to a great cause! – seems strange.


2)     They know full well how a good beta can help you transform your writing, both by helping you clarify your own goals/ideas and by suggesting ways to achieve them – and they know this because they already have that kind of creative partnership with a fandom friend (or friends), and don’t feel the need for another one.

So why bid on a(nother) beta?

  • You’re new to fandom (or a fandom), and aren’t sure what readerly expectations are yet
  • You’ve been in fandom (or a fandom) forever, and have maybe gotten set in your ways
  • You are flagging, and you need someone to
    • cheerlead
    • help you brainstorm
    • nudge you to keep writing
  • You are writing in a language that is not your native language
  • You’re stuck on a plot point
  • You are trying a new genre
  • You need a subject matter expert (someone who knows a foreign culture or language, or is familiar with a place where your story is set, or with different time period)
  • You want someone to tell you what isn’t working
  • You want someone to tell you what is working, and how/where you can do more of it
  • You are new to writing, or have been away for a long time
  • You want to tighten your prose
  • …or you just want to “level up.”

If you have ever looked back on your own writing and wished you had done some things differently; if you ever find yourself staring at your fic and asking yourself “am I crazy? Does this make any sense?”; if you’ve ever felt like you need some fresh eyes;

Then a whole lot of your fellow fans are here to help.

And they’re doing it because – like you – they want to take an active role in making the world a better place. So take a leap of faith, and bid on one (or more!) of our awesome betas. It may be the first step in a long-term creative partnership.

anonymous asked:

How can you tell if you're an omega, beta or an alpha? (Need for RPS please) Thanks for reading :)

I hope this is enough! Feel free to request more if you need them!


  • Alphas tend to be very tall and naturally muscular
  • Alphas will give off a heavy, musky scent
  • Alphas are capable of using the ‘Alpha tone’, which is really just an incredibly demanding tone that makes most betas and omegas obey what they ask (unless the situation is threatening). This tone is almost impossible for omegas and betas to replicate
  • Alphas will be more aggressive than other dynamics due to their high testosterone levels and their natural competitiveness
  • They’re physically the strongest at all times, on average
  • They usually have deeper voices than betas or omegas voices
  • Female alphas have a retractable penis, and don’t have a menstrual or heat cycle
  • Both male and female alphas find receiving penetrative sex incredibly uncomfortable, and often even painful
  • A young alpha will often be short and stocky, or tall and lanky
  • Alphas have a natural urge to protect and preserve betas and omegas, but mostly omegas
  • Their scent changes the least with their emotions
  • They can be very possessive
  • At the base of their penis, alphas have a thick knot of muscle that locks them to the omega they knot with


  • Betas have exceptionally good hearing, sight and smell. They can detect even the slightest changes in alpha and omegas scents
  • Betas will give off a slightly less intense scent
  • Female betas have menstrual cycles, but don’t have heat cycles. Despite this, they can still get pregnant
  • Betas find penetrative sex pleasurable, but they can’t take an alpha’s knot with experiencing intense pain
  • In early life, betas are often difficult to distinguish from omegas and alphas. Some betas will be naturally small or muscular, and some will be tall or lanky
  • Because betas don’t react to an omegas heat or an alphas rut, they are very adept at becoming doctors and psychologists
  • Betas are often less intense than alphas, which makes omegas prefer to befriend them
  • A long time ago, an alpha’s ‘best friend’ would be a beta, as omegas would flock to the beta, and the alpha could then court them
  • Betas are just as capable at bonding and scenting as omegas and alphas
  • Betas tend to have a calming effect on het up omegas and aggressive alpha
  • Betas tend to have slightly sharper canines than other dynamics


  • Omegas tend to be the smallest and physically weakest looking of all the dynamics
  • However, relative to their size, omegas can be incredibly strong, especially when they’re angry
  • Omegas have a strong protection instinct, but it’s far more maternal
  • Omegas tend to flock together, and it’s not unusual for omegas to be close enough to kiss each other on the cheek/forehead or snuggle platonically
  • Omegas usually have a nest at all times in a small, enclosed space like a closet or in a large bed, but they only use it when in heat, stressed or pregnant
  • Omegas tend to smell very comforting and sweet. Their scent gets sweeter the closer to their heat they get
  • An in-heat omega will still be able to function, but can experience stomach cramps, indigestion, delirium, temperature swings, extreme arousal and irritability
  • Omegas produce slick, which is sort of like their own lubricant. It tastes very sweet
  • Both male and female omegas are able to get pregnant, but neither experience menstrual cycles. Both bleed internally, as their womb will simply reabsorb the unused lining every month
  • Male omegas do have a penis and are able to produce semen, but in much smaller quantities and it is not fertile. Male omegas lack a vagina, so all penetrative sex is done via the anus
  • Omegas are capable of taking an alpha’s knot, but it can be uncomfortable and even slightly painful the first few times

If you’re now worried that Jasper isn’t coming back, don’t be.

Because the leak that told us that Yellow Diamond was going to get her own song, and that we would see both her and Blue Diamond, and that Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl would appear, is the same leak that told us that Jasper is getting a redemption arc, and that Greg is going to play a role in it.