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Scent headcannon! Most of the time, people smell like food or desirable things like popcorn and chocolate pretzels. But some people have scents that are more like pine forests and old books are telling of their passions or future careers. Omegas that smell like the sea are totally beach bodies. Alphas that smell like books and leather are going to be antique book collectors or librarians. Omegas that smell like stronger careers, like fire for a firefighter, might be looked at oddly by Alphas.

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Can you explain the whole pregnancy thing please?

Ok so, when a mummy and a daddy love each other very much, they’ll have sex. Sex is a magical thing, and sex leads to babies. In the case of dynamic pregnancies, it can lead to more than one baby at a time

Dynamics who CAN get pregnant but CAN’T impregnate 
Female betas
Female omegas
Male omegas

Dynamics who CAN’T get pregnant but CAN impregnate
Male betas
Female alphas
Male alpha

A pregnancy will go exactly as a normal pregnancy would go. My personal headcanons are that a male omega’s uterus is accessible through his anus (I know that some people disagree with this; honestly this is only my headcanon because mainstream fanfics offer no alternative and I’m basically a lemming and have no creativity of my own). Female omegas and betas basically give birth the same way human women do!

“Alpha Testing” of a critique group/beta reader platform--VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

Hi everyone!

So while I’ve been working on the nitty-gritty html of the next features for this blog, I’ve also been looking at platforms that might work well for critique groups/beta readers online. Most of the ones geared towards writers are paid services and there’s really not much control over who can see your work. Just to foster community here, I’d prefer to have a free option that keeps these critique groups within Writeblr Connects. And chat options like Discord aren’t really great for longer term processes with larger groups like critique groups/beta reading.

Enter Slack and Ryver.

Some of you that work in highly communication dependent offices may already be familiar with Slack. Ryver is a similar platform. Basically, I think I can leverage either one to make critique groups/partnerships and connect writers to their beta readers. 

But the question is which one to use?

So, I need some volunteers willing to play with both platforms to see which one would be better suited to the needs of Writeblr Connects.

Right now, I’m looking for about five to six volunteers. I will be an admin on both accounts and will be helping with testing/checking how everything works out. 

There won’t be anything formal about this test group (I don’t expect any submissions of your work or need you to be online at a certain time or anything like that). It’s basically just feature testing to make sure there aren’t any massive problems that would give one platform a advantage over the other. I also don’t have a set timeline in mind. If it only takes a couple of days to make the decision, great. If it takes a couple of weeks, that’s fine too. 

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED OR WANT MORE DETAILS: Usual drill! Message me or send an ask to this account ( @writeblrconnections ) or to @mcubed35

If you’re now worried that Jasper isn’t coming back, don’t be.

Because the leak that told us that Yellow Diamond was going to get her own song, and that we would see both her and Blue Diamond, and that Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl would appear, is the same leak that told us that Jasper is getting a redemption arc, and that Greg is going to play a role in it.

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And now I'm thinking of a Brazilian family that is going to Carnaval and painted their hair green. 3 pups, one Omega and two betas. Their mother is a very lively Omega, and the father is a protective Beta. (Its close to carnaval here :>)

They would be so easy to spot in all the crowds, even despite the colours, because they’re three little green heads bobbing up and down amongst all the people