Late Night Rescues; Nite

Hiccuping, shuddering, tears bleeding through her fingers–– Holly could hardly breathe through her choked up, dry heaving throat. “Camden, Camden I didn't– They didn't–” She had to force the words out through pressed lips, and though the ten shots of whiskey should have, in theory, loosened her tongue, the words didn’t feel any smoother coming out than when they had come in, her ears left ringing as if radio static had inhabited her inner ear cavity. 

“I- I’m not– I-” She was going to collapse right there, by her kitchen table, with Harmony purring by her feet, Callie off somewhere with Dale, her structure was going to collapse right there, and if she was going to be left alone in the debris the result would be.. Catastrophic.

“Please,” She managed to whisper past clenched, chattering teeth. “I need you.." 

ofsentencefragments-archive asked:

"I am so in love with you. You're in me. It's like you're a disease. And I just can't think about anything or anybody. And I can't sleep. I can't breathe. I can't eat. And I just love you. All the time."

sentence meme

         He’s surprised by her outburst && it shows, his eyes
         widened a fraction as she continues on, forcing the
         breath out of his lungs, his lips parted yet no words
         manage to come out. There’s still something completely
         foreign to Oliver about hearing that someone could love
         him in the capacity she described, it requires him to take
         a moment – to compose himself, hear her words && find
         that they were ones of good nature instead of the disappointment
         he expects. He would never view himself as a man worthy
         of the love of Felicity Smoak, she deserved so much better
         than the life he could offer her. A life full of the constant danger
         looming over their shoulders threatening to take his light away
         from him && send him spiraling back into the darkness he is
         without her. 

                      His fingers are rubbing together as she finishes, he
                      never had needed her to say the words out loud but
                      to hear those three words sent a hope crashing into
                      him – that maybe there was still a world that a guy 
                      like him got the girl. He had made a choice months
                      ago, to live a life without her, && allow her to be free
                      of the maybe he brought – but now that he was faced
                      with the same choice once more, this time he made a
                      different decision – finally accepting her own choice 
                      in the matter.

        He surges forward in a fluid motion, his hands coming up to
        cradle her face, his lips finding hers for a moment he craved
        since the day she walked away. She rushes through his every
       vein reawakening the light that had been buried underneath the
       weight of his past. 
              He is a disease, a life altering whirlwind that will
              surely drag her down paths no one as bright as her
              deserves to be taken to – but she’s the cure. The one
              able to save the man who deemed himself unsalvageable.