I remember your lips

the night I wasn’t supposed to kiss them.

I remember leaning in to whisper

and you not pulling away.

I remember the rum

we’d pulled back to try to drink away the guilt

of something we hadn’t done.

“Should I stay?” You asked

and I hesitated.

Months we toyed with this idea,

months I dreamed of being someone

who wasn’t already in love.

I dreamed of being someone who could love


Maybe, if I could just kiss you

it would be gone and I could be happy

again. Right where I was.

Without you.

You placed your forehead on my own

– a look of pain on your eyes.

And I remember your lips –

so close,

barely a finger could fit between them.

We hovered there

– Suspended –

in the moment

of what we couldn’t do.

I’ve kissed him

so many times,

and I can’t remember

a single one.

Even now I wish I could say

I didn’t regret

turning away.

But I can’t.

I regret

turning away.

I regret the night

we didn’t kiss.

For, I still

remember your lips.

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You’re my: death 💕
How I met you: mmm you reblogged one of my gifs and i clicked and checked your acc out and boom, you kill me with rude ass gifs after i messaged you LMAO
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A random fact I know about you: you have a lot of kdrama memes lying around to use when answering question (not really memes but their reactions? expressions? idk)
General opinion: you’re the so sweet and cute and kind and just reallyyyy friendly so <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333 and your fashion is really really good like…how do you pull of those styles so nicely sobs
A random thought I have: 

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The Mysterious Package

so i was inspired by my amazing mutual and talented write friend @ierohero to share a story i wrote when i was nine. i have to retype it but here we go. nothing is changed spelling, grammar, or plot wise. its in first person. I WAS NINE

I was walking down the street. It was a sunny, warm day. School had just ended for the week, and I was taking my time getting home. Then, fro no-where, a man in a black coat nearly ran into me!

“Hey,” I yelled

“Don’t let anything happen to this!” He warned as he shoved a package into my hands. Then he sprinted away down the street. 

I dropped the package. I was really, I mean really scared. All of a sudden it started raining. Rainstorming. I could hear thunder and see lightning. Without grabbing the package, I ran home. 

The second I got home, my mom shouted atme, “Jane Grace Johnson! Where on Earth have you been?” But her voice softened, and then she whispered, “Thank god you’re back. I was worried sick!” 

“I’m safe Mom, really!” I told her.

All night I was haunted by thoughts of the package. I knew that I had to go get the package the next day. Then, I thought “Why did the man give me the package? Why did I get it? What was I supposed to do with it? Who was that man? And then I knew that I had to go get the package. Right then. 

I threw on a raincoat and ran out the door. My house called to me, but I resisted the feeling that I needed to go back. I ran and ran until I spotted the package lying on the street. I jogged over to it. I was about to pick it up when I heard a scream. I turned around. No one. Once more, I knelt down to pick the package up. But it was gone. I looked up. Not too far away, I spotted a young man. He had sandy hair. He looked young, but that’s not what caught my eye. He was holding the package. 

Then, everything went black. 

I knew she was the one since she was born. Special. She was special. Not, I mean, to her peers. Friendless. She was friendless. But on that day, I knew she was ready. I must say, the approach wasn’t the kindest. And it put her on her gaurd. But how else was I supposed to act? I couldn’t have just walked up to her and said, “Hey, this box has something inside with magical powers! Take good care of it! And, oh, be a good girl and protect it from bad guys!”

It was very hard to part with. I would have kept it, but I was getting to old for that kind of thing. 

I woke up in a room, who knows how many hours later. The room was completely white. I was strapped to a table. The package was nowhere in sight. All of a sudden, the door banged open. An old, struggling man was pushed in. Then the door slammed shut. The man had blue eyes, a medium-long, white beard, and a black coat. I gasped. He was the man who had given me the package!

“Well,” I said. “Alas, we were both trapped by Antonio.”

“Antonio?” The package girl asked.

“He is the man who captured us,” I told her.

The door opened. It was Antonio. 

“I really can’t believe that I caught you!” He taunted. “I’m opening the package at this very minute!” 

“No doubt that you’re having quite a bit of trouble,” I said.

“How did you know?” he asked, the smile leaving his face. 

“I,” I said, “Made the package.”

Abruptly he turned to go. 

“I will be back,” Antonio muttered. 

“Now,” I stated, “Lets get you free.”

Before I knew it, we were running down a secret hallway. I had asked how he knew about it. He merely answered, “I’ve been here before.”

We kept running. The hallway seemed to stretch on forever. Just as my legs felt like spaghetti, we saw a light. A bright light. And then we were bursting out of the tunnel. It wasn’t the streets that I knew, but the package man navigated us quickly through them. I felt so happy, not being trapped any more. 

Then I froze. “The package!” I cryed. He held it up. Relief surged through my body. 

Before I knew it, we were on streets that I knew well. And then- my house. My mom wouldn’t be up yet. She wouldn’t know that I was ever away. Since it was the crack of dawn, no-one will know that I was away. 

I opened the door. Both me and the package man went in, and sat down at the table. 

“Quite a night, wasn’t it?” I asked. 

“Quite a night,” he replied. 

“Do you- do you want something to eat?” I ask, trying to be polite. 

“No thank you,” he answered. 

“What about the package?” I questioned.

He knew what I meant. The package man put it on the table. We both looked at it. 

“So,” he said, smiling. “So.”

“What?” I said. 

“Don’t you see?” he demanded. 

“Umm- no?” I stated. 

“Ha! I tricked you! Ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha!” he laughed. 

“What do you mean?” I asked, with fear growing. 

“I mean that I am not ‘the package man’ as you like to call me! I am someone else! Someone far more powerful! Don’t you see? I am Antonio! You never guessed!! Wa ha ha ha hah!”

I was in complete shock. Then he threw me the package and laughed, “Here’s for your ‘great detective work!’” He turned on his heal and ran out the door. 

The package. I looked at it. I was about to tear it open when I realized something. It was open. And it was empty. 

As I ran out the door, I was thinking things like “evil always wins!” Once I was out the door I yelled, “Evil always wins! I am the ruler. I am Antonio! Antonio!”

Then, I ran into the breaking dawn. I had more important things to tend to. Like my more powerful prisoner. The real package man. 


Avengers discussing the game plan : Infinity War

Nat: thanos is comming and you put a kid in a suit with instant kill mode

Gamora: Do you have no consideration for anyones safety at all what if he would have gotten hurt

Falcon: Look at that Parker .. the ladies are all over you

Gamora: Shut it Bird boy

Parker: *giggling*

Falcon: You already have problems with birds .. I dont think you want another

Parker: O-OH *shifting uncomfortably*

Tony: Look ok I did what i thought would protect him

War Machine: Ohhh .. you mean like a PARACHUTE

Strange: You put a 12 year old in a supersuit

Parker: Im 15 a-actually sir

Bucky: at least its a suit all you got are rags a cape and a shiny necklace..

Strange: yeah a shiny necklace and magic powers that can blast your arm off …. OH WAIT -

Bucky: Someone say the words im putting this guy down-

Strange: And its NOT a cape

Falcon: Its a cape dude .. it flaps in the wind its a cape

Strange: cloak

Clint: Its a cape bro

Strange: And if i use my powers to snap all of your arrows in half then what

Clint: Id have to set my buddy black panther on you

Tchalla: We are not friends…. i still dislike all of you equally but we have a bigger matter at hand

AntMan: Yeah guys shouldnt we be more worried about Big purple guy

Groot: I am -

Cap: Groot .. Yes .. We know

Thor: I do not think he understands

Rocket: well yeah no Shit Sherlock

Tony/Strange: *Raised eyebrow*

Cap: You guys now is not the time to be fighting eachother … We have our differences yes … some of us no longer see eye to eye .. But that shouldnt stop us from working together to save the innocent people .. even if that means holding hands with an enemy *looks to Loki*

Star Lord: Im just saying maybe if your buddy in the green spandex and unicorn helmet wouldnt have-

Loki: there are two horns you imbecile ..

Tony: Hush up Rudolf Hitler its your fault we are really in this mess

Thor: I still do believe Captain America has got this right. We must fight for honour. We are warriors this world depends upon us to keep it safe .. then we shall do just that.

Parker: *vlogging* first week in the avengers and there have been 17 arguments like this … who would have thought the worlds greatest heroes -

Bucky: Who let this twerp bring a video camera in here are you serious

Vision: If I were you I would not start a conflict with the amount of tension in this room at the moment .. If my calculations are correct Mr.Strange and I are the two most powerful beings and we would not hesitate to keep you at bay

Strange: DOCTOR

War Machine: yeah lets NOT let vision do anything I dont feel like getting hit with a mind blast that could leave me paralyzed from the waist down AGAIN

Falcon: OooooOH

Cap: The man has a valid point

Vision: You were putting wandas life at risk

Wanda: I made my choice vision you cant keep hovering over me

Vision: But-

Hawkeye: HA .. bet you didnt see that coming

Wanda: *magically choke clint*

Hawkeye: *gasping* too soon ??

Tchalla: You are all disorganised .. we have got bigger problems to deal with than your petty fudes with eachother

Banner: Tchalla is right .. We all had a part in this mayham .. Unltron giving vison his powers Loki and the tesseract the Sakovia accords everything we have done has led to this moment .. we cant pin the blame on any one person


Nat: ……You werent even here You hopped on a plane and left you asshole

War Machine: Whos this guy ? Tony You know this guy?

Tony: Yeah who the hell are you we were supposed to be science bros for life


Rocket: Hey youve got one more time to yell about the big purple what ever the hell in my ear before i literally eat you alive

Cap: We go in …. we do what we do best …. We go about our lives …… We dont have time for this anymore
Avengers -……


Tony: …….. Last one there pays for the damage!!

I Wanna Fuck You Like An Animal. - Bucky x Reader

Just a lil post here for y’all :)


Inspo: Nine Inch Nails - Closer (song HERE)

Warnings - Shower, wet-nakedness, lil kinky, some shower lovin’ (shower sex), not my best writing I must say.

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For real I hate when tv show writers try to be the Shock Factor ^tm guy and top themselves. What we want: a storyline that makes sense, even if it feels "lineal" and characters talking to each other!! What we get: 3 plot twists, 2 pregnancies, 6 deaths, 4 ships that we didn't see coming and a dragon showing up out of nowhere like surprise bitch!