Dating Pietro Maximoff Would Include...

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A/N: Bet you guys didn’t see this coming :)))

  • Pietro calling you pet names a lot.
    • Typically ‘babe’, which, if said fast enough, sounds like ‘bebe’, and it makes you blush being called that.
      • Darling every once and a while is used. Especially if he’s being lovey dovey.
    • You call him ‘babe’, or ‘baby’. And if not those two, you just call him by his name.
  • Being close friends with Wanda.
    • Who likes to tell you about little secrets and antics her brother has.
    • It warms your heart to know that she trusts you to talk to you so freely.
    • Wanda teaching you about Sokovian food dishes, because you want to cook for Pietro.
    • You two are gal-pals.
  • Pietro trying to give you slow and deep kisses, really letting his lips linger on yours.
    • His big, calloused hands cupping the sides of your face while he kisses you. His thumbs tracing along your cheek bones.
    • Resorts to giving you quick and hard kisses on your lips, along your jawline and down your neck.
    • Lots of neck kisses, whether fast paced and hard, or slow paced and gentle.
    • Pietro nuzzling his facial hair against your cheek after kissing it because you complained about it being pokey.
    • Light and feathery kisses on your fingertips as he tries to wake himself up int the early morning. Small mumbles against your fingers, usually about his want to stay in bed.
  • The undeniable need for him to be touching you.
    • Not sexually(though that is nice lol).
    • Holding hands, a hand on your shoulder, an arm around your waist, hand on the small of your back, or maybe even his fingers tracing yours while you’re laying down together.
    • Makes him feel secure, and helps him feel like he has control over the situation if thrown into something uneasy. If he’s not touching physically, his blue eyes are watching you move with a close, and intense precision.
    • Helps him not move so quickly through life, though to him, most everything is going at a painfully slow motion and he’s afraid of missing something important.
      • His arm tightening around you(Or his hand squeezing yours) when he thinks about the possibility of losing you. This is something you notice right away.
  • Being able to play with his platinum blond hair.
    • This is something you really enjoy doing, because it’s soft and smooth to the touch.
      • He and Wanda used to make flower crowns for Sokovian celebrations when they were children, so imagine him teaching you how to make them. This brings back memories of his parents, and his life before, and he sits there and talks slowly about them while his fingers work on a flower crown.
        • And by the end of it, you’ve made him like 10 flower crowns, all of which, he loves and wears for you before the flowers die.
  • Pietro trusting you enough to talk about the experiments HYRDA put him and his sister through.
    • He’s afraid of not being about to control it, but puts up a strong face for Wanda, who he knows has a harder time with it than he does.
      • Listening to it breaks your heart, because under his cocky and strong facade is the young Maximoff boy staring a bomb in the face with his sister and waiting for death to come, without any resolve.
  • Pietro still having nightmares/terrors because of what happened when he was younger.
    • He wakes up a lot during the night , unable to fall back asleep and tosses and turns. This wakes you up, and with a small stare down at your lovers back, you’re pulling him towards you, brushing back some of his hair and without a word, silently telling him that things are okay now, and that it’s okay to hate what happened.
  • Movie marathons.
    • Usually old romcoms, because they’re his favorite.
    • Won’t admit that he has a crush on Audrey Hepburn, but he totally does.
    • Will let you pick the movie sometimes, but you tend to fall asleep half way through the second.
    • Pietro picking you up off the couch and carrying you to the bedroom after the movie is over.
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