Kai with a high pony tail… I don’t know why I did this but I guess I was just super curious as to how he would look. Kinda cute, if I’m honest.

After Hours (1/1)

Summary: A glimpse into the far future of this ficlet.  Killian is a toxicologist working out of a university.  Emma is a lawyer.  It’s late on a Friday night when they find themselves getting up to no good.

Rated: M

Warnings: Language, (science) smut

Words: ~7k

Notes: This was originally meant to be a gift for all of the April birthdays that we have here on tumblr.  But considering that it’s now May, let’s just say that, if you like science-y modern AU with a side order of smut, then this story is from me to you.

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Fourteen hours.

Emma gazes at the clock as she slouches in Killian’s office chair.  It’s high backed, leather, with the smooth sort of spin that she’s been just about making herself sick with for the past hour.  She spins, slowly, and takes a good look around his office.  Not that she hasn’t been in here before.  But in the later hours, when everything’s quiet, no students scuffling up and down the halls, no staff or faculty demanding his attention…there’s just something different about it.  Warmer, more comforting.  

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How to LYB fandom when you are a fail at Chinese (like me)

Here are some tricks and tips I have learned to make your Nirvana in Fire/LYB fandom experience easier if you are like me and are not super great at reading Chinese, and have an easier time understanding it spoken/with PinYin. 


Install a browser extension app:

ZHONG WEN Chinese pop-up dictionary 

PERA PERA Chinese pop-up dictionary (tho why would anyone name a CHINESE dictionary “perapera” is beyond me and makes me immediately suspicious >:P but it’s fine and works great )

I’ve been using Zhong Wen and it’s been a lifesaver. All you need to do is hover over characters and it’ll give you the pinyin and the english definition. Tho not complete, it will generally pick up on 成语 and such expressions and explain it in simple terms. 

+ On mobile, you can install the dictionary PLECO. Tho it’s not as convenient as a pop-up, it’s definitely a great dictionary app. (Trick: It has autocomplete/suggestions as you type in search words. If you don’t want a word in your search history, don’t hit the search button. You’ll still be able to see the definition. DON’T ASK ME WHY I KNOW THIS.) 



You can listen to the LYB novel being read to you as a professionally recorded audiobook! (with sound effects and voice acting and everything!) Thank you @dtriad​!!

1. Go to this website or install the app called 懒人听书 (lan3ren2ting1shu1) on your mobile

2. Register an account (If you have a weibo account, you can use that) 

3. Search 琅玡榜 and you will see all the chapters available for streaming and download! 

NOTE: The chapters are different from the book chapters, because they are all 24min/12mb parts, regardless of the story chapter division. So if you wanted to switch between reading and listening, it might get confusing, as the chapter numbers DO NOT line up. :/ (I’m also not sure which version of the novel this is. Does anyone know?) 

EDIT: Another app/site that works is Ximalaya FM. It seems like this is more a site where people can put their own recordings, so there’s lots of versions…. including audio-only of all the episodes. Fascinating. :O 


I have JUST discovered this today and it’s gonna make my life 10000% better. (Thank you @brisedete​!!!)

1. Go on google translate

2. Copy-paste the text and translate to Chinese (simplified or traditional as you like)

3. Hit that Speaker button and listen to that gentle soothing female voice read you your filthy gay fanfictions. It’s a bit robotic, but honestly miles better than what I expected. The sentence flow intonations are all accurate and easy to understand. I must say i’m impressed. (Hit the Speaker on the already-translated part for normal speed reading. If you hit the Original text part Speaker, it reads much slower) 

EDIT: INSTAPAPER WORKS SUPER WELL TOO! and it’s probably easier… (Thank you @rageprufrock!!)

1. Save pages to your Instapaper

2. Go in Instapaper, chose your poison, and hit that “speak” option

3. Listen to that soothing female voice read you your filthy gay fanfictions

4. Profit. 



There’s tons of drama review blogs out there and I’m sure you probably have your own fave. I happen to particularly enjoy THIS BLOG’s recaps. They are non-spoilery and very entertaining, while also giving good explanations of the political stuff in case they were confusing. They also have great annotated translations of the OST songs. Currently up to episode 33. 


It appears that several sources are translating the LYB novel into English: 

By Xiao Cai Niao - up to Chap 05

By Jun Jun Tian Xia - up to Chap 06

By Lily - taking it up from chap 7-8 (thx @chaikat@dtriad!)


If you don’t want to read the whole novel but are curious about what differences exist between the drama and novel, here are some reading notes in English:

By Chaikat - up to chap 75 

By Dtriad - The JY realizes MCS’ ID scene from the novel!! 

!!! BY THE WAY here is a link for the chinese novel online if you want to take a crack at reading it yourself. I believe it’s an earlier version? Does anyone know exactly which version this is? >.>  It appears this is the second version! Here’s a site with some more info about the different versions, and with links to more novel resources. (Thank you @chaikat@dtriad!)

These are just some stuff I know of and use, but I’m sure there’s many more out there!! Please feel free to share your own tips and tricks! LYB fandom assemble!?

Shamy ~