We’re assuming BET knew about B. Scott’s larger-than-life personality before hiring him to host the BET Awards pre-show segment last weekend, so they probably should have known he was going to arrive in an outfit that would put Beyonce’s wardrobe to shame. The media personality, best known for his work on YouTube and striking androgynous fashion sense, cried “homophobia” this weekend after he claims the BET Network asked him to change his entire outfit—and ditch the heels—before appearing on live television. Not wanting to cause a scene, B. Scott says he respectfully obliged and hosted the red carpet pre-show in traditionally male clothing.

Scott tweeted up a storm following the incident, telling fans that: “I wasn’t going to say anything but my spirit is truly hurt.”

After, B. Scott opened up on his blog:

“It’s not just about the fact that BET forced me to pull my hair back, asked me to take off my makeup, made me changed my clothes and prevented me from wearing a heel. It’s more so that from the mentality and environment created by BET made me feel less than and that something was wrong with who I am as a person.”

This morning, following a frenzy whipped up by the internet, BET issued an official apology to B. Scott:

“BET Networks embraces global diversity in all its forms and seeks to maintain an inclusive workforce and a culture that values all perspectives and backgrounds. The incident with B. Scott was a singular one with a series of unfortunate miscommunications from both parties. We regret any unintentional offense to B. Scott and anyone within the LGBT community and we seek to continue embracing all gender expressions.”

According to a recent study, Hollywood has a little problem that could be costing it a lot of money. Call it the Tyler Perry paradox. The director’s Madea movies, melodramatic comedies featuring Perry in drag as the no-nonsense, busty grandma complete with silver wig, purse and gun, have been hugely profitable for Lionsgate Films. He has a huge following among black moviegoers… There seems to be an assumption that this is the only type of movie that black people want to see. Matthew Barnhill, senior director of marketing at BET, says that’s not true. A recent BET study says blacks go to exactly the same kind of features as their white counterparts, with one surprising difference, according to Barnhill: “We see movies 21 percent more often than the general market, and we’re 22 percent more likely to have multiple repeat dealings of a movie.”

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I Heart “Being Mary Jane”

After a successful TV movie and first season, No one more than me was convinced that Mara Brock may not be able to delve any deeper into the flawed - correct that - beautifully flawed character that is Mary Jane Paul, but boy was I wrong. This woman over the course of 12 expertly written episodes managed not only to develop this woman, but to make me care for her despite the many reasons I have not to. This show has been marvelous to watch flourish into it’s own identity. It’s an easy show to throw away, but I am so glad I didn’t. Through out this season we saw Gabrielle Union slay this role in each and every scene and show the complexities of a woman trying to get her act together in life, love and career. We found out the deeper history of David and Mary Jane that included an abortion that still haunts our lead character to this day - especially now that she could face the possibility of not conceiving a child on her own and oh, David’s girlfriend is pregnant. We also met the sexy and suave Sheldon, who in my opinion was too good to be true and proved that to be true in the season finale. One of my favorite arcs was her relationship with her messed up niece, Neicy. Neicy was a piece of work this season with her antics of having sex in Mary Jane’s bed, calling Mary out for her drinking and then had the nerve to not have a job with two kids. Baby bye! Another fantastic thing about this season was Aaron D. Spears. This man had been relegated to the background on “The Bold and The Beautiful”, but boy has he delivered this season with Mark becoming undone after the failure of his relationship and his mother yanking him out of the closet. What a revelation that scene was and it’s always good to see Ms. S. Epatha show up and show out. Other moments excellently done on this show was the topical political topics such as “Ugly Black Women”, something our lead and me myself firmly believe in. It was a stunning moment in the series that helped Mary Jane secure her dream job, but the season closed on a crazy cliff hanger as a phone call lead to a car accident. What’s gonna happen next? I don’t know but I will be tuning in with popcorn in my hand and my phone off. I hope some awards show takes notice because Aaron D. Spears and Gabrielle Union both deserve kudos for thier stunning work on this series over the course of this excellent 2nd season. Looking forward to Season 3, Mara.


Every year in June since 2001, BET puts together their biggest event….the annual BET AWARDS! The award show is one of the biggest events within the African American culture, specifically, the Hip-Hop Community. I have compiled some pretty good reasons to tune into the BET Awards and you might be surprised about what you did not know!

1. This year’s show is hosted by Chris Rock. In my opinion he has become a legendary brand name, which is helpful to the BET Networks in choosing him as a host. Also this possibly means a little less Kevin Hart for once. However, I do believe Chris Rock will probably do a “Real Husbands of Hollywood” skit with Kevin for the show. 

2, KeKe Palmer has recently been working hard with BET Networks on her upcoming talk-show “Just KeKe”. The show will premiere during the late summer, so we will possibly get a sneak preview of her show either during the award show or commercial breaks. 

3. This year’s Life-Time Achievement Award goes to Lionel Richie. Repping for MY TUSKEGEE! That’s all that has to be said…LOL! 

4. Iggy Azelea has definitely made some noise in the Hip-Hop community being that she is a white girl from Australia recording southern rap music. She has already gained acceptance from white mainstream pop culture, but whether or not the Hip-Hop audience has accepted her will be determined during her performance in the show. Not to mention she is up against Nicki Minaj for “Best Female Hip-Hop Artist”, which Nicki has dominated the past few years. 

5. Since being released from jail two weeks ago, this will be Chris Brown’s first television appearance. He will be getting plenty of camera time and it will be interesting to see how much weight he really gained on live television. 

6. Lil Wayne is BACK! Well…we’ll be the judge of that based on his performance. Wayne has been low-key and hasn’t been performing recently. Since he hasn’t released a single yet, I predict he will perform new music or do a Cash Money tribute of all his hits dating back to his Rap Group, Hot Boyz. 

7. The Best New Artist category are full of rappers, except for one of this years’ nominees. Ariana Grande. She is the only female and singer representing in this category, If she wins this will be a great victory for her…especially with the African American audience she has yet to capture. 

8. The Viewer’s Choice Award Category gives insight to Pop Culture and the influence of it’s audience. The nominees represent five varieties of Music: Jhene Aiko, Drake, Pharrell, Beyonce & Jay-Z (for “Drunk In Love”) and August Alsina & Trinidad James (for “I Luv This”). 

9. THE SHOW WILL NOT BE ABOUT JAY-Z AND BEYONCE! Yes, I love them too, but it becomes cliche when you can predict that everything will be centered around Hip-Hop Royalty. They are dominating the BET Award nominations whether it’s separately or as a duo for “Drunk In Love”. It’s already been announced that they won’t be attending the award show, probably so they won’t upstage others, but they do have the “On The Run” Tour as an excuse this time!

10. Unfortunately the announcement on the death of Bobby Womack meant that BET Executive Producer Stephen Hill had to make immediate changes to the show. I’m sure someone will sing his classic 70’s hits in Mr. Womack’s honor. 

Bobby Jones Gospel Has Come To An End

Bobby Jones Gospel Has Come To An End

“Bobby Jones Gospel” deemed the longest running original series in the history of cable television and the top of the line Sunday morning program on BET Network has come to an end. After its 35 year run, BET announced the cancellation of the show during its annual upfront meeting.

Although the show has run its course, the race isn’t over for the famed Dr. Bobby Jones who has hosted the show down…

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Kanye West y Usher serán homenajeados en premios BET

Kanye West y Usher serán homenajeados en premios BET

Los músicos Kanye West y Usher estarán entre los homenajeados por BET Network en su octava ceremonia de BET Honors.

El galardón le será entregado por ser un vanguardista multifacético en la industria musical, según los organizadores del evento en pro de la comunidad afroamericana en la industria del entretenimiento, informó Daily Mail.

“Kanye West será honrado por sus extraordinarias…

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BET Cancels Celebration Of Gospel

BET Cancels Celebration Of Gospel

More than 2.6 million total viewers tuned in to BET’s annual special “Celebration of Gospel” when it premiered on April 6, making it the number one gospel/religious telecast on TV for 14 consecutive year Despite its stellar ratings and continued success, BET revealed during their upfront presentation to advertisers in New York that “Celebration of Gospel” would not return as one of its…

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BET’s “Being Mary Jane” Season 3 Casting For African American “Little League Team” Male & Female ages 7-10, on 3/23 IN Atlanta!


BET’s 106 & Park Is Now Dead And Gone! - The LanceScurv Show

LanceScurv speaks on an article featured on the website that applauded the shutting down of the BET Network’s 14 year show “106 & Park”.