bet you didn't think i was serious

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I thought there was gonna be a wedding related DLC in june since it's wedding month in a lot of countries, so I thought Mysmes was following the trend. I agree it's not a new route because somebody sent an email to Cheritz once and they answered they didn't have have plans for new routes. Arrrgh, the anxiety is killing me!

Yeah, a lot of otome games did wedding events this month, MysMes could have one too even if it’s a little later, lol. As for new routes, I… honestly don’t take that Cheritz email so serious, I think they answered what they had to answer, you know? They can’t straight admit they’re working on new routes. And it’s a common thing in otome games, the fans request for some character’s route and eventually it happens, so I didn’t lose my faith in Saeran’s route yet.

I’m betting on a wedding DLC because of the style of the clothes, and judging from the eccentric color, I say the silhouette is Saeyoung. But again, this is just my ideas, we’ll never know what  the evil mind of Byul the Star is planning for us until it happens. :p

Life is Strange - Episode Three
  • Chloe: I dare you to kiss me!
  • Max: *kisses Chloe*
  • Me: Haha! Surprise bitch! Bet you didn't think I would do it!
  • Chloe: Oh wow! I guess I better text Warren then and tell him he has no chance.
  • Me: ⊙_⊙
  • Me: Fuck! Fuck! Rewind! Rewind! Fuck! I'm sorry Warren! I love you more! I swear! Fuck! REWIND!