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The Fourth Musketeer (Part 4)

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Requests: Dangit i cried so hard after reading part 3 of 4musketeers, you gotta write another part i dont think my heart can take an ending this harsh bc archie loves her so much and it breaks my heart pleaseeee

There’s gonna be a part 4 right? Oh god please don’t leave it like that 😭

Please do part 4

Do a part 4 please

In a day that started in me Bing reading Jughead images, I found and read all 4 parts of musketeers. And now I need more!!!!

Oh my gawd😱 can you please do another part in 4 Musketeers?! My mood swings bro! My mood swings have been permanently damaged.. lmao

Part four of musketeers please I’m dyeing here 😭😭

Please do a part 4 of “Four Mouseketeers”😭😭😭

I need a 4th part for the 4th musketeer its not a want its a necessity maybe can you add me to the tag list for this series. x

Pairing: Archie x Reader

Description: Reconciliations between (Y/N) and Archie don’t mean happy endings.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,469

A/N: I’m so thankful for all of your positive feedback for this series, enjoy!

Archie spent as much time as he could at Pop’s, choosing to sit in a booth that faced the entrance. He would sit there for hours and stare at the door.  Everyone knew why he was doing that, but no one wanted to mention it.  He didn’t need them to tell him; he knew it was hopeless. (Y/N) was not going to return to Pop’s.

Veronica Lodge felt extremely guilty.  She realized that maybe she shouldn’t have told Archie to go to Pop’s, even though he needed to confront her about his feelings.  Archie may have been ready, but it seemed like (Y/N) wasn’t.  That’s how Veronica found herself headed to the diner on a Tuesday night, knowing who she would find sitting in the same booth.

“Archiekins,” she cooed, settling onto the seat across from him, “you gotta snap out of this.  It’s my fault, I know, but you can’t let this destroy you.”

“Why not, Ronnie?” he questioned, and she saw his tear-clouded eyes.  “This is what I have to do to make up for being a horrible friend to (Y/N).  I don’t deserve to be her best friend, so why should I have expected her to want to be more?”

“You didn’t even know she was back,” Veronica comforted him.  “If I hadn’t told you to go to Pop’s, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“It’s good that this happened,” Archie waved her off.  “I needed to know she was back, I needed to tell her.  I just don’t deserve her.”

“That’s not true,” she argued.  He shook his head and turned his focus towards the door.  No one came in.  “I’ll fix this, Archie.  I got you into this mess, and I’ll get you out of this mess.”

(Y/N) was aware of the consequences of her actions.  She knew, as soon as she walked out of the diner, how Archie would respond.  They had been best friends for the first thirteen years of their lives, so she could predict how he would react to this heartbreak. However, she rethought her predictions when a raven-haired girl turned up on her doorstep.

“(Y/N), hi, I’m Veronica Lodge,” the girl introduced herself, sticking her hand out for (Y/N) to shake.  She hesitantly shook it.

“You were at the diner with Jughead and Betty,” (Y/N) recalled, and Veronica nodded.  (Y/N) stepped out onto her porch, closing the door behind her.  “What do you want?”

“Listen, I know what happened between you and Archie,” Veronica explained.

“Do you?” (Y/N) scoffed. “I think you don’t even know the half of it.”

“I know you two grew up together,” Veronica told her.  “I know you two fell in love, and I know that Archie never called you.”

“There’s a lot more to the story,” (Y/N) muttered.  Veronica crossed her arms and sighed.

“I talked to Jughead, Betty, Kevin, even Mr. Andrews.  I know how people other than Archie felt about you.  Archie’s dad told me about your parents and how you always stayed at the Andrews household when they would fight.  Jughead told me about how Archie wanted to ask you to the high school dance before you moved, and he told me about how you two were the most fascinating people in Riverdale.  He, Betty, and Kevin told me about how in love the two of you were.  And from what I’ve seen and heard, it seems like you guys are still very much in love.”  (Y/N) shifted uncomfortably.

“You have no right,” her voice cracked slightly, and Veronica watched as she tilted her head towards the sky, attempting to not cry.  “You can’t just…”

“I’m sorry, I’m just trying to help,” Veronica retracted.  “I’m the one who sent Archie to Pop’s.  He had told me earlier that day that he was still in love with you, and I thought you needed to know.  I thought it would be good for him to get it off his chest.”

“Well now look where we are,” (Y/N) smiled sarcastically.  “We’re on the verge of losing each other because we can’t communicate.”

“Then talk to him,” Veronica urged.  (Y/N) crossed her arms and pursed her lips.  “Talk to Archie, please.  I know he wants to fix this, and I’m pretty sure you do, too.”  (Y/N) stayed quiet for a moment, and Veronica expected for her to send her away.  But (Y/N) uncrossed her arms, still frowning, and sighed.

“Tell Archie to come over here tomorrow,” she instructed Veronica.  Veronica nodded.  “Tell him we need to talk.”

“You wanted to talk, (Y/N)?” Archie asked, tentatively standing on her lawn.  He gazed up at her as she stood at her doorstep; he didn’t want to come any closer until she signaled that it was okay.  (Y/N) grimly nodded and opened her door wider.  Archie walked into her house and glanced around, trying to picture how it looked before she moved.  It was much emptier now.

“It’s pretty empty, I know,” (Y/N) voiced Archie’s thoughts.  His head turned to face her, and he sent a small smile at her. “There’s not much to unpack.”

“It’s different,” Archie agreed.  (Y/N) awkwardly nodded as she hugged her arms to her chest.  “So you told Veronica to tell me that you wanted to talk?”

“Yeah,” she replied. “She showed up at my house yesterday and babbled about how we need to fix this.”

“We do,” Archie pointed out.

“I know,” (Y/N) sighed. Archie furrowed his eyebrows.

“You don’t want to?” he asked, frowning.  (Y/N) furiously shook her head.

“No, I do,” she immediately responded.  “I really want to fix this.  I just… I don’t know how.  I was gonna give it more time.”

“Do you want more time?” Archie questioned.  “If you’re not ready-”

“You’re here,” (Y/N) cut him off.  “You’re here, so we should do this now.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I-” (Y/N) faltered, unable to express what she wanted to say.  She grabbed Archie’s face and brought it towards hers, connecting their lips. He quickly responded by wrapping his arms around her waist and deepening the kiss.  They pulled away, and (Y/N) placed her forehead against Archie’s.  He was grinning madly, but she only wore a small smile.

“You wanted more time to do that?” Archie softly laughed.  (Y/N) untangled herself from Archie’s arms and hugged herself again. “(Y/N)?”

“I didn’t want to…” she trailed off, swallowing her next words.  Archie took a step towards her and grabbed her hand.

“Didn’t want to what?” he asked.  “You didn’t want to kiss me?”

“I did,” (Y/N) assured him, placing the hand he wasn’t holding on his cheek.  “I really did, Arch, but I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“This isn’t hurting me,” he consoled her.  “Sure, after the diner incident I was upset, and I’m sure you were too, but we’re okay now.”

“No we’re not,” (Y/N) began to cry, so Archie wrapped his arms around her.  Her head was nestled into his chest.  

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not-” her voice was muffled by Archie’s shirt. “I’m not staying in Riverdale.”

“What?” Archie grabbed (Y/N) by the shoulders and held her so that he could look directly into her eyes.

“I might have to go back to New York,” she elaborated.  


“You still don’t know why I’m back,” (Y/N) sadly laughed.  When she saw the puzzled look on Archie’s face, she continued.  “My parents finally got divorced.  My mom wanted to move back here, so I decided to go with her.  But my dad still wants custody over me, so-”

“So you might have to go back,” Archie finished, sighing.  (Y/N) nodded.

“It’s not definite yet, but… they’re going to court next week.  And the chances aren’t in my mom’s favor, seeing as my dad’s a pretty good lawyer.”

“But what about you?” Archie pressed, and (Y/N) stared at him, confused by what he meant.

“What about me?”

“What do you want, (Y/N)?” he asked, drawing her slightly closer to him.  “Who do you want to be with?”

“I want to be with you, Archie,” she replied, stroking a hand across his cheek.  He closed his eyes as he relished in her gentle touch.

“So can’t you say that in court?” Archie questioned.  “Can’t you tell them that you want to stay with your mom here in Riverdale?  Isn’t that what this is all about?”

“It’s not that simple, Arch,” she sighed.  “Sure, I can give my preference and it might weigh the court towards my mom, but there’s more factors than that.”

“You’re going to stay here, (Y/N),” Archie assured her as he enveloped her in a hug.  “We will make sure you stay in Riverdale.”

“God I hope so, Arch,” (Y/N) sighed into his chest.  “I don’t want to leave you anymore.”

“You won’t ever leave me, (Y/N).  I will never let you go again.”

Part five here

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Rq characters at a party
  • Cal: makes puns (especially ones about making it lit)
  • Farley: arm wrestles and punches a random guy in the throat
  • Kilorn: tells stories about fishing
  • Mare: drinking games
  • Cameron: stands off in the corner on her phone
  • Maven: wasn't invited
  • Evangeline: shows off her metal and then sneaks into the bathroom with elane
  • Ptolemus: shows off his metal to cover for evangeline while she's 'missing'
  • Shade: dies

Hiddlesweek | Day One | Favourite Role
Henry V in the Hollow Crown
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.



[manip of paulie and harry by @burberryharrie xxx]

“I still cannot believe you’ve never seen Clueless before.” Paulie stated when the end credits started rolling.

“Well, I have now thanks to you,” Harry said and sat up straight. He yawned and stretched his body.

It was like he was putting on a show for Paulie. His back muscles strained against his t-shirt and his arms looked so toned the way he stretched them over and behind his head. Paulie gulped.

“How have you lived your life up until this point without having seen it?” she asked and very, very reluctantly peeled her eyes off Harry’s body and focused back on her chipped nail polish.

“I was waiting to watch it with you,” he said and winked at her, as cheeky and charming as ever.

“You’re an idiot,” she said and rolled her eyes at him. She reached over and ruffled his hair as if on reflex and Harry immediately pushed his head against her palm, a soft moan escaping his throat.

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[Karasuno’s Future] Ace vs. Captain x [Karasuno’s Future] Manager

The thought that there may be a love triangle between these three in the next two years is most amusing.

Adorably Hinata and Yamaguchi actually get along really well, and to be honest Hinata wouldn’t even consider making waves with him.

However, considering how taken Yamaguchi was with Yachi the day he saw her, I don’t think the same could be said of him.

And don’t even get me started on how messy the situation will get when you throw their Setter into this mess. XDD

Things You Hear at Club

•Everything you’re doing is wrong

•fuck you (insert person everyone hates)

•is that my weapon?

•anyone have a roller?

•did you see whose that was?

•waaaaaiiitttt I forgot to put on my arm guard!

•who forgot to re-fill the water cooler?!?

•down on your legs!

•what’s the call?

•do you know what the score is?….. No…

•whose touch was that? ….idk….

•why is everyone leaving early!?!

•*drops reel cord and everyone gives you that look*

•will someone turn that sound off!!

•we’ve got a missing screw everyone search!

•seriously! That’s gonna leave a bruise!


•Ew I hate blue gauntlet


•hold on I need to tape my weapon, anyone have tip tape?!?

•I swear I live here, I keep leaving everything here

•knock it off! Coach is coming over!

•"hey are you going to the tournament?“
“What tournament”

•I need a pommel wrench!!! Who has a pommel wrench?!?

•*stops fencing mid bout* “hold on I gotta switch out my body cord!

•dude clean your tip!

•start fencing, I already said fence!

•anyone have prewrap!

•no you can’t switch weapons for fun!

•no you’re weapons not broken, you just can’t hit

•fix the bend on your blade!

•was that my touch or yours?

•"what do you want to go to?”
“That’s not a number”
“Let’s do it!”

•hey can you drive me to the tournament tomorrow?

•dude my mask isn’t even on yet!


•Waaaaaaiiiiittttt let me get my shoes on!


•eewwwwwww my stuffs all sweaty still!!!

•Omg I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hit you down there!

• “was that 5 yet?” “……yea….?…”

•*crashes into friend while trying to do a cross-step at a horrible moment* s-sorry

•fencer: “should I wash my stuff”

everyone: “GOD YES!!”

•we need ice over here! Someone get ice!

•stop eating food and fence me god dammit!

•did you just fence with your phone in your pocket?“ ”……..“

• Coach: “so what did you need help with?”

me: “everything!”

•wanna hook up😉


Here is a quick edit I did of Autophobia, I hope you enjoy it <33

Annoying Asshole

Pietro Maximoff x Reader

**Trigger Warnings** Swearing, painful period cramps?? If those count a triggers.

Word Count: 1,192

I settled into bed, about ready to start a book that’s been on my list for who knows how long.

I wrapped my legs up in a blanket as I laid in a comfortable position.
I slowly opened the book taking in its smell. Nothing smells quite as good as a book… well except for maybe—
A sudden gust of wind passed me and the book was no longer on my hands.
Sighing, I slowly looked over to my now opened bedroom door. “Dammit Pietro,” I muttered to myself slowly getting up.
And, so the hunt begins…
Pietro was always pulling jokes on me. In return, I would do the same. But, tonight, I didn’t feel like putting up with his antics.
My period had started the night before, and cramps are my biggest enemy. To be perfectly honest, I’d rather be beat up by some freak, than deal with my uterus’ suicide attempt.

I wandered the Avenger tower for what felt like forever, even though it had only been relatively five minutes.

“Jarvis,” I called out once I had finally ran out of patience.

“Yes, Miss (y/n)?” Jarvis asked.

“Please inform Pietro that, if he does not return my book within the next ten minutes, I will kill him.”

“Informing Mr. Maximoff now. Anything else?”

“Oh, and tell him that he’s an asshole, that would be all. Thank you Jarvis.”

“My pleasure, Miss (y/n).”

I started back towards my room when an intense wave of cramps hit. I leaned against the wall taking in deep breaths.

Once the most painful part was over, I turned around to head to the kitchen instead.

With heading to the kitchen being a normal routine with my period, Jarvis already had everything I’d need ready for me when I got there, my favourite snack, painkillers, and a hot water bottle.

I preferred a hot water bottle over a heating pad. It just made it easier to hide. I know it’s probably irrational, but I feel my cramps to be a weakness.

I thanked Jarvis for having everything ready for me, and went back to my room.

Once there, I laid down with the bottle on my stomach and the painkillers making their way through my system, not nearly fast enough. My snack sat upon the bedside table with bites already taken out of it because I couldn’t wait to get to my room to eat it.

I waited for this last wave of cramps to pass before sitting up, ready to binge on my food. But, when I reached over to grab it, it wasn’t there. Instead laid my book the Pietro had stolen earlier.

“I don’t quite understand your thing for books,” Pietro spoke with his beautiful Russian accent before taking a bite of my food. “Mmm, but you do have good taste for food. I will give you that.”

He was on the other side of my room leaning against the wall. He was wearing his tight fitting shirt, that I oh, so loved on him. Of course, he only wore it because he can move faster, but what mattered is that he wore it a lot.

“Pietro, I swear to God, I’m going to kill you.”

“Well now, that’s not very nice,” Pietro mocked being hurt. “And, you’re not quick enough to catch this,” he added with a smirk motioning to his body.

Another wave of pain hit me then, but I wouldn’t let it show. I rolled your eyes at him, “Ha ha, you think you are so funny.”

“No, I don’t think I’m funny, I know I am.”

“Please just bring me my food back,” I practically begged.

“Hmm… I don’t know… You keep threatening to kill me. I just don’t think I should,” He joked.

“Uggghhh…” I sighed out in frustration. “Fine! Keep it, I don’t care anymore!”

I laid down on my back. I’m in too much pain to deal with this. I mean, I’m bleeding from an open hole goddammit.

“(y/n)?” Pietro spoke quietly.

“Whaaaaaat?” I couldn’t help but groan out.

“What is the matter?”

My uterus is trying to kill itself because it’s not having a child, is what I wanted to scream, but instead I said, “I’m just really tired.”

Pietro came up beside you, and placed your food back on the bedside table, on top of the book. I sighed and sat up to move the book from underneath.

“You and your books,” Pietro nudged me, for now he was sitting next to me.

“Shut up,” I pushed him back.

“(Y/n), I’m sorry. How can I make it up to you?”

“Well, for one, you could stop being an asshole,” I smirked

Pietro blushed and chuckled, “Ahh, I make no promises.”

I was enjoying the moment. I always love talking to Pietro. Sure, he can be an asshole, but he does it in a joking matter, and is actually really sweet. The moment was almost magical. Even though we were just friends. But, of course, the moment had to be ruined; cramps washed over yet again. There was no playing off this one.

I took in a sharp breath, folding over myself, into the fetal position.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

“(Y/n)? (Y/n), what is the matter?! What is happening? How can I help?!” Pietro panicked pulling me into his arms.

Groaning, I looked up at him. His eyes were searching mine, for answers, for him trying to figure out what’s wrong.

“Pietro, calm down. I’m just on my period. Cramps are a bitch. It’s okay, I’m fine,” I explained calming him down.

His panic was replaced with sadness.

“You mean you go through this every month?”

“Yeah, basically. That’s how the female reproductive system works when we don’t get pregnant.”

“Oh (y/n), you should tell me when you are going through such pains. I wish to help you ease through the pain,” he spoke pulling me even closer. “I don’t like seeing you in pain, so please let me help.”

I could feel the heat on my cheeks.

“Pietro, you don’t have to,” I started to only be cut off.

“No, I need to.”

“Why is that?” I questioned.

“Well… uhh…”

It was Pietro’s turn to blush. He looked away from me.

I reached over, cupping his cheek, and turned his head back towards me. I leaned up an inch away from his lips, and he closed the small gap.

His lips were ever so soft. With this magical touch; this magical moment, I felt complete. That a piece of me that I didn’t know was missing, was brought back to me.

Sadly though, that one moment ended as quickly as it begun. Realising what had happened and that I was still in Pietro’s arm, had brought heat to my cheeks yet again. Pietro’s was the same as mine.

We both sat for a second, processing what had happened.

“I bet you didn’t see that coming,” I finally spoke breaking the silence.

Pietro laughed, “No, I didn’t. But, I bet you didn’t see this coming.”  He leaned down and kissed me again. This time, for even longer.

anonymous asked:

WWVD if they came home after a long trip for promotions to find you asleep wearing their shirt and cuddling with their pillow or favorite stuffed animal? (and you're dating, it would be kind of weird to come home and see that if it was something they didn't know XD)

I had a lot of fun answering this one! Its super cute. Thanks!

N: You can bet that , before anything else, Hakyeon eomma would be busting out the camera for some adorable pictures of his jagi. He wouldn’t wake you up, but he also wouldn’t be able to prevent the giggles of happiness from escaping his lips, and he’d be eager to talk to you once you did wake up. And you can bet you’ll get an earful about your use of his pillow. *snaps 244 pictures of you while you sleep*

Leo: Taekwoon would find this absolutely precious. I feel like as soon as he sees you sleeping while wearing one of his sweaters, he’d set his bags down and immediately rush over to look at you. He’d brush the hair out of your face and just crawl into bed with you, snuggling up for an unexpected nap. You’ll be in for a big surprise when you wake up in his arms. He won’t want to move for the rest of the day. *snuggles up behind you in bed and falls asleep*

Ken: Jaehwan would act very offended when he first sees you, tsking and making comments about how you fell asleep waiting for him, how you stole his favorite pillow, and how you didn’t care enough to stay awake to see him when he first got home. Of course, they would all be jokes. He’d actually find it very cute to come home to you asleep on his pillow. I can see him going over and kissing your head before going to do something until you wake up. “Aish, how could jagi fall asleep waiting for me? She’s so cute though.”

Ravi: As soon as Wonshik saw you, he’d take extra care to not wake you up. He’d tiptoe around your room, carefully and quietly unpacking some of his stuff. If you were to move in your sleep or make a noise, he’d stop dead in his tracks to make sure he didn’t wake you. Carefully, he’d set down whatever he was holding and move to sit next to you on the bed, shushing you and gently petting your hair, lulling you back into sleep. He’d also be giggling the whole time about your use of his shirt. *inner thoughts* “Did I wake her? …She looks so adorable in my shirt…”

Hongbin: Hongbin would be seriously torn between letting you sleep, and waking you up so he can talk to you. Considering that he’s been away for some time, he’d probably sit on the edge of the bed and gently shake you awake. When you come to, he’d smile sweetly at you, and cup your face, leaning in to peck you quickly. He’d also make a comment about your use of his old sweatshirt, but he’d let you keep it. “Good morning beautiful… Have you missed me?”

Hyuk: Sanghyuk would be a little cutie in this situation. He would want to wake you up so he could talk to you and tell you about his trip, so he’d walk over to the side of the bed poke you gently until you woke up. When you did, he’d lean down and give you a big hug, before telling you that he’s happy to be home. He’d be eager to get you up out of bed and doing something together, though. “ Jagi, I’m home!” *hugs you* “Do you want to help me unpack?”

~Admin MJ

i-am-the-0strich  asked:

Hiccstrid! *gasp of surprise* bet you didn't see that one coming

  • Who was the one to propose: Well, historically speaking Hiccup would have had to have been, although the only question is whether or not Astrid would’ve had to kick his butt into gear like, YOU. GO TALK TO MY DAD NOW
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: Probably Hiccup. A chief’s wedding is going to be a BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL. 
  • Who decorated the house: Well they probably just moved into the house Hiccup grew up in, so I don’t know that there would have been much decorating to do. Maybe Astrid would have made a few changes when she moved in, though.
  • Who does the cooking: Now HERE is an interesting question. As we all know, the women in Hiccup’s life cannot cook. But culturally speaking all that would be Astrid’s job, so poor Hiccup occasionally offers to cook just so he can have a decent meal. And Ruffnut can cook, so she brings them care packages so they don’t both starve.
  • Who is more organized: Depends on your definition of “organized”. Hiccup is organized in that meticulous yet all-over-the-place way that creative types usually are. Astrid is more straight-up tidy. 
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: They both do; it’s pretty much even, but when they first started getting into those kinds of things it was all Astrid.
  • Who suggested kids first: I don’t think either one of them did. I think it probably just happened. Plus, you know, their methods of birth control consisted of herbs and hope. She was probably preggers before the wedding anyway.
  • Who’s more dominant: Astrid. No question.
  • Who’s the cuddler: I think Astrid. And she likes to sleep in, so Hiccup is awoken by Toothless in the morning banging on the roof wanting to go flying, but when he tries to get up Astrid clamps her arms around his waist and is like ‘NO STAY. CUDDLE WITH ME’, and goes back to sleep and Hiccup just has to lay there unable to leave because Astrid won’t let go and unable to sleep because Toothless won’t shut up.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:.They take turns, but Hiccup likes being big spoon because he still kinda can’t believe that this girl is his and he gets to hold her like this.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:  Just a guess, it has something to do with those big scaley pets of theirs.
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: I don’t really see either of them coming home drunk at 3am unless they come home drunk together. After shagging in the back room of the forge on the way.
  • Who kills the spiders: Toothless.
  • Who falls asleep first: Astrid. She’s a heavy sleeper. Hiccup sometimes can’t turn his brain off at night.
  • A head canon: They still go flying on Toothless together; just the two of them, on romantic little flights where they can snuggle close. Stormfly knows it makes Astrid happy so she doesn’t get jealous. 
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: 

  • Do they have any “rituals”? I think when/if they take his leg off Astrid always kisses his stump to remind him how proud she is of him and of everything he gave up to protect his people.
  • Who is louder? Hiccup. I kinda think Astrid would be quiet for some reason. Like, opposite to every other time.
  • Who is more experimental? Astrid; but it’s not hard for her to talk Hiccup into things.
  • Who takes more risks?Are we talking in bed or in life? Because in bed, probably Astrid, but in life, well, Hiccup did at some point decide that strapping leather to his arms and jumping off his dragon was a good idea.
  • Do they fuck or make love? Pffft. They make love.
  • Lights on or off? Well this is pre-electricity, so it all depends on who lasts longer: them, or the candles. 
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Oh dear god. XD Hmm probably Hiccup. When Astrid gets horny she just tracks down Hiccup and drags him to bed.
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome? These two wouldn’t share.
  • Who comes first? Ladies first; Hiccup is a gentleman.
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it? I’m so not equipped to answer this question. XD They’ve only ever been with each other, so I think they’ve got each other pretty well trained.
  • Who is more submissive? Hiccup, but he’ll surprise Astrid every now and then.
  • Who has the most patience? Hiccup. He likes to savor things, and think them through. Astrid is usually just like GET ON WITH IT.
  • Which kinks do they share? Oh gods. I don’t know that they would be particularly kinky. Dragon style? XD
((quick warning age of ultron spoiler ahead))
  • what she says: I'm fine