bet upfronts

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GOM + Takao started dating their s/o because of a bet but ended up falling in love with them as they spend more time together and realized that they really liked them. Their s/o find out about the bet and break up with them because they feel like they can't trust the boys anymore. They try to win their s/o back, i'll leave it to you if they decide to take them back or not :3

I’ll just write the last part ! You essentially wrote the scenario for me ! I hope you like this and I apologize for taking so long!

Akashi: “____, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” You rolled your eyes, scoffing at his remark. “You should’ve thought of that before agreeing to such a bet. Why would you do that to me anyway? Why ME?” He sighed, scratching his head, red-hues downcast as he tried to come up with a response. “I.. I’m not sure.. I really don’t know, ___. But.. My feelings for you are real. I DO like you. And I want to try this out properly… I understand if you don’t want to though.” You turned to look away from him, unable to properly think of a reply. Instead, you sighed, running a hand through your hair. “I need time Akashi.. I can’t trust you right now.”

Aomine: “Was I really just a game to you Aomine? Did you really not care about me? Not even a little?!” He clenched his fists, unable to meet your angered hues. He knew you were angry, hell , he couldn’t blame you for it. Yet he still couldn’t find it in him to meet your gaze. “You can’t even look at me.. What.. am I that ugly to look at?” His head snapped up, navy blue eyes wide at your remark. “T-That’s not it! ____, you’re beautiful..” “Just save it Aomine! I don’t want to hear it from you. Just…” You sighed, feeling tears run down your cheeks as you whispered, “Just stay away from me. I don’t want to see you again!”

Kise: “____-cchi! Please let me explain!” You shook your head, ignoring him as you walked home, not wanting him to see the tears falling down your cheeks. Were you just a play thing? Something for him to play with until he got bored and then cast away? Letting out a frustrated sigh, you were grabbed, spun around and staring into a pair of golden hues. Those same ones that used to smile brightly at you. You bit back a growl, looking away before his hands cupped your cheeks, forcing you to look at him. “___-cchi.. I really DO like you! Even if it was a bet, do you really think I’m the type of guy who would pretend to date someone if I didn’t like them?!” You stared at him, trying to form a response, but found yourself failing. “___-cchi.. I have never met someone like you. You’re smart, beautiful, and so much fun to be around! I used the bet as an excuse to get to know you, to see if the feelings I had for you were real and not just over your looks! And.. I found myself starting to love you..” he paused, releasing a sigh, “I know I screwed up, and I should’ve just been straight forward from the beginning.. But..” he got on his knees, staring up at you with saddened golden hues, it made your heart clench. “I’m on my knees, begging you to give me another chance! No bet. Just me and you. We can start over if you want. Just please.. PLEASE, don’t leave me.” Your breath hitched at the sincerity in his eyes, knowing everything he said was true. But.. How could you forgive him.. Trust him after this? Grabbing his cheeks lightly, you leaned over, so his forehead rested against yours, taking a shuddering breath. “G-Give me some time.. P-Please.. J-Just to think it over.. If you love me and respect me, you’ll do that won’t you?” You saw the somewhat defeated look in his eyes, but he swallowed, nodding before hugging you one last time.

Kuroko: It’d been a few weeks since you’d seen Kuroko after the break up. It wasn’t as painful as you thought, probably because he completely understood you, allowing you the space needed, what you requested of him. You’d come to a decision, and despite it being a bet, you still had lots of fun with the phantom player. You really didn’t want it to end.. But you didn’t want it to be fake either. You’d found him in Maji burger after practice, and you approached him, a soft smile on your lips. “May I join you, Kuroko-kun?” He was slightly shocked, but smiled, nodding in return. Sitting down, you released a sigh, grabbing his hand between yours. “I.. I’m still upset over what you did. Regardless of your reasoning.. It wasn’t fair, and I didn’t deserve that..” you paused, taking in his reaction. “Even so.. I really enjoyed the time we spent together.. It really felt like the real thing.. and I hate how lonely I feel without you..” You rubbed his hand subconsciously, meeting his stare once more. “So.. I want to give us another chance. BUT.. I want to start over. We have to be friends first, and you have to prove to me you’re trust worthy and serious about this. Otherwise, I won’t agree.” You released a breath after your speech, watching as his blue hues lit up, his hand rubbing yours in response as he smiled. “Whatever ___-san wants, I’ll do. Just.. Thank you.. For giving us another chance.”

Midorima: Not even his Oha-asa could save him from this situation. It was stupid of him to even agree to this bet, let alone keep it going. But he really liked you, wanted to give the idea of a relationship a shot, even if it was over a bet. He should’ve been upfront from the beginning and told you, to avoid this dreadful feeling. Not even the loss of a match could compare to how empty he felt after you walked out of his life. Still, he didn’t blame you for dumping him, not after causing you so much pain. He distanced himself from everyone, not wanting to deal with everyone’s words or anger. This was his problem, he’d solve it on his own. Releasing a sigh, he headed home after practice, startled to see you standing there, a slight blush on your face. “… Just so you know.. I’m still mad at you…” He swallowed, pushing up his glasses as he sighed, “I..I know..” You eyed him for a few moments, before standing up, sighing. “Well…” he blinked, looking up at you in shock, “Are you going to walk me home or just stand there like an idiot?” He flushed, scratching his head as he walked with you. He didn’t understand what the reason for this was, but he’d take it, if only to spend just a bit of time with you.

Murasakibara: “____-chin.. Can I sit here?” You looked up from your food, addressing the giant with a guarded look. Shrugging, you continued eating, “You’re allowed to sit wherever, Murasakibara-kun.” He nodded, sitting down and eating his lunch. He assessed you, trying to find any sort of opening so he could get a word in. However, he noticed the lack of food on your plate, and chose to put his dessert on your tray. He watched as you blinked, slightly flushed at his gesture, before scoffing, looking between him and the food. “Don’t think you can suck up to me by giving me my favourite dessert. I’m still mad, Murasakibara-kun.” He hummed, “I know.. ____-chin has every right to be. I just noticed how you didn’t have any.” You scratched your head, unsure of how to respond. Standing up from your spot, you felt his hand grasp yours, and you slightly smiled. “I’ll be right back. I’m just going to get something to drink.” He made you sit, and stood up himself. “I’ll get it for you. Whatever you want, I’ll pay.” You weren’t sure why he was attempting to suck up, but some part of you was happy he was still here.. Sitting back down, you nodded. “Okay then.. Thank you..” You waited for him to turn around before eating the dessert he gave you. It was still delicious, as if made from the oven. 

Takao: You were studying alone in the library, trying to focus on your work rather than the drama you’ve had over the past few weeks. At this time, you wished Takao was here to cheer you up with his jokes, but your heart clenched at the thought of the boy. Sighing, your rubbed your head, closing your book in frustration. Just as you packed up, and were getting ready to stand, a hand came out, grabbing your bag and slinging it over a shoulder. Your eyes widened when you were met with bluish gray and you didn’t know how to speak. “I know ____-chan is still mad at me.. But you look exhausted. I’ll leave you alone after this, but I would really like to walk you home once more.” You knew he was being truthful, and it made you somewhat happy he was giving you space. Since you were still confused, you just nodded, falling into step with him like always. The walk was silent, and it was shorter than you liked, but you gave him a curt nod, heading inside and straight for your bedroom. Just as you placed your bag down, you caught a small note on top, making you blink. Bending down, you opened it, gasping as the small smiley face accompanied by a short note, “Anytime ____-chan needs to talk, I’m here! Never forget that!” Despite tears falling down your face, a small smile curled on your lips as you held the piece of paper to your chest, inhaling the faint scent of his cologne.