bet this one gets notes

New dog sports plan for forever:

• Compete in winter
• Never in summer

Lugging big dog crates around in summer hurts omfg

here’s my gift exchange for @ninyard , i hope you like it <3 (these are,,,random kandreil hcs set in the pjo verse pls bear with me)

  • so i think we all can agree on the fact that neil is a child of Hermes, the god of messengers, roads, travelers and thieves (he’s also described as cunning, witty and quick)
  • in this au neil def takes after his dad; he loves to outsmart his opponents, is the fastest demigod in camp half blood n has,of course, a smart mouth aka he can never shut the fuck up n gets into trouble 24/7 and poor andrew has to deal it all the damn time
  • but we all know that andrew lovehates neils ability to twist andrews words around and use them to win arguments lmao

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anonymous asked:

i love your posts and they really helped me but i also feel lowkey kinda bet for you whenever one gets a ton of notes, bc as soon as you look at them, you see so many ppl discoursing and completely missing the point, i don't know how you can deal with it, but i'm happy that doesn't stop you from still making your posts 💖💖💖💖💖

thank you! the key is knowing that 90% of the ppl on this site don’t know what they’re talking about but that won’t stop them from talking and just accepting that tbh

au where every time cas says “dean” he actually says “dean bean.”

“hello, dean bean.”

“you should show me some respect, dean bean.”

“this isn’t funny, dean bean, the voice is telling me that i’m almost out of minutes.”

“dean bean, you know i always appreciate our talks, and our time together.”