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provocative-envy  asked:

a concept: blaise zabini, luna lovegood, and the plot of the iconic coming of age tale, she's all that (1999),

  • okay so
  • blaise is clearly dating pansy
    • who breaks up with him to date cormac maclaggen because he just got an offer to be on some football team after he graduates
      • like, REAL, PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL, blaise
      • do you know what this could do for my fashion line
      • if I’m the wife of a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL STAR
  • and Draco clearly goads him into #jokingly bringing loony lovegood to prom
    • because the weird ones are always the freakiest in the sack, zabini
  • so blaise is like, fine. i’ll even do this girl a solid - I’ll date her AND make her not loony anymore
    • blaise also puts a bet on it, because draco is rich and blaise might have just a tiny gambling problem
  • she could probably be pretty, if she didn’t have strange vegetable earrings and perpetually mismatched shoes
  • luna is QUITE CLEARLY having none of this
  • and she tells blaise so, in her Luna Way (™), and he doesn’t quite get it
    • because she doesn’t really make sense
    • not in the way he’s used to, anyways
  • so he keeps trying
  • this devolves into Draco trying to befriend Hermione Granger and crew in hopes that it will make Blaise look better by comparison
    • nevermind the fact that draco was clearly deeply in love granger’s weird sob-story-orphan best friend
    • and blaise just could not deal with that
  • anyways
  • blaise follows luna to an open mic night hosted by student newspaper
  • and somehow ends up on the stage doing a solo balldancing routine because his mother made him take lessons and he has to do something
    • luna loves it
    • everyone else thinks he’s ridiculous
  • anyways time passes and they study together and blaise realizes she’s actually kind of brilliant, in her own way, and definitely pretty weird
    • but he hasn’t every met anyone who cares about the same thing she does
    • or who doesn’t care about the stuff that is central to his entire life and world
    • money means nothing to her, fancy shoes and good clothes - worthless
  • she is different, and unique, and blaise…. might have a small problem
  • (the problem, of course, is that he is falling in love with her)
  • draco, being the absolute moron he is want to be, tells harry (who he is now sleeping with, in a strange twist of events that no one is entirely sure of) that he had made this bet with blaise, and blaise is gonna bang luna after prom and tell the whole school about it
  • harry is, naturally, horrified, and breaks it off with draco, and goes to rescue luna
  • luna is unconcerned, though understandably upset, and tells blaise that she enjoyed their time together very much 
  • blaise is very concerned, because he’s pretty sure he just got dumped
  • by the time prom rolls around, everyone is an absolute mess
    • draco shows up alone in scruffy tennis shoes as a misguided method of seduction for the boy-who-is-definitely-not-fucking-him
    • pansy dumped mclaggen, decided that men are and always will be worthless, and has brought daphne greengrass as her date
    • luna also turns up alone, and she is wearing radish earrings, and her hair only up in some places and not others, and her dress might actually have lights in it
    • and when blaise finally makes it to prom, he is captivated
    • as, he realizes, he always has been
  • harry continues to play the saviour, telling blaise he can’t have anything to do with luna if he doesn’t care about her
  • draco tries to apologize, and fucks it up royally, and still manages to leave the dance with harry before the prom royalty is crowned
  • pansy wins prom queen and makes an epic speech about misogyny and the male gaze and storms off the stage in a huff
  • blaise finds luna in the crowd and explains that he knows he was misguided, that he definitely ruined everything, and asks what he needs to do for a second chance
  • luna seizes her opportunity and tells him to go through with the terms of the bet - he lost, after all, and didn’t bring her to prom
  • blaise strips
  • the entire crowd cheers
  • and luna, giggling, pulls him out of the dance, hands him the large sunflower from her hair to cover himself, and says something brilliant and poignant about life imitating art


anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite unpopular (like the ones that don't get rec'd or talked a lot about) Coldflash stories?

Okay so I’m pretty crap at a) knowing what stories are getting rec’d/talked about a lot, and b) keeping track of stories I like (I’m not a bookmarker, I’ve just never gotten into it) but I’ll try. Some of these might be polyships just because I really like polyships

All I See Are These Strange Tides by @katyakora (coldwestallen)
Empathy causes more problems than you might think.
In which a struggling teenage metahuman meets her heroes and attempts to give them the best reward she can think of: happiness.

How to Stop Hitting the Snooze Button: 10 Steps (with Pictures) by Elany (rogue canaryflash)
‘The more the merrier’ has never been less true than when you’re trying to sleep in.

Wasted Wishes, Failed Endeavors, and Most Precious Dreams by @coldflashwave-baby (coldflashwave)
“You know, I’m beginning to get the feeling that you don’t trust me very much.”
“I don’t trust you at all! You broke into my father’s apartment, attacked me, and your friend almost ate my dad!”
In which Oliver Queen is a cursed prince, Mick is the Big Bad Wolf, Len hates the Evil Queen, and Barry, Iris, and Joe just want to go home.

Pep Rally by QLaLa (coldflash)
“I thought the whole school heard about the race,” Cisco said, grinning. “Barry bet Iris that he could beat her 400 meter time, and she called his bluff. If he won, he got to use her Jeep for his road test next week. But if he lost—and oh, did he ever lose—he had to wear her old cheer uniform to class on the day of the next varsity meet.”
(Alternatively, the Breakfast Club AU nobody asked for.)

The Flower That Blooms In Adversity (Is The Most Rare And Beautiful Of All) by formerlyknownasyay and ninjaucannutseemi (coldflash)
When someone falls in unrequited love, flowers begin growing inside their body, gradually killing them. The flowers go away if the love becomes returned or if a surgical operation removes the flowers. However, surgery removes not only the flowers but the feeling of love itself, and Barry has never been willing to give that up.

Until You Come Back To Us by LaShaRa (coldflashwave)
Len would like to give Mick a hug now.
Except, well, Len’s a little dead at the moment.
Mick and Barry are grieving, and there’s not a damn thing Leonard Snart can do about it, but he hadn’t counted on what the two of them could do for each other.

Sex and Violence by Lady Divine Coldflash (coldflash)
Len has started noticing changes in Barry. He’s becoming colder, angrier. Len thinks he knows why, and he thinks he knows how to help. All he needs to do is get Barry to agree to his unconventional methods…

Doubts and Things Deserved by @niennavalier (coldflash)
When Barry had left for work in the morning, he’d been expecting to come home and look after his sick boyfriend. But when Lewis Snart resurfaces and kidnaps his son, things quickly turn from the domestic and normal route that Barry had been expecting. For Len, the ordeal dredges up old worries and insecurities, convincing him that he doesn’t deserve Barry, and that Barry deserves someone better than him.

takes some time by @pheuthe (coldflash)
(as if I could make a rec list and not include a pheuthe fic)
Barry feels like something is off after Len spends the night for the first time. He tries to figure out what it is, and helps Len figure things out as well.

Hope some of those are new to you (and others) and you can find something there you like. Remember to leave kudos and comments for these lovely authors to let them know you appreciate them if you do! 

The Soulmate Series: V

Originally posted by mvssmedia

This turned out to be almost 1,5k, even though I planned to be shorter -.- It just wrote itself. 10/10 would recomend listening to Spring Day while reading. Had it in repeat for the entire time I was writing this. Hope you like it!

He was 4 years old the first time he realised she was always there when he fell asleep.

He stared curiously at her, her dark hair dancing in the wind as they sat side by side. She smiled at him, offering him a small flower, and he beamed back, taking it, and carefully setting it aside to avoid crushing it, before he run away, looking back and seeing her chasing him.

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Carlos de Vil

So I’ve recently gotten back into Disney’s Descendants, because I have very little self control and when something I like comes back to life I tend to make grabby hands as soon as humanly possible. And since I’ve “matured” in the past yearish since I’ve last really thought about it, I’ve develop some rather interesting headcanons/reinterpretations for Carlos de Vil. Specifically that his character from the movie, and the books, is completely off for me. Yeah, yeah, he’s a sweet sinnamon roll and blah blah blah. Sure he’s cute, but he’s also the son of Cruella de Vil, a woman so extra and so completely devoid of subtly her name is literally Cruel Devil and lives in a place called Hell House.

So you know where they went wrong? They didn’t make him a fucking diva. I mean, they already lost a golden opportunity not giving Ursula a fucking son, because you bet your ass he’d be a fucking queen and that would be the single ballsiest thing Disney could possibly do, but this is a close second. So grab a soda, get comfortable, and buckle up bitches.

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seeksfortune  asked:

hc + commitment


thats one of the best ways to describe sam and commitment. he can’t hold a decent relationship — this is due to him spending so much time in panama ( obviously ) he became so isolated — relationships make him feel like he is trapped, and being controlled and that is something he hates ( he loves to control others. nate specifically. sam is extremely controlling of nathan and it really shows in the game i think its like an “I’M THE OLDER BROTHER” thing but its kinda douchey… ) his isolation made him socially impaired — he can sometimes hold a normal conversation with people he knows ( like nathan — and after he warmed up to him , rafe )  he loves freedom and commitment is another form of confinement.

when he is committed it is to certain things or people — he was committed to finding the treasure with nathan ( more so finishing his moms legacy ) but he was willing to do it without nathan — it wasn’t GREED that drove him it was his dedication to his mom. her death really did a number on him ( samuel “mamas boi” morgan drake ) so when it comes to commitment you can bet sam won’t do it unless you’re family.

relationship commitments are a huge no. thats that. he’ll like to have you around for a while but you gotta take it slow with the whole RELATIONSHIP thingy cause he loves his freedom and will be quick to drop you if you trap him. HES LIKE A BIRD HE’S GOTTA BE FREE.

the signs as stereotyical teen movie things
  • aries: the absolutely deadly, completely unrealistic fight to become prom queen (like really, who in real life cares that much about becoming prom queen??)
  • taurus: early-2000s punk rock music making up the entire soundtrack *cue all american reject's 'dirty little secret' playing*
  • gemini: the evil, blond head cheerleader learning to be a decent person at the end of the movie
  • cancer: everybody's completely oblivious parents
  • leo: a simple makeover magically turning the geeky loner girl into something worth everyone's attention
  • virgo: the jerk quarterback is acutally a sensitive, closet poet, but he hides it to make his father proud of him
  • libra: the jerk quarterback falls in love with the geeky loner girl (but only after her makeover, of course)
  • scorpio: some sort of dangerous bet or pact formed at the beginning of the movie ends up ruining everything by the end of the movie
  • sagittarius: "dude, my parents aren't home! let's throw a huge party, conveniently get our hands on a keg, and get totally wasted, bro!"
  • capricorn: the absolutely crazy teacher or principal who ends up embarrassing themselves in front of the whole school at the end of the movie
  • aquarius: the nerdy romantic guy falling in love with and winning over the popular head cheerleader (without any sort of makeover or transformation of his own, of course)
  • pisces: when the geeky loner girl finally figures out that she should have been dating her nerdy romantic best friend the entire time

anonymous asked:

Okay what's so great about the miraculous ladybug because I've seen sooo much of it on here??

What’s so great about Miraculous Ladybug??


I’ll tell you ;3 (warning: its a long thing but funny, i’m very funny i can assure you) (also its not under a read more cuse pictures look like crap on my blog believe me)


The setting is modern day Paris, France

Here’s Marinette Dupain-Cheng

(cutie patootie)

A sweet girl, incredibly creative, tough, who wants to become a fashion designer. Her parents run a great bakery.

And she turns into:


(omg so beautiful *drools*) 

(Btw they both have cool transformations but no gifs for it sigh)

Crime fighting superhero girl, awesome, smart, strong, athletic, has a yoyo as a weapon, which as works as a sorta grappling hook, and cleanses akumas (I’ll explain in a little bit) Her power is luck.

and here’s

Adrein Agreste

(another cutie patootie)

He’s a shy, nice, boy who also happens to be stinking rich, a model, as his father Gabriel practically rules the fashion world. Also he has no mama ;A;

Who turns into:

Chat Noir (means black cat in French)

(this sINNER)

He’s a flirt, bad luck (poor kitty), too many cat puns I swear to GOD. Has a cool staff that hasn’t been used as a staff yet but has been used a pole, pole, beating stick, etc. His powers are bad luck (literally)

Now how do these two get their powers???

It’s a little something called Kwami (almost like kawaii cuse they both are)

Meet Tikki! Marinette’s friend/kwami, which is how she gets her ladybug powers

(so cute omg)

and then

Meet Plagg (almost like the freaking plague)

Adrein’s friend (sorta)/ kwami, and how he gets to be Chat Noir

(he loves cheese, camembert)

now you know what’s great about this? it’s a love square

you know what a love square is?

it’s this mess:

so she

likes him

but he likes ladybug:

(shes his superhero partner as chat noir)


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also here’s the other characters:

Marinette’s parents


and Tom

(she so smol and he so tall YES)

and Adrien’s father

(ahhh yess i can FEEL THE LOVE)


(such beauty, such grace, she’ll punch you right IN THE FACE) (representation is so beautiful isn’t it children??? she’s so prettyyyyyy)

She’s Marinette’s best friend, and a huge fan of Ladybug’s. Runs a Ladybug blog. 

and Nino!

(so cool, surfer dude voice for whatever reason???. YEAH MANNNN.) (REPRESENTATION IS WONDERFUL MATES)

(i ship nino and alya so bad, like pls)

Adrien’s best friend, cool guy

And then… there’s THIS BITCH (i love her but honestly, she so mean)

Chloe Bourgeois

(loves adrien, hates marinette, rich french girl, dad is the freaking mayor) and her slave friend Sabrina who does stuff for her.

She’s kinda the “rival” for Marinette in terms of everything. Makes fun of her, loves Adrien (calls him Adrein-kins BLAUGH) and he doesn’t really feel the same way back.

(Also shes caused alot of her classmates and an adult already to be akumiatized)

and their classmates at Collège Françoise Dupont


(she’s so cute omg) (so smol too)


(she’s cool, she does makeup i think?? people ship her and rose (yes)


(shes adorable, an actor i think, kinda gets scared easy)


(looks like a jerk, but isn’t. likes mylene. THEY KISS I SWEAR, MARRYYYYYYY EACH OTHERR) (so many ships, so many…)


(has/had? a crush on marinette, great artist, makes cute lil comic of him saving marinette it was so cute, so smol too)


(she’s REALLY SMOL, great roller skater, cool, cutie)


(asian jock, cool guy, (had very PAST TENSE, had a crush on chloe), and his friend, max, nerdy, calculating everything, also i love that they changed “racial stereotypes” on these two its BEAUTIFUL)

also kim and alix has a bet made from timebreaker that if she won hed stop with dares for an entire school year and if he won she would give up her skates to him (i ship it…) (watch me tell u all my ships whoops)

(she enjoying dat butt tho ;3)

okay enough of characters…

so… what’s the whole “superhero” thing they gotta do??

well it goes like this

someone feels bad, sad, upset, angry

so this asshole


(sure doesnt LOOK LIKE a hawkmoth to me…)

He wants their miraculouses (marinette’s earrings, adrien’s ring)

Originally posted by myladynoir

he takes advantage of it and sends out this white butterfly gone wrong


to “evilize them” (i swear what does evilize even mean???)

which means they become apart of an item the person owns and that is kinda their main “weapon” “power” whatever

Exhibit A - Nino as “The Bubbler”, his bottle of bubble solution makes him a villain temporarily

Exhibit B - Alya as “Lady Wifi”, her phone makes her a villain 

(so it really shows that no one is truly safe from being akumized)

and so ladybug and chat noir

(sure it was an accident chat, sureeee)

stop them, and ladybug uses her power “lucky charm” to create a object (its spotted too, SPOTTED) and use it to stop the villain, and breaks the item holding the akuma

Originally posted by miraculousgifs

Originally posted by miraculousgifs

(sassy chat i swear)

and after the villian is defeated, ladybug uses her yoyo to capture the akuma, cleanse it, “devilize” (UGH), and send the white butterfly off

Originally posted by nekolauxan

with her cleansing light fixes all damage, including the broken item itself (really a big help cuse superheroes make quite the mess)

 And that’s usually how the epsiodes go.

there are a few more things:

- new superhero will come!


Italian fox girl (theres not much else…)

So! I hope that answered your question. It’s really a great show and I would recommend it to anyone! And honestly I can’t believe tumblr let me put it all out too.

Okay I’m sorry but I have to add more to this thing (its already so long omg…) Okay so once they use their power, they only have a few minutes before their transformation wears off. And they have to feed their kwami to make em feel all better (tikkit loves baked goods, plagg loves… You guessed it, CHEESE)

anonymous asked:

Oh boy, I so agree. I started watching book 3 again and I was amazed by how I missed a lot of it the first time. I mean, Asami was definitely flirting with Korra almost throughout the entire book. Korra was completely clueless of course. But Asami, yeah, she was almost blatantly flirting and completely trying to impress Korra in a "Come on, am I not pretty/cool/smart? Look at me and love me!" kind of way.

Yuppp. I’m pretty sure “Long Live the Earth Queen” was when I hopped fully aboard the ship (though beginning with Asami’s hair flip in 3x01 I was intrigued). Her showboating that whole episode was hilarious: “want to purchase a slightly used sand sailer?” I bet she thought she was so cool.

I’m of the mind that S3 Asami was like I was in high school. There were these girls I oddly felt “drawn to,” and purposely would try and get attention/act cool around them. I vaguely knew it was a crush, but it took another few years before it clicked and I was like “oooh. That was sexual tension.” For Asami, her “aha” moment was Korra almost dying in the S3 finale. Hence the hand grasp and the “if you want to talk…or anything.”

Flirting Asami is such a giant dork; I love her. Even in S1 she’s shooting out some vibes, though definitely not as aggressively.


( Part 1) // (Part 2)

It was well known in Hogwarts that Sirius Black was the resident “Bad Boy” and “Heartbreaker” but what wasn’t known was that Y/N Y/L/N has the same reputation.- between the two of them they had probably only not broke 1 heart, excluding their friends of course. And that 1 heart was each others. However, that was all about to change.

“Y/L/N” Sirius shouted, smirking.
“Black” Y/N yelled, turning around - a matching smirk gracing her lips.
“How about we play a game?” Sirius grinned, running a hand through his hair.
“Well - what kind of game?” Y/N asked, tilted her head to the left.
“I’ve heard rumours that the whole school has bets on us. When we’d get together so I propose-”
“Woah,” Y/N grinned “A little hasty, Black” 
“You wouldn’t let me finish, Y/L/N. I don’t want to marry you.” He rolled his eyes, “ So I propose that we play a game. We kiss, we hold hands, we go out on dates and all that…” His eyes sparkled with amusement “ First one to fall in love looses, you in?” 
Y/N smirked, “You’re on, Black.”


[starco trash #?] Star leaves Earth during school time: a carriage with the Queen in it is waiting for her just outside of the building.

She says goodbye to everyone of her classmates/friends and she and Marco share one of their heartwarming hugs. The two act cool about it, especially the karate boy, who’s unusually chill and calm about all of this.

Star leaves the class smiling and teary-eyed and the lesson resumes normally. Only a few seconds later Marco’s gaze lands on Star’s now empty desk next to him, a desk filled with the cute, cheesy drawings made by the princess. Doesn’t take long for him to realize that he’s not okay with all of this, not at all; he suddenly stands up, breaking the pop-quiz-induced silence in the class.

“Miss Skullnick… may I go to the bathroom?!” he asks, stuttering, casually glancing outside of the windows. He’s a mess.
“Sure, whatever!” 
“Do I need a hall pass?” he says, eyes glued on the windows.

The whole classroom lets out an audible, annoyed sigh.

The love of your life is leaving and you ask for a hall pass? You’re such a dork!” Janna scolds him, the rest of the classmates and Skullnick nodding in agreement. “Just go to her. The carriage hasn’t left yet, I can see it from here!”.

Marco then rushes outside of the class, almost tripping on his own feet, and messily runs through the whole school, earning a lot of intrigued looks from other high-schoolers and professors, who pretty much immediately realize what is happening. They even have a betting pool for that.

“Star, WAIT!” he shouts, bursting outside through the school main entrance, this time effectively tripping on the short series of steps preceding it. 

He messily lands in front of her but quickly stands up, as if nothing happened. Once in front of Star, that sudden train of thoughts he had moment before simply becomes a disorganized series of words that pretty much sounds like a love confession of some sorts, as Marco spurts out a sheer number of reasons why he considers her the best thing that has ever happened to him, how much she changed his dull, boring life and how he’s aware that he’s just a dorky human but that doesn’t change how he feels.

Breathing heavily, sweating a bit, exhausted by all that running through the school and the fast-talking, Marco silently waits for a response. The Queen doesn’t bat an eye and watches the scene in silence, as intrigued as everyone. Star is speechless, but smiles fondly, her heart-cheeks glowing faintly. She then turns to her mother, takes out her wand and starts firing random, colorful but harmless spells around the carriage.

“Oh my… what is happening?! The wand… is out of my control! It’s going crazy! AAARGH! If only I had more time to train! Nooooooo!”

The Queen and the other servants on the carriage simply sigh in response, unimpressed by the princess’ poor acting skills. 

“My dear, if you wanted to stay on Earth a bit more, you could have just told us, saving me a trip…” she says, still unimpressed, dusting some colorful magical glitter off her shoulders. “Alright, Manfred. Take me back to Mewni…”

The carriage slowly passes through a portal leading to the magical kingdom, leaving Earth, the interdimensional gate disappearing moments later. The resulting silence was broken by the entire school erupting into cheers and applause, as they all watched the scene from behind the windows.

“Now that I’m in a different dimension… I’m going to need a guide, don’t you think?” the princess says, taking Marco’s hand. “Will you show me around… safe-kid?” she smiles and winks.

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take…” he chuckles, as they walk back into the school, their fellow classmates cheering for them.


Shipping meme: Hinny (Harry and Ginny)

1. Who crushed first?

Ginny. From the moment she laid eyes on him she knew he would be the father of her children.

2. How long did the pre-kiss tension last?

Six long painfully awkward years worth of attempted relationships and on again- off again hook ups with other people.

3. Who caved and kissed first?

Harry, after he realized that he couldn’t take seeing any other man kiss, touch, and hurt his woman.

4. Angst or fluff?

Fluff because they are a loving couple, but after the war there would definitely be some angst. Harry dealing with everyone that died in the name of a better future, that would not be an overnight recovery.

5. What the parents think?

The Weasley’s had pretty much adopted him anyway, of course they welcomed him with open arms into their family. Arthur would consider it an honor, and Molly would be glad to see their love bloom and grow. James and Lily couldn’t be prouder, especially Lily.

6. Did they do a first date or did they just hook up?

They couldn’t really do the whole dating thing during their school years, but you can bet your last buck that Harry took her out on plenty of dates after the war. Their first date would have been a muggle outing, a casual walk through the park with a stop for ice cream, perhaps a trip to a lake for a nice swim, or maybe a nice dinner at a not very expensive restaurant (Harry was not the type to flaunt himself).

7. Relationship dynamic?

Ginny is not a pushover Mary Jane character. She can reign Harry in when he needs it. Ginny would be a patient lover and offer him the comfort he not only needed, but deserved and craved. He never knew a woman’s touch growing up, all he had was himself. The Dursley’s damn sure didn’t coddle him. So Ginny would be able to show him exactly how tender a woman can be when he needs it. And when they’re in the company of others, they would be their normal playful selves. Harry would be able to joke and play with Ginny and know that she would take him lightheartedly. And she would have his back no matter what the circumstance. She would be ready to risk her life protecting him at any given moment, and so would he.

8. How long do they last/did they break up?

It would be a lifetime relationship. Even if they get mad at each other, the longest it’d last would be a few hours, a day tops. Harry would just need time to cool off, and then he’d be ready to apologize. He wouldn’t hesitate to be the first to swallow his pride. Ginny, on the other hand, being a Weasley and all, would take slightly longer to admit if she was wrong. She’d probably sulk about having to apologize for a few hours, maybe procrastinate a little, and huff around until she decided she was tired of thinking about it and apologize just to get it over with. If she was the angry one, depending on how angry she was feeling, Harry would probably have to jump a few hexes. Nothing serious, unless she was really pissed, but more like a hex that gives you face zits or boils or instead of talking, you croak like a frog for a day.

9. Who’s the sex god?

Gonna go out on a limb here and say Ginny. First of all, she’s got the poo tang, and in the sex department of a heterosexual relationship the woman has the ability to hold all the cards. I can see her being a master seductress behind closed doors. I could see her being the one into exotic sex positions, or the one eager to try something new. I could also see her taking charge when she is feeling particularly sexual. Maybe blind fold Harry while he’s sitting on the edge of the bed and just spend hours teasing him with her touch, until he was to the point of panting and begging her for more. There is nothing more appealing to a man than a woman who has a healthy appetite for sex.

10. Short headcanon for the pair.


“Oh, good morning Ron,” Harry yawned as he snapped out of his thoughts. He must’ve been smiling because Hermione was giving him that look. That look said that his thoughts were written all over his face.

“Are you alright?” Ron asked again.


“I asked you the same question four times now… Didn’t you hear me, mate?”

“Really?” No, in fact, Harry hadn’t heard a word he said. How long had he been standing there in the doorway, anyway? What time was it? And why did Ron look so sweaty? “I’m sorry, what?”

“Ron, he’s fine, see?” Hermione said impatiently.

“Fine? Are you mental? There’s clearly something wrong here!”

Ron didn’t understand what was going on. Harry was acting strange! They were all supposed to meet up at The Three Broomsticks for dinner last night and he blew them off! Ron needed to know what made his best friend “forget” about their weekly arrangement, which Ron though of as a tradition of sorts by now. All the more reason to be suspicious when Harry didn’t show up last night and left him and Hermione hanging. Not that he minded being alone with Hermione or anything. But if he was busy he should have said so! Right? Plus, Harry seemed… disoriented this morning. He had a far away gaze in his eye and he looked bloody awful, like he had gotten into a fight or something. His hair was messier than usual and he had what appeared to be faint scratch marks around his torso. Ron swore under his breath and pushed passed Harry right into Grimauld Place, angrily looking around for signs of a fight or anything out of the ordinary. He swore under his breath. If someone wanted a fight, he was ready!

“Ron, I’m fine. Really,” Harry smiled, awkwardly running his fingers through his unkempt hair.

“Yeah, see? I told you he’s fine,” Hermione jerked Ron’s shoulder rather firmly. “Now can we go already?” She hissed impatiently.

“What- No, let go of me- Harry what’s going-”

“Harry, who was at the door?” Ginny interrupted with a yawn as she slowly made her way down the staircase rubbing her eyes. She was dressed in one of Harry’s old t-shirts, the ones that were too big for him but he loved too much to get rid of anyway, perhaps just for the satisfaction of seeing them on Ginny exactly as she was now. Ah, crap, he was smiling again.

“Ginny?” Ron stared incredulously, mouth agape in complete shock. “But, you’re not supposed to be back until tomorrow!”

“Ron, ugh,” she groaned. “Um, surprise?”

“What?” He felt like a broken record. “Why are you here? And why is your hair like that? And why are you in Harry’s…… Oh,” Ron stopped mid sentence, his cheeks flushing in embarrassment as the realization finally set in.

“Big brother, you are incredibly dense,” Ginny sighed and walked past her brother and into the kitchen. She may as well make some breakfast for the idiot because explaining this might take some time. He’d take the news better on a full stomach, anyway.

“I tried to stop him,” Hermione apologized but Harry could only smile.

“Wait, you knew?!” What was he, chopped liver? Was he really the last one to piece together the puzzle?

“Of course I knew, Ron, they’ve only been ogling each other for years now. Honestly.”

“But that doesn’t-!” Ron cut his eyes away in embarrassment. “That doesn’t really mean that they were shagging all this time… Right?” He gave Hermione a pitiful look.

“Oh, cut it out Ronald,” Hermione rolled her eyes. “You can be so daft sometimes.”

“Sorry, mate,” Harry pipped up but the smile on his face said that he was anything but sorry. “Stay for breakfast, it’s the least I could do about last night.”

Well, wasn’t this just swell. Ron felt slightly irritated. He felt like a third- or fourth- wheel. Like a friend kept out of the secret. Like a gerbil without a wheel. Yeah, he knew they were dating, but he hadn’t thought about that part yet! His best friend! His sister! And they call him the dense one! They should be apologizing to him!

He stormed into the kitchen red faced, retort seconds away from flying off his tongue, when he stopped, captivated by the lazy smile between his sister and his best friend. In all the years that he had known Harry, he had never seen that smile before. He watched as they stood together at the antique stove top, arm in arm, inseparable it seemed. Harry would pull away every once in a while to watch her cook, but never taking his eyes away from her for more than a minute. And Ginny was humming, actually happily humming while cooking. Ginny hated cooking.

No one told Ron this either. No one told him that his best friend and his sister had really, truly fallen in love. Suddenly, his irritation faded. He sighed and pulled the seat out next to Hermione, who had already unravelled the day’s Daily Prophet and was nose deep in the second page. This seemed like a warm, happy home; and for once Ron wasn’t bothered about being consciously aware of Ginny’s love life.

pika-chip-chan  asked:

Can do you do Shinichi betting on Mc from ASA if you are still able to take the request. It's okay if you don't do it.😊🙂

You had finished your late remedial class with a few students and are walking back to the staff room, surprise to see Shinichi, Rikiya and Kenzo are still around and chatting. You are about to greet them when you heard something that you not supposed to hear.

“What gotten over you? You don’t want to take the money from us that you won? That is not like you will behave.” Kenzo asked in shocked.

“Wait, are you saying that you feel bad for cheating on her feeling? No, don’t tell me you fall for her?” Rikiya asked in shocked. “You still remember the school rule about no dating.” Rikiya continued.

You can’t believe what you just heard. So all the while was just a bet among them. You feel stupid and hurt for falling in love with him.

“Just take the money and forget about the whole thing. You know the consequence if you are found dating with her.” Kenzo reminded him.

“I…” Shinichi was hesitating.

“Why don’t give me the money instead since I am the main character of the whole plot?” You interrupted and you can feel my face burning hot.

The three of them are shocked to see me and Shinichi’s face went pale. He walks over to you and tried to explain,“ Please, I can explain.”

Instead of listening, you gave him a slap in his face and your tears can’t hold on anymore but flowing downs your cheeks. You put your thing back at your desk and left the school immediately. Shinichi ran after you but you shouted at him to leave you alone. Not wanting to piss you further, he decides to let you alone for now. That night, you cried the whole night and your eyes are a bit swollen from all the crying.

The next day when you reached the school, there was an awkward feeling between you, Rikiya and Kenzo. They apologized to you but you ignore them. Shinichi has been staring at you but you are ignoring him as well. You prepared for your class and tried to focus on teaching. Somehow, you find yourself giddy in the middle of the class. You blink your eyes and tried to focus, thinking it must be due to the lack of sleep from last night. However, you soon passed out in class. By the time you regained your conscious, you are at the nursing room.

“You are awake.” Shinichi holds your hands and heaved out a sigh of relief. You pulled your hands away from him and turn your back against him.

“He rushed to the classroom the moment he heard you fainted and ran all the way here. I will leave both of you alone for a while.” Kenzo explained, before leaving the room.

You do not understand why he was doing all these. Is this another bet to hurt you again? Somehow you are glad that he cares so much about you but he hurt you so much. You can’t help but start sobbing again and that when a pair of strong arms wrapped around you from behind.

“I know whatever I say now won’t be able to turn back the clock but I am sorry. The reason why I refuse to take the winning from them is because I lost the bet, as I fallen deeply in love with you. My feeling to you was not a lies. Give me a chance to prove to you.” Shinichi whispered to your ear, before turning you to face him. He wipes away your tears with his fingers and whispered to you again,“ I promise I won’t make you cry again. All I need is one chance to prove to you.”

“Do you really mean it?” You sobbed.

“Yes, I mean every single word I had said. I love you so much and willing to put my career at risk. I am not lying. Trust me, please.” Shinichi begged and you can see tears well up in his eyes.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your face against his check. He embraced you tightly and slowly lifts up your face to face him. He kisses you gently, telling you that you are all he needs.

Separation Anxiety + A Daddy!Killian One Shot

Daddy!Killian and the first day of kindergarten….because as a teacher, I see this more than you would believe haha.

“Papa, can we go now?”

Killian’s fingers trembled slightly as he finally lowered his coffee mug back to the kitchen table. It was a little trivial for him to opt to continue holding it when it had already been empty for about fifteen minutes, but today he’d woken up with the intention of stalling - and obviously, it hadn’t taken long for his methods to grow slim. Burning toast so it had to be remade, arranging items in his son’s Batman lunchbox a thousand different ways, and misplacing a pair of little sneakers on purpose hadn’t bought him as much time as he was hoping for. He peeked toward the clock on the microwave, noting the way the bright green numbers were illuminating the ticking minutes left in their morning. It was going too fast - it had always gone way too fast.

He could almost swear that it was just yesterday they’d brought their little dark haired baby boy home from the hospital, all bundled up in striped blue pajamas and a blanket that Ruby’s grandmother had to have spent hours making. They hadn’t chosen to name him ‘Liam’ lightheartedly, but rather with the hope that he’d take after his late uncle just a bit - brave, protective, adventurous, and proud. His eyes had been a brilliant and oh so light blue, full of curiosity and possibility in a way that Killian had never once dared to dream of. 

Well, not until he met Emma at least. Being with that woman had allowed him a glimpse at so many new ‘firsts’ - it just happened to be that the one occurring today wasn’t one of the fun ones. Well, at least not for him.

“Well, I think….it’s not time yet, is it?”

“Papa, it is time,” Liam urged, bouncing up and down as he pulled his backpack on. “We have to get there early!”

“I don’t think we need to be that early, Liam.”

“We do too,” he disagreed, tugging hard on Killian’s hand with a grunt. “It’s the first day, papa - and you said it’s good to make an impression.”

“I suppose I did,” Killian sighed, rising to his feet and following his son across the kitchen floor. “Is arriving early your way of saying you’d like the impression you make to be a good one?”

Duh, papa,” Liam replied, shaking his head at the ridiculous question.

“I guess I can’t argue with that,” Killian grinned. “Fortunately, the only sort of impression a Jones man can make is a good one. I wager there aren’t many who’d disagree with that logic, my boy.”

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not a romcom movie.

y'all bullied me into writing more about it so there we are (at last). the writing is all over the place but, for the sake of my insecurities, we’ll call it “experimenting with my style”.

part one

The blonde tornado strikes after first period.

Which, really, Killian should have expected, what with the girl’s reputation and all. Still, he almost jumps out of his skin when she appears at his side all of a sudden, grabbing his arm with both of hers and throwing a gleeful laugh his way.

“So you’ve heard,” he deadpans, forcing his arm up so he can open his locker and grab a few books before his English class in five minutes.

“Of course. Everybody has!”

Something between a groan and a sigh escape his lips as he lets the book fall into his bag before turning to the little blonde. She’s exulting, of course, in that I’m-totally-the-modern-version-of-Emma-Woodhouse way, with bonus grin from ear to ear and bouncing on her feet. She’s probably already planning a hundred different plans of actions for him to get the girl, and Killian doesn’t want to hear a single one of those plans – he’s seen how messy things got when Regina started dating that guy who already had a girlfriend because Tink had convinced her to.

Thank you, but no thank you.

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Helloooo my beautiful peopleee <3 I just wanted to say thank you for support on this story,likeee I am soo happy :D You all make me smilee <3 
Now I hope you all enjoy <3

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“The worst year with you” Suga story - Part 4

Suga woke up and barelly got out of his bed.He felt weird today..First he picked up what he will wear to school,he walked in his boxers,running around his apartment, trying to find his phone.
“Ah there you are..” Suga found his phone in the living room and was relieved because he find it..
Again Suga walked to the bathroom..He looked at himself in the mirror and wash his face,fix his hair.
Then went to put his clothes on…While he was looking at himself in the mirror,he looked in the review of the mirror at his notebook.But music notebook.
He turns around and takes it in his hands and opens it..There were some words he wrote yesterday.
“Shit” he said and ripped off the few pages and throw them on the floor

“You coming to school?” he got a text from J-Hope
“Yeah..I’ll be there in 10 minutes” he replied while eating his cereal.

He rushed outside and bumps into someone..
“Watch where you are going!” Suga started,he was mad because someone was in his way
“That hurt” you said rubbing your head not even noticing who is that

You looked at Suga..Both of you were shocked.
“W…What are you doing in here?” he asked
“I..I was at my friends apartment” you looked at him
Suga just nodded his head and press the elevator button..
You guys waited in silence for the elevator door to open,when it did you guys walked in.
“You stupid!” Suga yelled at his phone
You just look at him and sigh
“Are you really gonna be like this?” Suga said and you didn’t realise he was talking to you..Still you were really mad at him for everything that has happened between you two.
“Are you talking to me?” you raise your eyebrow
“Yeah,I’m talking to you” Suga pushes you against one side of elevator and puts his hands beside you 
“Well..I don’t want to talk to you..So fuck off” you said coldly and push him away
“I need to solve things with you” Suga didn’t care what you said or pushed him away

The elevator door opens.And you walk away faster,but Suga takes your hand and stops you.
“Don’t be like this” he said looking at you
“Be like what? Your friends almost beated me up yesterday,and even if they did you wiould still stand there..Because you don’t care” you move away your hand from his
“It’s not like that Y/N..” Suga takes a breath
“I don’t want an explanation,I don’t want to know it” you said and walked to school

Suga just watched you leave..He got really mad at himself,at everything..
“Aghhh!” he shouted
People were looking at him,also some people from school.
“What are you looking at ha?” Suga raised his eyebrows and right away they look away

When first class was about to start,Suga walks in and this time he didn’t smile or look at you.It felt like you weren’t even there.That kind of a little hurt you,but you know you had to stay mad and not forgive him for doing what he did…But you get a little jealous when he talked to one of the girls in the class.You roll your eyes and the teacher walks in..
“Okay class…You will pair with someone from this class and do a project I tell you to do…” teacher smiled
“And you know the best part?” he added
“What is the best part?” few of you ask not being interested
“I get to pick” he smiled
“OH COME ON!” all of you yell and start throwing papers at him
“HEY,ALL OF YOU! Will get detention if you don’t stop throwing the papers” he fixed his tie
“I can’t believe it” again some of you all said
“Okay,now….You and you” teacher points
“Then you and you” 
“Y/N..You with Suga” he said
“I DON’T WANNA BE WITH HIM/HER!” Suga and you yell at the same time pointing at each other
“Sorry,just because you don’t want to..Now you HAVE to!” he winks
“Oh God!” you were mad 
“I can’t believe this shit” Suga leans back on his chair

After class Suga stopped you
“You,my place,8pm” he said looking at you
“Why so late?” you laugh
“Because I say so” he raised his eyebrow
“Okay,whatever” you roll your eyes

Late,girls and you hang out outside.
“I can’t believe he pair up you and Suga!” Bella laughs
“It’s not funny” you said looking at her
“I’m sure everything will be fine” she smiled
You look at her then at Sophie and she looks at you.

When you walked back into school,again Taehyung pushed you hard.
“Are you afraid?” he asked
“No” you look up and down on him
He laughs and gets closer to your face
“You’ll be and remember..Stay away” he smiled and tapped your shoulder and walked away

You just sigh and walk to your locker..As you close it Suga was standing behind it
“Oh shit!” you shout and put your hand on your chest
Suga looks at you being confused
“What do you want? I was told to stay away from you” you laugh still taking a breath because he scared you
“I just wanted to say..Sor..” he started and then looked like he couldn’t say the word
You gave him “What the fuck look” because you didn’t get what’s wrong with him.
Suga rolls his eyes 
“Sorry..There I said it” he raised his hands in the air
“I can’t forgive you” you said
“You need to!” he said
“But you..”
“Shut up and just forget that what happened yesterday” Suga cuts you off
You didn’t know what to say,so you just walk away
“Y/N come on!” you could hear Suga shout 

“I see you aren’t that lucky getting her” Jimin sat next to Suga
“Who said that?” 
“Me because I can see it” he laughs
“Everything is going great” Suga smiled
“Lies..And I am still preparing a punishment for you,since you aren’t getting her” Jimin smiled
“You were the one who got Y/N away from me” Suga points at him
“You slapped her you fucking asshole..Now everything is ruined” 
“We were protecting you” Jimin said
“From what?”
“You are falling in love with her!” 
“No I’m not!”
“Yes you are..And we can’t stand to see you be with one girl!” Jimin explains
“Once I will get a real girlfriend and you will have to deal with it!!” Suga was serious and got up looking at Jimin
“Don’t worry about the bet,I’ll get her” Suga added and walked away

Suga trough whole day in school tried to speak to you,but words just don’t come out.
He wanted to apologize for everything that has happend,and they way he was rude towards you and especially his friends.

Because he couldn’t find a way of right words,he would just observe you every break or when you guys are in class together.

And by observing you he would think how beautiful you are,also he noticed that you have such pretty eyes and smile..When you laugh he would have a small smile on his face.
But the mist thing that was bothering him was that you didn’t even try to look at him because of what he did to you.
He wanted to help you but he didn’t on the end..
“Sooo stupid!” he said to himself when he thinks of it

“Suga?!” Jin and J-Hope shout
“WHAT?” he shouts back and quit thinking about you
“What is happening to you?” they asked
“Nothing..I was just in my own world for a little” he looked at them and took a sip of his coca cola
“We see that” they laugh
“Anyways..We heard you are pair up with Y/N” they both smiled at Suga
“How did you know that?” he looks at them
“Well I am with Olivia,she’s best friend of Y/N’s” J.Hope explains
“Whatever” Suga sighs
“Will something happen?” Jin asked
“No! Nothing will happen” Suga said
“Yeah,yeah..Of course it will” Jin rolls his eyes
“Why..Why do you even ask those questions! It’s non of your business!” Suga got all frustrated
“Calm down,Jesus” Jin laughs
“Sorry man,I’m just a little..”
“Nervous because Y/N is coming to your place” J-Hope cuts him
“J-Hope…I will kill you” SUga stood up and started to chase after him
“Okay,okay I’m sorry!” J-Hope yelled while running
“Weirdos” Jin laughs watching them

“Oh God..I don’t wanna gooo” you said to yourself
“Fucking teacher,Fucking everything…I hate it” you said and shut your front door and head to Suga’s place

“Shit,shit,shit” Suga realised that is almost 8pm and he still hasn’t cleaned up his place

He rushed and started to clean and throw everything around..
“Call me later!” Suga shouts answering Jimin’s call and throw the phone on the bed
Suga finished cleaning really fast..So until you come he decided to write lyrics for his rap..Because guys and him are working on a new song.
“No” Suga ripped off the paper and throw it

You finally camed and knocked on the door.Suga opens it.
“Come in” he said and let you in
“Nice place you have here…And it’s weird for a guy like you to have a clean place” you laugh looking around
“Thank and um…Well It’s not weird” Suga laughs
“Whatever,let’s get to work” you said and looked at Suga

He lead you to the bedroom..Both of you sat down on the floor and started your work.
While you guys were working Suga brought some food and drinks.
Then Suga layed on the floor while you were writing something and finishing up the work.
“Suga,It’s done” you smiled and look at him
“Suga?” you said but he didn’t move

You come closer to him and he falled asleep.
“Wake up” you said shaking him
“Oh what?” SUga opens his eyes and sits up
“You fall asleep,really?” you looks at him
“Well,I was tired” Suga looks at you
“You were cute” you laugh
“I am not cute” to Suga that was weird that you called him cute
“Okay” you laugh and roll your eyes
“You are cute” Suga smiled
You look at him and you could feel somekind of a rush..YOu heart was beating fast and you love what he said to you.
Suga smiled and you two stared at each other,then he bites his lip and pulls you in a kiss.
You kissed back,and Suga while you guys were kissing trying to move away something that was on the floor so he could come closer to you and he trips a little.
Both of you laugh under the kiss because he was clumsy.

When you pulled away to catch a breath,Suga smiled at you
“I…Need to go” you said being nervous and picking your stuff up
“What? Why?” Suga was confused and stood up too
“Sorry..I just..Bye” you said and closed the door

Suga stayed in shock.
“What is wrong with her?” he asked himself
“Why did she leave? Did I do something wrong?” he added thinking

So I’ve been working on this movie script idea about an Aromantic Asexual girl and the boy who falls in love with her. Give not only myself, but the Ace community as a whole some representation, you know? The plot is the typical high school Badboy makes a bet with his friends to get the new girl to fall in love/sleep with him, but then he develops genuine feelings for the girl, starts to change for her, and calls off the bet.

Some of the twists are that the girl doesn’t fall back (she doesn’t actually know why, because after he stops being an asshole she starts to like him too), knew from very early on that he was playing her, and they don’t end up together.

They remain friends until the end of high school, he helping her discover what she is in relation to her sexuality, because she’s honestly been struggling with it for a long time, but then they lose touch. About ten years later they run into each other at a coffee shop or something—he’s engaged to his college girlfriend and she’s still single but very happy.