bet that wasn't the first time he took a shot like that to the face

Title: Dexterity (Re-upload)
Pairing: Geralt x Yennefer
Rating: Slight M
Summary: Yennefer is taken back by Geralt’s former lover.

Okay, so I’m sorry it’s not as long as I wanted it to be, and I’m sorry I just suck all around, but I hope if anybody reads this that they enjoy it. I also didn’t make it as smutty as I thought because I got too deep in and it didn’t feel right. Thanks for reading ily

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Matty Healy [one shot 1]

He smelled like cigarettes and his favourite cologne. Although he hadn’t smoked for hours, the scent of smoke was still present. It always was, and I liked it like that. His smell reminded me of those evenings on my balcony, just the two of us smoking and staring at the stars. I’d love to do that again, but somehow it seems like he’s not into that anymore.

Of course he’s exhausted from being on tour for so long, but I feel like he’s not into doing things with me anymore apart from kissing and cuddling and making love. It’s weird to cook, clean and do the groceries while he’s out and about, fuck knows what he’s actually doing. I often think about the time when he wasn’t as busy as he now is, the time when we used to walk in the park and drink tasteless black coffee in crappy coffee shops for hours. It’d be us against the world, but now he sleeps until noon and leaves after only a bowl of cereals.

I sat up, letting go of his arm which had laid around my waist all night long. My body shivered as my feet touched the cold wooden floor. I got up and got out of my slip dress, searching for a pair of jeans and a sweater. I put on a black tee, which I guess was Matty’s, and slid into a pair of black jeans. I didn’t even bother to check my hair and make up, because my make up should be in the place it was last night and I simply didn’t care about my hair.

The sound of a moving Matty startled me a bit, I hope I didn’t wake him up. I turned around to look at him, just to make sure he was asleep. But he wasn’t, his sleepy stared at me and I stared back. He checked me out from head to toe which made me feel uncomfortable, it’s weird because it doesn’t necessarily makes me feel insecure, I just don’t like the way he looks at me when he checks me out.

‘Good morning babe,’ he said with his raspy voice.

'Morning,’ I sighed. 'I was just going for a smoke outside, if you don’t mind.’

'I’d love to accompany you, if you don’t mind.’ He’s such a babe.

'I don’t, but Matty, I can tell you’re hungover so maybe you should get some more sleep. It’s only eight AM.’ I don’t want to be rude but he needs his sleep, he got so pissed last night. I bet he doesn’t remember that he puked a couple of hours ago, it was disgusting to be honest.

'No, I’m alright, just having a slight headache. I’m sure some fresh air will do good, give me a minute.’ I watched him getting out of bed and searching for some clothes, he looked awfully wrecked.

I just stood there, awkwardly watching him, so I figured out I’d better go get him some Advils and a glass of water. The bedroom door led me straight to the living area of our small apartment. It was a complete mess : piles of clothes, coats and books were everywhere. Ashtrays full of cigarette butts were on the dining table as well as on the couch, and I could easily spot five empty bottles of wine in a quick glance. Fuck, when did this happen? The thought of cleaning this shit made me cringe already. But first, I really needed my smoke right now.

I quickly grabbed the last clean glass and filled it with water, Matty was now searching his boots in the living room.

'Babe, I got you some Advils.’

'Thanks love.’ I watched him get into his boots - they were under the couch - and walk over to me to take the pair of Advils and drink the water. He put his empty glass in the sink and leaned in to hug me.

'I’m so lucky to have you, Y/N,’ he whispered in my ear.

I leant back and looked him straight in the eyes.

'I love you, Matty. You should know that by now.’

We have been together for months now, and as strange as it may seem, I’ve never told him I loved him. Neither did he tell me, but I was okay with it because it has always been obvious to me that he cared. And that’s all I’d ever needed, but I really wanted a response from him now. Although I said to myself it didn’t bother because he cared anyways, it did bother. I wanted him to love me too, I was hoping that wasn’t too much to ask for.

But I didn’t get the answer I was hoping for, all he did was nod and give me a quick peck on my lips. I followed him while he got out of our hug and left the front door.

He didn’t bother to wait on me while I closed and locked the door and he simply got in the lift. I got really annoyed when I heard the lift doors close and I decided to take the stairs. Luckily, we only lived on the third floor so the few stairs wouldn’t exhaust me too much. When I made it to the hall I got even more upset because he’d already gone outside. I got my cigs out of my coat’s pocket and realised I’d lost my lighter. Whilst going outside I immediately spotted Matty, sitting on a bench at the park on the other side of the road. If it wasn’t for a light I wouldn’t even ran up to him, to be honest.

'Can you give me a light?’ I didn’t want to sit next to him so I just stood there.

He nodded an handed me his lighter, looking as uninterested in me as possible. Fucking jerk.

I quickly lit my cigarette and took a drag. I was one hundred percent done by now.

'You know what?’ I spat out while I threw his lighter on to his lap. 'Fuck you Matty, fuck you and all your fucking bullshit.’

I walked into the park, struggling to hold the tears back and violently taking long drags of my fag.

'Please, Y/N!’ I heard him calling my name but it only made things worse. Couldn’t he just leave me alone?

I felt his hand grab my shoulder while his other hand tried to get hold of my waist. At that point I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore and I started to hysterically sob. He now forced me into a tight embrace and let me sob on his shoulder. He tried to comfort me by whispering calming words in my ear and lightly stroking my back. When I’d calmed down a bit I was able to take the last drags of my cig and breathe again.

'Matty?’ I asked, my voice cracked but I didn’t care.

'I just want to hold you,’ he said whilst getting an ever tighter grip on my waist.

'I love you, Matty.’ It wasn’t my intention to say it, but I just did. As simply as it is, I just love him. It was the right thing to do, because I know that he’ll be okay with it. Matty means a lot to me, the way he always knows how to comfort me, the way he likes to have deep conversations, it has always felt right with him. And even without conformation I just know he feels the same, if he didn’t he would’ve have got out of whatever we’re doing right now a long time ago. Right?

'Y/N, I care so much about you. I care, for fucks sake. I fucking care about you.’ His hands cupped my face and he leant in for a kiss.

I leant back to look in his eyes.

'That’s all I’ll ever need.’

He hears the other boys compliment you
  • Luke: I missed (y/n) like crazy. It'd been far too long since id seen her and I was going senile with only the company of the boys. They were all single and didn't quite know how it felt to have a girl who was as amazing as (y/n) as their own. I was lucky enough to have had her for 2 whole years. We dated in high school and when I started touring, we promised we'd still be together. We kept our promise. I was face timing (y/n) through in my room, where I could get some sort of privacy from the other boys. "Babe, you look amazing." I smiled as she changed in front of the camera. We were no longer shy around each other - like we were in the beginning of the relationship. "Yeah, I can't wait till you're home luke!" She smirked, bringing her boobs closer to the screen. I could tell I was getting turned on but we couldn't do anything about it. "Stop it. I know what you're trying to do and we both know you don't have time for that." I winked. We ended the call having told each other that we loved each other, missed each other and couldn't wait to see each other. As I walked into the lounge where the rest of the boys were sitting, I heard their mumbles about (y/n). "She's got a great body. Super hot. Luke's a lucky guy." I heard Michael say, I smiled quite proudly with myself for having such an amazing girlfriend. "Did you see her in that bikini last time?! She's not just super hot." Calum jeered, at that point I walked into the room smiling at them. "You think my girlfriend is hot and you guys don't get to have sex with her." I grinned, sitting down as they all tutted at me.
  • Michael: I'd just said goodbye to (y/n) at the airport and it was pretty emotional. I knew I wasn't going to be able to see her for a pretty long time and even just now we still hadn't been together for very long. It sucked that she cogent travel with me and see myself and the boys on stage every night of tour. I did love having her though; I was so lucky and I didn't want to let her go - especially when it was easy to work out a schedule of when we could see each other. The boys were pretty friendly with her too and loved her company. On the way to a radio station one day, I was listening to my iPod while closing my eyes to make it look like I was sleeping while the boys had a chat. They were talking about (y/n) and as soon as I heard them say her name I immediately paid attention - still looking like I was asleep. "She's amazing. I wish I had a girlfriend that would do all this for me." Ashton spoke, I could only think he was on my twitter after I posted a photo of what (y/n) got me when she left to go home. "I really hope that one day I have a girlfriend as nice as (y/n). She's just incredible for him." I discreetly smiled as the boys continued to talk.
  • Calum: Waking up to the sight of (y/n) sleeping naked beside me always managed to put me in a great mood. She just looked so innocent and she slept with a smile on her face. I smirked remembering what happened the night before and wouldn't ever be able to thank her enough for it. We were busy for hours and I couldn't even remember what time we locked ourselves in my room of the house myself and the boys shared. I didn't get to see (y/n) often and that was our excuse - we were just spending some quality time together, that's all. I could hear mumbling coming from outside on the balcony, just down a bit from where my bedroom window was. It was Luke and Ashton. They made the most of the mornings in LA. "Did you hear them last night?" Ashton asked Luke, leaning on the barrier of the balcony. They didn't know I could hear or see them. "Yes! Calum is one lucky boy with a girl like (y/n). He sounded like he was having a great time." Luke laughed, Ashton joined in. "He is pretty lucky to have a girl like her. She's got a brilliant body; bet he seen a lot of it last night, too." They both laughed harder and I slightly blushed. "Morning boys!" I waved out the window as they turned around, going red. "Morning cal." They both mumbled. "Would you mind getting me some orange juice? Had a pretty long night last night." I said, winking at them both to make them feel awkward. "Stop rubbing your sex life in our faces, bro." Luke laughed, returning back to his balcony leaning position.
  • Ashton: I was so excited to show my girlfriend to the world tonight at a movie premiere. This was our very first one in the UK and we were all dressed up and looking smart. I was the only one with a girlfriend and luckily for me, I was able to bring her along for it. She loved the movie before this one and I couldn't wait to see her completely fangirl over the fact she was on the same red carpet as Zac Efron. "Do I look okay? I couldn't really decide what to do with my hair." She spun around in her tight fitting dress with her long, simply straightened hair running down her back. "You look great." I smirked, wrapping my arms around her waist as we both faced the mirror. "Give us a kiss." I grinned as she turned to me, kissed me quick and then went to reapply her lipstick - which was now over my cheek. We took a selfie in the mirror and (y/n) posted it to her twitter - which then up roared with compliments. She continued to finish herself off, not that she had to, as I went to see the other lads. "She looks stunning. I wonder if Ashton's planning on doing her tonight." Calum whispered, although I could still hear him. "If he doesn't then I will. She's too hot for him not to." Michael added. "No worries boys, I'll do the honours." I winked as I walked into the room. They both blushed and smiled apologetically.