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i’m always drawing tsuk kissing yams WHICH IS TOTALLY MY JAM but i know in my heart that yams is equally as affectionate… if not more…. bye

villains plotting on rooftops when they see batman coming so they’re like “shit gotta hide” duck behind something and then realize it’s batman and catwoman and of course bruce and selina thinking they’re alone start doing their flirting and foreplay until the villain just pops up like “fUCKING GROSS JUST TAKE ME TO JAIL ALREADY”

Zodiac SQUAD: Gemini, Capricorn, Scorpio & Pisces
  • Pisces, pulling Gemini with them, smiling at her: Come on, stop being annoying and just meet him
  • Gemini, making a face: Is my love life that bad that you gotta introduce me to some random guy?
  • Pisces, dead serious: Yes.
  • Pisces, sees Scorpio and drags Gemini over: Hey Scorpio, hey Cap. Here is the child.
  • Scorpio, chuckles while introducing Capricorn: Capricorn meet Gemini, the child. Gemini, meet Capricorn the stick-up-the-ass.
  • Capricorn, makes a face: I'm not some boring prick, you know-
  • Gemini, complaining: I'm not lonely in the first place why would I even need to date this loser
  • Capricorn, raises an eyebrow: Loser? Wanna bet on it? Let's go to the arcade, if you win against me in a first-person shooter game, I'll buy everyone something to eat.
  • Gemini, raises a eyebrow: And if I lose?
  • Capricorn, smirks: You gotta go to class tomorrow as Aruther.
  • Gemini, nods and shakes Capricorn's hand: Bet.

My humble contribution to Levi’s birthday. Work is a bitch, folks. But whatever, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HUMANITY’S HOTTEST…ERR, I MEANT STRONGEST, OBVIOUSLY! I hope all of you are celebrating the special day of this precious dwarf (i seriously tried not making him look like a kid, but Mike is a freaking giant, it’s his fault, not mine), ‘cause to hell with Christmas. 

(Art)ic Monkeys

Star Watch - Crystal Clear & The Hard Way

If you’re wondering why I’m late to the party with these, there’s an easy answer:  being an adult really sucks sometimes. I have to juggle a job, every-day things like hygiene/food intake/chores, and all my fandoms with what my brain has the energy or mood for, while knowing I only have so much time in the day to do these things. Do I feel like continuing my Yu Yu Hakusho marathon today, or do I want to watch something new? Do I want to browse the web after watching a 10-minute Star Vs episode, or do I want to plop down and not have to move for the entire time it takes me to watch an episode or two of Buffy before I have to go to bed so I can get up for work? 

Also, I don’t have cable, so I depend on people uploading new episodes. Usually I don’t have the opportunity to see them until a whole day later. To put it simply, it sucks.

Crystal Clear:

I have no idea what happens in this one because I managed to avoid every single spoiler for it! Horray!

[one episode-viewing later]

Uh. Ok. I see why a lot of people didn’t like this very much. And why people didn’t bother unleashing spoilers.

This episode was sort of slow, especially considering the Big Reveal was that “oh hey the big magic problem we’ve been having is getting worse, here’s the giant swirling green mass of magic to prove it”. Like we didn’t already know it was going to be a continuing problem from earlier this season. It did have its humorous moments, though, so it’s worth re-watching again later on, maybe post-season. Still, here’s the highlight reel of the important bits:

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Hannibal Lecter & Clarice Starling’s (First) Wedding

They knew it would never be legally binding, but that was just one more thing to laugh about. Hannibal was happy to give Clarice one last taste of structure and tradition. She wore silk, and he put an emerald on her finger. Their only witness was the priest. After the ceremony, they went out for dinner and dancing, and when they returned to their townhouse, they shared champagne and sweets and danced on their terrazza under the Florentine moonlight.

  • Disney: *promotes Frozen 2 and Frozen Fever to the high heavens* Man, we did a great job promoting our films!
  • Big Hero 6: ...
  • Cinderella: ...
  • Inside Out: ...
  • Zootopia: ...
  • The Good Dinosaur: ...
  • Moana: ...
treasures with which we are entrusted

Kakasaku Week 2016, Day 4: Countdown

“No. No way. Nu-uh. You can’t make me.” Sakura scowls at her Hokage from across his desk. The bastard doesn’t even do her the decency of sitting like the leader of a hidden village should; he’s slouched in his robes, book perched in one hand, eyes half-closed.

“Sakura-chan,” he teases. “Don’t you want a team of cute little genin of your very own?”

She glares at him. She has a feeling that he is enjoying himself way too much.

Kakashi is coming to realize why the Sandaime looked so godsdamned gleeful the first time he pulled a sullen nineteen year-old Kakashi into his office and slapped him upside the head with a set of personnel files. The pout on Sakura’s face is too good not to treasure.

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Dear everyone who has called me miss and she today,
Fuck you.
Morgan, your genderfluid pal who is a He today
((The notebook says He/They genderfluid, my phone just ruined the quality))


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