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before Victor and yuuri are engaged, whenever Victor gets asked personal stuff in interviews such as whether he wants to settle down or have kids he always shouts the questions across the room to yuuri first. yuri gets really confused as to why Victor asks him strange questions in the middle of interviews, the most recent of which was "when we have baby makkachins or even actual babies who's teaching them to skate?"


He uses the headphones less when you’re around” she [Livvy] said, her eyes on her brother, though her words were for Kit.
“Is that good?” Kit was surprised.
Livvy shrugged. “It isn’t good or bad. It’s just something I noticed. It’s not magic or anything.” She glanced sideways at him. “I think he just doesn’t want to miss anything you say.
—  Livvy (I can tell you and my brother are going to become boyfriends) Blackthorn

so who does the haus bills???? i’m pretty sure there’s no rent bc the hockey team owns it but who does the bills? who checks the mail and makes sure they don’t throw the envelopes out?? who makes sure the cable and heat and water and electricity is covered?? i’m sure ransom has made a spreadsheet for all the expenses, but who makes sure to pay it all on time??????? who sends out the reminder in the groupchat to give them money “unless you guys are fine taking cold ass showers for the next month”?????????????????


Selections from a 6-image series of illustrations done for Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo exhibit signage, showing a male village weaver (Ploceus cucullatus) building a nest, and ending with the female weaver and her clutch of eggs. Graphite and digital, 2017. 

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plz tell what are the levels of being gay. like whats after baby gay but not like Experienced™ gay.... for research

Well there’s Gay Panic Baby Gay™.

There’s Thinking About It Baby Gay™.

There’s Drinking About It Baby Gay™.

There’s Coming Out Without Saying The Word Baby Gay™.

There’s Remembering All Your Tiny Gay Crushes Baby Gay™.

There’s Smooth AF Baby Gay™.

There’s Dear Sweet Lesbian Jesus A Girl Likes Me Baby Gay™.

There’s Giddy Baby Gay™.

There’s Nose Scrunching Domestic Bliss Bay Gay™.

There’s Confident and Flirty Baby Gay™.

There’s Making Ridiculous Bets with Her and Being Secretly Happy About Losing Because Anything With Her is Winning Baby Gay™.

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Holy Fuck Coming Out Via Introducing My Girlfriend to my Back-From-the-Not-Dead-Father Baby Gay (admittedly not a stage many of us experience)™.


I have been cursed blessed with neuyako!Karma

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