bet is airing scandal today

It's time...

So it’s the end of the marathon…I had a fantastic time looking up all these gifs and stuff for the old episodes. Such a fantastic time that we should do it again? Perhaps next weekend…same time (8am/central to 10pm), same place (BET). Yeah I’ll see you then. So it’s not goodbye, it’s until next time!


Starting 8 am (central time) BET is airing Scandal- from the beginning-until 10 pm. Since I think I’m cool and hip and stuff, every hour I’m gonna post/reblog something related to the episode airing on BET at that time. So it’s like even if you are unable to sit down and watch you’ve got a taste of the episode right here on tumblr! Yeah I’m pretty excited about it. Can you tell? Haha. Happy marathon, everyone.

Guess what? It is that time again. What time might you ask? The time for a Scandal marathon to air on BET, starting from 8am (central) to 10pm, beginning with the classic Happy Birthday Mr. President (2x08) and ending with Any Questions? (2x21). And why might I be making this announcement? Well just as I did last Saturday, I am once again posting something from each episode as it airs. Yes, you read that right; get ready for all of your favorite scenes past to reappear on your dash (BedBathBeyondGate, anyone?). Let the games begin ya’ll. Enjoy!