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Black History Month through the eyes of a white girl.

When I was in elementary school I was a minority. I couldn’t sit with certain kids because of my skin color, they called me ugly for it. This would be the closest moment in my life to experiencing actual racism. It was on a microcosmic level.

When I got to middle school I was intentionally taught about people who weren’t my race. I was still a minority, but instead of being called ugly I was externally blamed and demonized.

That didn’t erase the privilege I held.

While I was only being taught colored history, I was secured with good grades. No matter how little homework I turned on or work I did in class. I still had recourses that a lot of the black kids my age didn’t. I knew that all the white kids did better in school, I thought it was because we were smarter but the fact that ALL of us did better and ALL of us were “smarter” should have said something to me.

That being said the constant blaming and othering callused me over time. Being the minority is always going to mess people up. To be the other one out in the group is scary and can cause resentment.

Black history month pissed me off because it felt like every other month but this month we just excluded my race even more. I was still holding on to the idea that I was an oppressed minority. I still thought that being called ugly or selectively being taught black history was the norm for kids around the country

Through my first two years of high school While I found more comfort with black friends, I started to catch up with the rest of the country and became the majority. My school was selective, so there were more white people due to test scores.

Finally I fully joined the rest of america and started attending a private school in northern Virginia where the closest thing to black was a light skinned Egyptian girl. (Yes my school teachers do a pretty decent job trying to include black history through curriculum but it’s not in text books)

I’m no longer able to feel oppressed by a black power movement because it’s become obvious what race still holds the power in this country.
What race can afford to send their children to private schools, what race gets into selective high schools, what race gets good grades in middle school.

It dawned on me this year why we actually needed this month. This month wasn’t set up to exclude me. I’m not excluded outside of DC. I’m not even excluded in DC anymore! This month is for kids who don’t exist in the weird black empowerment vacuum that is DC.

It’s for kids like me who are excluded at lunch in elementary school for being ugly based on their skin. It’s for kids who don’t see anything in history but slavery and MLK.

Black history month is still bullshit to me, but for different reasons . We should have black history integrated into our books by now, we should have integrated media by now. But we don’t!
As long as all the Oscar nominations are white there will be a need for BET awards. As long as my race unintentionally benefits due to the color of their skin there’s inequality,
And as long as the history of black people is not fully taught the way it was to me in middle school.
There needs to be a black history month.

Lol do people not realize that black people didn’t want to have to create their own television networks,award shows,colleges etc. but we were forced to because we weren’t being casted for roles on other networks, or winning awards at other award shows or being admitted to other colleges! IT WASNT OUT OF RACISM. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need a BET, or the Image Awards, or HBCU’s. I am honestly so fed up with people trying to use the fact that black people created their on shit because we had to and turn it around as if we were trying to segregate ourselves.


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It’s so hard for me to stay away from social media justice. It took everything in my being not to talk crazy to some idiot who called Will Smith racist for supportting the boycotting of the oscars and encouraging the BET awards. HELLO! You do know that white people have won BET awards, right?

How is preaching diversity racist? Relax Jaxx, check your heart rate.

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As you probably already know, the ‘Hamilton’ cast album is nominated for a Grammy! Today it’s been announced that they will also perform live on the Grammys on Feb 15 via CBS!

One of the stars of ‘Hamilton’ is of course Daveed Diggs of clipping. and True Neutral Crew. He got to perform last year at the BET Awards thanks to his involvement in ‘Hamilton’. Here is to hoping that clipping. gets to perform on network tv soon too, that would be the real coup!!

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