besty ross

Can we all take a moment to thank Ross Barton, official Robron Matchmaker? Continuously finding ways to bring our boys together.

1. Ross gets Adam involved in dodgy dealings bringing Aaron back to the village just in time for the prodigal son Robert Jacob Sugden’s return.

2. Ross uses his skills as the worst car theif ever, leading to Robert and Aaron’s meet cute “idiot” moment.

3. Ross gets a little too greedy with the staged burglary taking Chrissie’s mum’s ring causing Robert to harass Aaron? and some much needed wall slamming and thirsty looks ensue.

4. Ross turns out to be an even worse assassin than a car theif but he manages to give Robert a much needed come to Jesus moment after shooting him, leaving Robert in a coma for a month. Only for him to wake up and realize what’s truly important in his life. i.e. One surly greasemonkey Aaron Dingle.

5. Ross just can’t help but run his trash mouth and makes the mistake of insulting now beloved husband Mr. Aaron Sugden forcing him and Mr. Robert Dingle into some much needed bonding time. The two scheming husbands coming together as was always intended.


a best friend is;

  • someone who has been there since the beginning
  • someone who is family till the very end
  • someone who you tease about their fashion sense
  • someone who can put up with your snappy judgments
  • someone who has your best interests at heart