12.06.2011 Yellow diamonds in the light.

Overstimulated in the best way. Had the most wonderful feelings walking down the mile as the sun had just set and the lights were twinkling. And the firefighters were out on every street corner for Make-A-Wish. Lusting over Chicago lately wherever I walk. It’s one of those “I-better-start-feeling-grateful-for-this-place-before-i-leave-and-want-it-all-back” weeks. Just watched yet another poignant Mad Men episode and there’s this wonderful zoom out scene where Don so clearly has nothing. Mundane scenes from the household play during his voice over:

“We’re flawed because we want much more. We’re ruined because we get  these things…and wish for what we had.”

That’s one of my biggest fears–leaving this place I’ve carved a home out of because I have ambitions to go elsewhere and start something bigger. Then, after all that, realizing all I want at that moment is what I have in this moment.