Despite going home at 10:45 I’m going to call that a successful night.

- free alcohol
- private party
- not having to be in the mass crowd at starry night
-Kathleen wynne
- Kailey promoting the shit out of me because I drunk dialled her.
- waking up to 6 people who wanted to see me last night, which I didn’t but makes me feel loved.
- Bryan was the best last night and held my hair back when I threw up and took me home.

So I would call it a successful night.


One day as i was looking through the interwebs i saw a beautiful picture and i said… “I must go there. Now!!!” So i asked google and found sone info. it was stated on there that a reservation takes 6 months to a year in advanced to get a spot open. I called them anyways and wanted to see if they had an open spot for a lodge in 2 weeks. with my luck they had a spot open on a weekend that i was off. I took it and reserved it right away! Posted an invite on facebook and the only person who came through was my good friend johnny. We met up with 2 other people there. Sunny and Nico. We shared the lodge with 2 strangers that turned out to be really cool people. 26 plus miles of hiking in 2 days wasn’t so bad because i was so excited to be there and i had a good time walking and catching up with an old friend. One of the best weekends of my life!

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