What a great weeks!

Uh okay, I think this is the best week for me ever in this july! Just wanna shared it with you guyss!
I think it started from a week ago :)

*Firstly: I got my new iPad 2 in white! Yayy! (my parent bought me because I’m not going to have another holiday at Jakarta with my brother & sister in law next month!)*

**Secondly: I got … *Guess it first!!
I got 4 new clutches!!!♥ Yayy (for twice) it’s 3 balenciaga’s clutch in black, pink, and brown, and 1 mulberry in black. What a great week!**

***Thirdly: I got 2 pairs of high heels in Mango today (July'27, 2011) 1 is in nude color and 1 in grey color, the price is so so so affordable!! Guess what? In normal price IDR 400.000 (+- SGD58 / US$45) and IDR 600.000 (+- SGD86 / US$65), I got it both for IDR.99.000/pair only!!! (+- SGD15 / US$11) Wohoo!
damn it’s so cheapy cheap!! LOL *i love sale season!*
and I got a new blazer by Mango, I think it’s sailor, in blue of course, the normal price is IDR 988.000 (+- SGD141 / US$105) but it’s on sale IDR 550.000 (+- SGD75 / US$58)
Then I got another one unbranded cardigan (or blazer I think), it’s in PINK!! (I loveee pink so much!), the material is chiffon, and it’s only IDR 85000 (+- SGD13, US$9)***

Want to see? Picture soon! (: