50 things TCU taught me.
  1. Nike shorts are acceptable every day attire.  Wear them anytime, anywhere.
  2. Parking is never that difficult again.
  3. Football is a way of life in Texas.
  4. Dr. P is probably the most amazing professor ever.  Ever.
  5. If you don’t have winter clothes, don’t buy a wardrobe.  Just wear oversized shirts to cover your butt in leggings.
  6. Try anything once.  If you don’t, you might regret it.
  7. If there are puppies in the commons, you can find whichever girl you are looking for there.
  8. Take classes you want to take.  It will help keep your sanity.
  9. Don’t wait until the last minute (or try not to) on your assignments and talk to your professors.  They genuinely want to help you.
  10. Do things you wouldn’t normally do.  It helps you grow.
  11. Find a church group, and plug in.  The more plugged in you are, the more opportunities will come your way to be with believers.
  12. Taking the mandatory religion class sucks.  Get over it.
  13. Get a TCU brick.  Leave your legacy.
  14. Be in the Honors College!  These were my favorite classes and professors!
  15. When V. Bo announces he is emailing out the tuition increase letter, don’t read it.  Ignorance is bliss.
  16. Go to the sporting and musical events.  The crowd is cheering on your Horned Frogs, afterall!
  17. Meet SuperFrog and take that cheesy picture with him.
  18. Say y’all.  It’s accepted everywhere.
  19. TCU is surrounded by the “TCU Bubble”.  This is not the real world.
  20. Take pictures with your friends any chance you can.  You never know how long you’ll be in touch with them.
  21. People will think what they want to think.  Let them.
  22. If you have any interest in recruitment, pursue it.  Don’t let your doubts stop you from trying it.
  23. There is a stigma surrounding your private education.  Get over this, too.
  24. You don’t know what every sorority girl is like.  Don’t use generalizations for organizations like that.
  25. Go to Billy Bob’s!!
  26. Sing Riff, Ram, Bah, Zoo at a football game at least once.  Who cares if you feel cheesy?
  27. Take a risk every time you can.  The only regrets you’ll keep are the risks untaken.
  28. Stand in Frog Fountain at least once.
  29. Join clubs and organizations outside of classes.  It’s important to be well-rounded.
  30. Call your family and friends every chance you can.  Share funny and exasperating stories with them.  Don’t just call them to complain about this or that.
  31. Your problems are not that big in retrospect.  You can overcome them.
  32. NEVER wish for graduation to come sooner.  Time goes too fast, and you will regret this one day.
  33. Midnight premiers are the best time to go to movies, especially before finals.
  34. One day, you will miss the BLUU.
  35. Spend every moment possible in the commons.
  36. Take as many pictures of campus as you can. 
  37. Go to the Starplex movie theatre.  It’s not as sketchy as it seems.
  38. Visit Fort Worth’s surrounding cities, especially Dallas and Austin.
  39. Always walk through the middle of campus, not the outside.  You are going to miss that view.
  40. Observe Fort Worth culture.  Watch how much you come to appreciate it.
  41. When you are walking around, look at the squirrels.  They love you as much as you love them.
  42. The Bass building is old and it smells bad.  If you are a nursing major (or any other health sciences major), you are going to live here anyway.  Treat it like you treat your home.
  43. STUDY ABROAD.  Don’t ask questions, but don’t miss this opportunity either.
  44. Befriend people in your classes.  You will need them one day.
  45. Form study groups!
  46. You will be “Horny for Life” after you experience TCU.
  47. Take advantage of all your opportunities while being an undergraduate student.
  48. Don’t let a day go by without thanking God for your time at TCU.
  49. Smile, breathe, live, laugh, and love.  You can and will find yourself here.
  50. You literally go to the best university ever.  Don’t waste a day, and remember this each and every day of your four (or more ;) ) years there.