Brittany Kaplan Senior editor of EW snapping a pic on the airplane of passengers watching This Is Us. Remember when I said this show was Must See Tv?

If it’s on, people are watching anywhere and DVR ing at the same time. That’s how important solid writing is to a viewer. It’s a damn shame other show runners chose the cheap, plot driven way instead of quality.

#ThisIsUs is the new frontier in the wild blue yonder. You want to get under your current show runner’s skin? Tweet them #ThisIsUs #Bestshowontv because Dan Fogelman CARES about his characters and his audience.

Character driven writing ALWAYS is the award winning way to longevity for a show. This one is easily on air for 7-10 yrs.

Mad Men Barbie Dolls

Infidelity, alcoholism, smoking and sexism. Good ol’ American virtues!

In my opinion Mad Men is currently best show on TV, success has not just been due to the delivery on production; costume design and beautiful actors, but the quality of writing in the script itself. Critically acclaimed it has won fifteen Emmys and four Golden Globes, which may explain why you can get your hands on Mad Men BARBIE DOLLS. These are actually classified as premium price collector items for adults and it is therefore justifiably wrong to label them “Barbie Dolls” as prices der doll range from £70 to double that! The personification of Betty Draper into Barbie is particularly ironic, as to me she is the ideal Barbie…blonde and beautiful yet emotionally immature. While living in her dream house, with what at first appears to be the perfect 60s family, inevitability her soul has wasted away. 

I must however admit I am a newbie when it comes to the “Mad for Mad Men” fan club, having only recently come across the series. However I have already successful introduced and pushed two of my housemates onto the ever growing bandwagon. To find out that the television series has attained such a high level of popular-culture cachet to endorse dolls has literally blown my mind! I WANT THEM. (However Joan’s bottom and bosom needs to be larger….insane hourglass figure on that woman!)

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Mad Men: Series 5 begins on Sky Atlantic at 9pm 27th March