[Marley] Ci aveva insegnato l'arte dell'amore incodizionato. Come darlo, come accettarlo. Dove c'è quest'amore, gli altri pezzi vanno quasi sempre a posto
—  Io & Marley

Because there was no ministry for me
on that day when I fell from glory
I felt alone on my journey
And so I had to tell my story 
because the bride to be wasn’t me
already a momma outside of matrimony
where was the women’s support group for me
because my daughter’s destiny
doesn’t have to be my history
because behind adultery is a testimony 
don’t judge me, learn from me 

a.k.a Emmanuella Raphaelle 

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Before we start,” I said, “you have to understand one very key thing about Amy: She is fucking brilliant. Her brain is so busy, it never works on just one level. She’s like this endless archaeological dig: You think you’ve reached the final layer, and then you bring down your pick one more time, and you break through to a whole new mine shaft beneath. With a maze of tunnels and bottomless pits.
—  Nick Dunne (Gone Girl)