abeeda was like, “if jesse eisenberg wasn’t in adventureland, i don’t know who else they could have cast, but i will probably think of some ideas later” (paraphrased), so i took that as a challenge just now.

jesse eisenberg’s role in adventureland- recast ideas:

-michael cera
-simon amstell with a different voice dubbed in, let’s be honest. (jesse eisenberg’s voice?? is this cheating)
-ryan gosling (he can do anything)
-dustin hoffman when he was like 22 to 28-ish
-i just thought “maybe that guy, what’s his name? oh, matt bush” and then remembered he is already in this movie.
-maybe like john francis daley, was he in-between-cute in 2009 or like fully hot-guy by then? this depends on that.

hey, this was hard. to be continued but probably not. 

ALSO to that jesse-eisenberg-adventureland-recast post abeeda replied: “ok i’ve been thinking about this super hard and the best i could come up with is a younger adam brody? but only TRACE AMOUNTS of seth cohen allowed.” and i haven’t seen grind since the first/only time i saw it 9 years ago but as far as i remember I THINK we can just say adam brody in grind??

EDIT: i looked up clips of adam brody in grind and this is the first one i watched and this is all falling away from me, it won’t work. it’ll NEVER WORK