Keroro + Tamama = sexiness and babies and world peace because they are so cute, and global warming ends, and everyone has freedom to be who they want to be, and no school, and there faces will be carved on the moon, and everyone will bow down to them until the whole universe ends, because they are so damn cute!!!!

((Haha I stole this from my friend and the pic is a pic that I asked her to draw ;3))

Can we all just agree that Kesha’s “Past Lives” is the anthem of the Korrasami ship?

These lyrics 

“We were lovers in a past life

I can see it in your green eyes

Maybe you were one of my wives

In a long lost tribe

There’s something about unknown

Started millenniums ago though

You see your kiss is like a lost ghost

Only I would know ”

Are everything I would imagine from THE AVATAR to her girlfriend.

Like, I love this idea of eternal love that transcends trough life times and I fell like that’s perfect for the whole ship.