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me too. i am about to make scrambled eggs without it and am a little sad. but not that sad because i’m also going to make lemonade and later there will be vodka in that so. not very sad.

i use that gordon ramsay egg recipe from tumblr and it works really well. you put your eggs (not beaten) in a pan with a bit of butter, and stir it over low-medium heat, taking it off every thirty seconds or so so it stays creamy. when you like the tecture, you take the pot off heat and stir in a little sour cream to cool it and make it stop cooking. they’re super-creamy and taste great on toast

bestofnewmoney replied to your post: i dont understand why people like pugs

i get “like” but it’s a real craze? it strikes me as an out and out craze for pugs. i mean. i like all dogs but.

yeah they’re okay, not “my type” of dog (i think they’re pretty gross in person and i hate that they exist and why they exist and all the deformities they have) but on tumblr it’s all about pugs and corgis and maybe also shibas and i walways want to say “there are other dogs, yo”