Sweet Incantations Confectionery

Posting this on a timely manner. I know, I know. I rarely do that here on my blog. Did I just say “my blog”? Haha. Anyhow, if you’re planning to go out later today or do something gastronomic, you might wanna check out this place after a good meal or just want to have some me time or chat  with some of your friends. Whatever floats your boat :)

I had dinner with my bestfriend last night since I was craving for some spare ribs. After fillin’ in our tummies, we decided to go to this new shop at Escario Street. Sweet Incantations Confectionery was a cupcake paradise!! YES!! I always have this default expression whenever I see them and I automatically turn into a 10 year old kid. Lol. They cater these babies at 70php each. You might think it’s quite hefty compared to other cupcake shops here in the metro but you’ll get what you paid for. They surely didn’t disappoint our taste buds. Talk about quality.

Do you see that little fella on the righ side? We were lucky enough to score the last Little Black Dress cupcake which had a kick of minty taste! Creative!

Ahhhh! This Espressamel tasted like Mocha cake! Anything with a coffee flavored taste is my weakness.

Each cupcake has a distinctly different taste which is outstanding! I like the fact that the frosting wasn’t that overpowering and the middle part of it was moist. It wasn’t too sweet as well which would go better with coffee or tea. 

           The PB & J was a surprise! The blueberry jam in the middle was a treat! 

Went to Degree 9 Coffee Shop afterwards since the cupcake shop had some people who were trying to study. We know we’ll be a bit noisy so it was just appropriate for us to find a different place. Haha. This coffee shop is one of our favorites, which reminds me, I’ve never blogged it here (prolly when I get the time). We paired these babies with Green Tea Latte and it was such a nice thing to cap off the week and bond over while catching up.

What are your plans this weekend? I plan to just stay in my place since there’s a tropical depression in the Visayas area. Bo. I was supposed to go to Camotes but with a weather like this? I think I’ll just go there next time. Stay warm though ;)