Quick eye study I did the other day. 👀
Medium: Graphite and charcoal pencils, drawing ink and a black pen.
Original by Jade Delecia (@delecia.designs)
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A thank-you drawing Patreon Reward for tambelon!

Okay this takes place after all the hugging-crying-omgimissedyou mushy stuff. instead here is subtler mushy stuff

and oops bonus less subtle mushy stuff

NYAHH I WENT WITH THE THIRD ONE because long coats are cool

the beauty of wiggles is that there’s like. four colors in the palette. Makes designing things pretty simple hurrhurhurhurr. 

YEEAAAHHHH this is for wishdreamstar Dream Battle! WOOOOO

Whoops I Batpony’d.

His name is Adrik and I haven’t figured out his cutie mark yet.

He enjoys cravats, long flights on the beach and not melting in sunlight.

EDIT: Oh no I forgot his manly as hell eyeshadow and eyeliner

A thank-you drawing Patreon Reward for shinyshaini!

Shiny requested for a little family reunion. HAPPY TEARS.

(For those who don’t know- those are Sea Breeze and Drizzle’s parents, Silver Lining and Baywatch. Usually Baywatch dyes her mane blonde, which is why the tips are crazy. She stopped doing so after the disappearance of her daughters. >: Aaand Silver Lining acquired a bit of grey in his mane due to stress.)