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Spell request: Liquid Lipstick

Liquid Lipstick Spell
A Glamour Spell to feel and look your best

Materials: pink, yellow, orange, or red candle, OR favorite incense, liquid lipstick, sigil, small crystal chip or cabochon of your choice, small white sticker, marker/pen, bowl or cup, crystals of your choice, flowers/herbs of your choice, sun water
All of these are adaptable to what you have available. You can leave out any number of these steps if you have to. All suggestions are technically optional.

  1. Light a candle the matches your intent best before applying your face of makeup. Pink to attract love and sweetness, yellow or orange to glow, red to be fierce and attract compliments. You can also burn your favorite incense to initiate the makeup ritual.
  2. Attach the crystal chip or cabochon to the top of the lipstick cap. It can be any crystal you feel is most appropriate for the look you’re going for when casting this glamour spell. If you want to look sweet or attract love- rose quartz. If you want to feel and look like a queen- ruby.
  3. Draw your own sigil on the white sticker and place it on the bottom of the tube. Customize it to your intent.
  4. Fill a bowl or cup with your choice of crystals, flowers, and herbs. Leave the lipstick in this mixture to infuse it with the properties of the items you chose before applying it.
  5. Prime your lips with sun water before applying the lipstick. Make sure the base water is filtered and potable (safe/drinkable).
  6. Fill in your lips carefully as you focus your intent into the lipstick, using the wand as a literal magic wand to direct your energy.
  7. Alternatively to writing the sigil on the bottom of the tube, you can write a sigil on paper before you start and swipe a line of lipstick across the sigil when finished to seal the spell.
  8. Leave the tube in the bowl or cup to charge when not in use if you know you’ll be wearing it the following day.
  9. Flick some sun water onto it for good measure.
  10. Extinguish the candle and/or incense when done!