[Advice] How and where can I find Java programmers that could work for me from home full-time?

Hey Gang… Just posted this on a forum thread over at The 4-Hour Workweek.

Esuus wrote:
Hey Guys,

A business contact said he has programmers in India working for him for like 280$, but he’s not helping me source similar programmers.

I wanted to ask you guys if you know how and where to find (Java) programmers that could work for me from home fulltime for 250-350$. Is a good site for that? Can I find programmers for that price range at oDesk, vworker and the other “usualy candidates”?

I tried posting classified ads on the Indian craigslist etc, but I’m not sure if that works. Also, do programmers at that pricerange have their own computers at home that they can use? Are they turned-off, if I can’t offer them an established company as employer?

Thanks for ideas!


Hey Esuus,

Look, definitely oDesk and Elance, some place like that, can get your good coders.  But primarily, the people on those platforms are looking for one-off jobs.  They’re not there to try to find a full-time employment.  So that’s why I do agree that places like or are a good to look at. 

I’d also look at some of the recruitment companies out there.  One that I recommend is called  They are basically a recruitment agent for virtual workers.  They’ll go and recruit a full-time staff member for you.  I’ve used them quite a bit and found some fantastic team members.  Hope that helps.

Pete ||
p.s.  This response was actually transcribed and posted by my virtual assistant.