name ten favourite characters and tag ten friends [tagged by thebuckkeepfool] [tagging bestinthenorth] 1/10 Kettricken (Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb, with Alyssa Sutherland as Kettricken)

I adore Kettricken. She tough and no-nonsense, but she’s never afraid to be compassionate. 

Her friendship with Fitz is so important. I feel that Kettricken is Fitz’s anchor, in a way that the Burrich and Chade and even the Fool can’t be, because there’s always a strain in those relationships- the Wit comes between Fitz and Burrich, Chade’s ambition makes Fitz uneasy, and obviously his relationship with the Fool is incredibly complicated. Kettricken knows all of Fitz’s story, understands what he’s been through and acknowledges his sacrifices, but she also doesn’t coddle him- she expects a lot from him, and I think that motivates him to live up to those expectations. She also understands his bond with Nighteyes- the scene where they talk about his death is just so important to me (and by that I mean it makes me lay on the floor and cry).

She’s also just an all round badass queen.

Also Kettricken/Verity forever.